Marquez Undergoes Surgery To Correct Eye Problem

Marc Marquez has undergone surgery to correct the double vision which has troubled him since his crash during practice at Sepang. The operation, carried out at the Ophthalmological Institute at the Hospital Clinico de Barcelona, was aimed at fixing the paralysis of one of the muscles that help rotate and stabilize the eye. The surgery was performed with only local anaesthetic, while Marquez also received some sedation to help him through the operation. After the successful surgery, Marquez now returns home to recuperate, and will have to rest for a few days. His doctors reported that if his recovery goes well, Marquez could be fit enough to take part in the next Moto2 test, scheduled for February 8th - 10th at Valencia.

The problems that the surgery was aimed at fixing stemmed from the crash during practice at Sepang. During the crash, Marquez suffered some trauma to his trochlear nerve, which had caused paralysis of the superior oblique muscle, which controls the rotation of the eyeball in certain directions. Although Marquez had been recovering reasonably well from the damage, his vision was not sufficiently clear to allow him to race at the level required for Moto2. After consultation with a number of specialists, Marquez and his team decided to have surgery to try to correct the problem.

Marquez now faces a period of rest and recovery, but the Catalunya Caixa Repsol rider is hoping to be fit for the upcoming Moto2 test at Valencia. Marquez and his team will consult with doctors at the end of January before making a decision on taking part in the test.

~~~ UPDATE ~~~

Below is the press release issued by the Repsol Media press service on Marquez' eye operation:

Márquez undergoes successful surgery

Repsol rider has been discharged from hospital following operation and will continue his recovery at home

Marc Márquez underwent successful surgery today to treat the vision problem present in his right eye. The 2011 Rookie of the Year in the Moto2 class was operated on first thing Monday morning at the Outpatients Eye Surgery Unit of Barcelona's Hospital Clinico, in a procedure performed by Doctor Bernardo Sánchez Dalmau.

The surgeon treated the rider for paralysis of the upper right oblique muscle, caused by trauma to the fourth right cranial nerve in Márquez's crash last October 21st in free practice for the Malaysian Grand Prix. "The patient underwent the operation under local anaesthetic and sedation and the procedure went satisfactorily," said Doctor Sánchez, who discharged the rider so as to allow him "to continue his recovery at home."

The former 125cc World Champion has been gradually regaining normal vision over the past three months, but it had not reached the necessary level required by a professional rider. After consulting various specialists and receiving the opinion that he would have to undergo an operation once his vision had stabilised, Márquez decided to schedule this small procedure.

Márquez will now rest up and begin his road to a full recovery. The opening Moto2 test of the year is set to take place on February 8th-10th at the Ricardo Tormo circuit in Valencia and he has not ruled out his participation. A decision will be taken at the end of the current month and will depend on the Repsol rider's condition -as analysed by specialists.

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A black day for GP in general. I hope this is the end of young Marc's vision problems. He is not 'grid filler' material at this level. He's exceptional and the sport needs him.

How the heck do you 'repair' a nerve? I'll bet this one is about the diameter of fishing line - you'd better be damn careful messing with it. Maybe there was some inflamed tissue or scar material that was pinching it? That you could chop on.

How many doctors did the team see with Marc to make this decision after waiting all this time??? I hope it was the right option for Marc's Life and Career! Riders go through many types of injuries which usual involves bones and/or muscles but nerves to the eye!? That's a scary area to have operated on... hell, I'm worried for him too. Well so far so good according to the report... we will just haveta wait and see like everyone else. Speedy recovery Marc...

Sepang didn't claim two careers that terrible weekend.

he is a special talent

I wish him a speedy and complete recovery.
Fearlessness is an essential ingredient for a racer to be exceptionally fast. Many racers gain a fraction of a second per lap after a traumatic accident, and usually struggle to lose it afterward. Lorenzo went through that phase after a series of crashes in his rookie season and eventually regained his mojo; If I'm not mistaken Poggiali had crashed repeatedly after winning the 250cc in his 1st attempt, but never recovered that speed. Once you realize that you are not unbreakable, you think twice before attempting any daring... It would be a pity to see him experience this sort of issue when he does come back. I hope he returns to motorcycle racing and remains as fast as ever.

...... even more strange is he was cleared my medical staff and rode after the crash. I know he did not enter QP, but SOMEONE said he was cleared to ride after the crash.