Scott Jones 2011 Retrospective: Round 1, Qatar

2011 started here

Shift, Ben, shift

Where the competition ended up for most of the year

Best looking Moto2 bike of the year - Andrea Iannone's Speed Master Suter

Rossi's lack of results wasn't for lack of effort

The devil is in the detail

Where the magic is

The 39 Moto2 bikes made the MotoGP grid look very thin

The pits, part I: Bradley Smith

The pits, part II: Ben Spies

The pits, part III: Xavier Simeon, lapping

The pits, part IV: Jerry Burgess

The pits, part V: Valentino Rossi

Fast nights for Thom Luthi

Qatar + MotoGP bike + World Champion = glowing brake disks

All the electronics in the world can't keep the front wheel down

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Look at the faces, look at the eyes in the first photo. Imagine their thoughts of the coming season and then reflect on how the season panned out for each of them. A picture is worth a thousand words, no?