Eugene Laverty To Ride Alongside Biaggi In Aprilia Factory Team

Aprilia has finally confirmed that it will be running Eugene Laverty alongside Max Biaggi in the factory Aprilia WSBK team. Aprilia had already announced that the Irishman had been signed by the factory and would be racing a factory RSV4, but they had not yet announced whether Laverty would be riding in the factory squad, in a separate factory-backed outfit, or with the Pata Aprilia team.

Speculation that Laverty would not be riding in the factory team was fanned at the Portimao tests, where the Irishman tested Biaggi's factory Aprilia, but was run out of the Pata Racing garage. The results of that test - Laverty was the fastest man at the test, just creeping ahead of Castrol Honda's Johnny Rea - may have helped finalize the decision making, as yesterday, they announced that they will field a two-man factory team featuring Max Biaggi and Eugene Laverty.

One question that remains open over the Aprilia factory team, however, is the matter of sponsorship. There is some uncertainty over whether Alitalia, the Italian national airline, will return as the title sponsor of the team. Despite relatively positive financial results by the Italian airline, the contract has yet to be extended. The fact that both Aprilia and Alitalia are owned by the same parent company may help to keep the deal in place, however.

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The old dog and an agressive tallented young pup. I'm glad Laverty has been given the ride. Camier had moments,but rarely capitalized on the opportunity afforded him. Sponsorship ? Italy is in deep trouble in the Euro zone. Relatively though, sponsoring a WSBK Aprilia challenge is actually peanuts within the bigger scheme of Italy's economic woes. Haga ? I wonder. Perhaps corporate eyes across all disciplines from Moto GP down are looking towards youth. Older,slower and more 'costly to maintain' riders are feeling the economic pinch across the boards.
Psychologically at least.

I just hope that Eugene gets the same equipment and support as Max. I've heard from a number of sources that this wasn't the case with Leon. In fact, when Max is team leader the second rider hardly ever gets comparable equipment, especially when the team is Italian.

Can't wait to see Pippa in Aprilia colours.
Enthousiasm and visible emotions in the Aprilia box during races will be guaranteed!

I personally do not believe it. Why bother with a two-riders team then at all? And they could have started to give Biaggi an advantage in equipment once Camier started threatening him in the standings, but that didn't happen so there would be nothing to be gained by restricting Camier.
I believe he simply didn't gel with the Aprilia. I think he is a great rider though, and hope he does get a decent ride that enables him to show what he's got.

Camier has commented (although not publicly) that his bike is always a number of steps beghind Max's in receiving updated parts. I've heard from different sources that he is either -2 or -3 in the update sequence. And if you don't have the latest parts how can you ever hope to run consistently as fast as your team mate?

As far as Max is concerned there would be everything to gain by restricting his team-mate. After all, the first person you need to beat is your team-mate. Max insists that his equipment advantage is actually written into his contract, from everything I've heard.

And no, I can't provide chapter and verse. But I suspect Leon Camier will be wiling to spill the beans in the near future.