Snapper Scott Jones' Portfolio Website Goes Live

We at are very privileged to be working with a man of such prolific talent as Scott Jones. His blog posts and photo stories are always some of the most popular items on the website, and his sharp eye and uncanny knack of capturing the perfect motorcycle racing image have seen his star rise rapidly among the ranks of professional motorcycle racing photographers.

Now, Scott has finally got round to organizing a website showcasing his own portfolio of work, to be found at PHOTO.GP. On that site, you can browse through a selection of Scott's work, organized by race series, year, rider and photo type. The site gives an outstanding overview of Scott's work over the years.

If you'd like to learn more about Scott personally, you should also check out the blog on his own website at You can also sign up for his newsletter there.

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..... seize to be amazed by Scott's work.

Such super sharp pictures.

Fantastic stuff.

Clever domain name, well done! Great to see a portfolio site like this - is the photo of Dovi shown above one of the new/never before seen photos? Can't wait to get a bit of free time to have a good look through the site.

Thanks for the comments, guys! There are more photos on the way, many thousands to go through, many I've never even seen if you can believe that. I'm finding new jewels hidden away amongst the junk all the time.

The best way to know when a gallery has been updated it so sign up for my newsletter. Look for the small form top right corner at

I'll be sending out updates on and other news a couple of times a week.

Please check your spam folder if you sign up, as Gmail and Hotmail are putting the newsletter there even if their users have requested it.

Thanks again for looking at the new site, and there is much more to come!