Sketches Of Spain: Jules Cisek Shoots Aragon MotoGP, Part 1

Jorge Lorenzo did what he could at Aragon, but it only brought him a 3rd place

Alvaro Bautista just keeps getting better and better. Whether it will save Suzuki remains to be seen

MotoGP in a nutshell: Bikes, trucks, fans, and spectacular scenery

It was another bad day at the office for Valentino Rossi, despite a new chassis

Another brick in the wall

Spain's own Sacacorchos

It's been a tough year for Ducati team boss Vitto Guareschi

The only side of the Repsols that the other riders got to see

Which is probably good, as the factory Honda team unveiled a special livery at Aragon: Orange And Sharpie

Behold the future. Marc Marquez took a huge step closer to a MotoGP move at Aragon

The most important men at the track. No marshalls, no racing.

One man who has done everything right this year, Nico Terol

Moto2 madness. Impressively, they all got through Turn 1 relatively unscathed

Making history: a new chassis meant a new engine, and that meant starting from pit lane for Valentino Rossi


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LOL... Exactly what I thought when I saw them... someone had forgotten the logos and numbers, so they pulled out a huge Sharpie pen to scribble them in on race morning... it looked stupid.

I for one thought the Repsol's looked funkie. Especially with the sharpie repsol tag. Normally sponsors are so finiky about how their logo is displayed, they won't anyone near it! Cool to see some free form thought being allowed.

My fav photo is Bautista through the "corkscrew". Amazing!

I love the shot of the marshalls, and the moto2 madness shot.

I also like the small bike in a big landscape type shots.