2011 Phillip Island Photos By Andrew Gosling: Thursday Techno Beauty

Iveco Welcomes You To Phillip Island

Hot stuff

Two dogs to watch over me

Here's looking at you, kid.

Already consigned to history? The stunningly beautiful carbon fiber chassis on Nicky Hayden's Desmosedici

Wonder what one of those would cost to lease?

Sure, we have room on the bike for more sponsors...

Not a cup, but a refueling rig


The Office

Bracksy, Oz Legend

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but I have one question - is the Ducati the only bike on the grid w/ an exhaust screen like that? Is that only in the bike while stopped?

It seems like a decent enough restriction if it's on the bike all the time, and I've never seen a pic of the other bikes with something similar at the end of their pipes.

to prevent rocks from damaging the engine in case of encounter with a gravel trap. And it's been there since last year when the engine restrictions rules have been applied.
As for the restrictions, I would think they've done all the necessary calculations before introducing this minor change.
Plus if they could win 1 tenth removing the grids, Vale would have probably already tried!

I love that Ducati use toggle switches on their dashboards.
Do the other factories use them, too?

Love those Honda pipes with the heat haze coming off them.

Best caption award goes to "Firestarter" though. Classic!