Colin Edwards Updates Fans On Facebook Page: Dislocated Shoulder And Suspected Broken Heels

Amidst the outpouring of grief at the death of Marco Simoncelli, there was also concern at the fate of Colin Edwards and Valentino Rossi. Edwards and Rossi had been following right behind Simoncelli when the Italian lost control of his Honda and then careened in front of them, giving neither man any chance to avoid the collision that would prove fatal to Simoncelli. Edwards suffered a dislocated shoulder in the crash, and was flown home to Texas to receive further treatment for the injury.

After the crash, there were many questions about the mental state of Edwards and Rossi. Rossi's manager Davide Brivio was quick to deny rumors Rossi was considering retiring, and Colin Edwards posted an update to his fans on his Facebook page, assuring them that he was feeling mentally strong, if a little physically beat up. Edwards stated he may have fractured his wrists and heel in the accident, in addition to dislocating the shoulder, but he added he was "holding up OK mentally."

Below is the text posted on Edwards' Facebook page:

Thanks to everyone for ur support at this time :( Very sad to see a friend pass in any case. I'm holding up ok mentally, it was a very tragic accident :( Physically, besides a dislocated shoulder & ligaments involved, think both wrists & left heel have fractures too, getting X-rays on Wednesday. I feel sad for the whole MotoGP community right now, my heart is heavy for everyone affected, from family to fans. God speed my friend, u will be missed

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Thanks for the update. That is just about my worst nightmare as a racer. I know CEII will come through this with his customary resolve and toughness, Blessings on all involved.

Hang in there Colin. None of us can ever really know what you're going through at the moment, but we certainly all join you in remembering Marco for the great talent and the great man that he was. A terrible loss for our sport. Beyond the immediate shock and sorrow I felt over the weekend for Marco and his family upon seeing the tragic events unfold, my thoughts went to Colin and Valentino straight away. Two of the nicest, most sincere guys in the paddock...two guys that must be hurting horribly.

Looking forward to seeing them both back on track.

Glad to see Colin looking to next season and putting this one behind him. Heal up well, good man, and return next year with resolve to take Moto GP into its future.

Concerning Colin and Vale - Though I would wish this burden on no rider in the paddock, I think the fact that two of the series' veterans were involved is one small benefit in such a tragic event. Colin and Vale are men among boys on the grid, I hope wisdom gained by their age is a helping factor in their coping process. Heal up, Colin and Vale - the sport needs you now more than ever.

Following the tragic state of events, I forgot about Colin's physical injuries and almost feel ashamed by acknowledging that now.
Like Valentino, Colin must feel devastated. Adding the physical pain and complications of injuries, this moment must be like hell.

Like has been said here, Colin is a mature rider, not one of the kids in the grid. He's also a family man, has a strong character, always with a great attitude, so, being surrounded by the ones he most cherish might be all he needs now to recover strength, regain focus, and come back to a sport that needs him.

I sincerely hope for his quick recovery and wish the "Texas Tornado" all the best! We love you man!

A terrible loss in Marco, I'm relieved that Colin and Val are still with us. Hope you are feeling better Colin, take it easy and heal up strong, as we all want to see you back next season.

Was worried for a minute about how badly that incident affected Colin and Valentino. It was a tragic accident and it is good to hear that so far, neither have been scarred into retirement. Even if they were, it is understandable, especially in Colin's case. My heart goes out to Marco's family. Wish all the best to Colin and Vale.