Scott Jones On Wednesday: Memories Of Barcelona

Ciao Marco

Hail to the champ

As ready as he'll ever be

Clean up on aisle five: the consequences of an excursion into the gravel

Say what you like about Cal Crutchlow, but you can't say he didn't give 100%

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Casey's comments about his future ambitions indicates we have precious little time to watch this master of the motorcycle.

From a 12 year old winning 5 titles in a weekend having completed 32 wins from 35 starts against many much older kids, to the finest quickest motogp rider of 2011, we may not witness his sublime skills for long.

He expects to retire before 30, and with kids on the way, I will not miss an opportunity to watch him, he will not break Valentinos, Agostinis, or Doohans records but likely because he will retire not because he cant. I've seen Ago in Italy (amazing), Valentino's 'racer' capabilities, and Doohan's precision, but I've never seen anyone ride bad bikes so fast, lean so far or lay rubber sideways just for the fun of it, the way Casey does.

Go to turn 3 at Phillip Island and watch the best I've seen (40 +years having seen them all) ride with breathtaking skill.

Watch and soak it up before he goes, do it now.

I have been thinking the same thing, my thoughts are 2 more seasons and if we are lucky, maybe 3. Considering this I have made it my mission to get to PI next year, even if I have to Forrest Gump it and jog there :)

Fast Freddie is not remembered as a great unless you saw him ride live, if only Freddie could've got his personal life sorted, he'd have been one of the all time greats.

Casey has completely sorted his personal life (a little too much for someone so young), and has given his racing a shelf-life, and will be probably remembered as great rider that claimed two or three titles, but not to the calibre of his talent, just like fast Freddie.

We'll look back at Casey, like Freddie, and think "what if?".

See you at PI turn 3. I'm also going to take in the Sepang, Motegi and Valencia next year unless the kid is injured.

Can't wait for the Island again, its a magic track.

That picture of Marco gave me chills................I don't often tear up.

He was a fabulous character, when he didnt want to be filmed, he stuck his finger in his ear and then put the same finger in his mouth (he didn't even acknowledge the carmera - a direct hint to the camera, to leave him alone)

I then watched him ride superbly for a great second, what struck me was how big he was and how he muscled the bike, I'd never seen him live before. I remember thinking 'this kid on a 1000 will be fabulous', I said to the long suffering Mrs "this Italian kid is quick, next year he'll bring some serious fuss to the track", she shrugged, continued reading her I-Pad and said "yes dear". As we watched Sepang she cried...

He dropped his bike 3 times in the same corner at PI, didnt wait for the little quad to pick him, he sprinted accross the track and back through the pits... he wanted to race so much, I loved it. We loved him!