CRT Testing To Be Limited To Europe, While Factory Teams Go To Sepang

The objective of keeping costs at reasonable levels for the CRT entries has been underlined again today, when news emerged that a series of separate tests is to be organized for the teams in Europe. While the factory and satellite teams head to Sepang for the official MotoGP tests, the CRT bikes will be circulating in Spain, reports, with the two groups facing each other on the track at the end of March in Jerez.

Three tests have been organized in Spain, starting at Valencia on January 30th and 31st. Three weeks later, from 20th to 22nd of February, the CRT entries will convene again, this time at Jerez, before heading to Aragon on March 8th for a two-day test. Two weeks later, from 23rd to the 25th of March, the entire MotoGP field meets at Jerez once again, for the final official IRTA test before heading off to Qatar for the season opener on April 8th.

The big question is whether 10 full days of testing before the season begins will be enough for the CRT bikes to get up to speed. The CRT entries are likely to be left woefully off the pace at Qatar, a true horsepower track, but the Claiming Rule Teams will be hoping to have established enough of a baseline to work with at the start of the season, and make progress as the season goes on. The CRT machines will not be challenging for victory - given the extraordinary level of talent in MotoGP currently, that is virtually impossible for anyone not named Stoner, Lorenzo, Rossi or Pedrosa - but if they can start mixing it with the satellite machines before the season's halfway point, they will have achieved their objective.

Below is the full MotoGP testing schedule.

Circuit Factory or CRT?  Dates
Valencia CRT January 30th-31st
Sepang I Factory  January 31st , February 1st & 2nd
Jerez CRT CRT February 20th - 22nd
Sepang II Factory February 28th & 29th, March 1st
Aragon CRT March 8th-9th
Jerez Full Full MotoGP class March 23rd, 24th & 25th


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It will be good to see the independent chassis builders back in the game like in the good ol’ days. I wonder how long it will take until we start seeing old ideas that are theoretically better than forks, like hub center steering, tried again with modern engineering applied to them. KTM are said to be coming into Moto3 with an “innovative” chassis. Who knows, maybe putting a young, hungry racer, without years of bad habits from forks on something new is a good idea.

Separating the CRTs from the Factories for during testing is a good idea for the start of the season. Giving the CRTs time to get up to speed against the factories during testing without riders crashing into each other shows that Dorna is paying attention. There will be plenty of opportunities to compare lap times. The riders and grid doesn't need injuries hindering the 2012 season before it's officially under way. Colin Edwards and Randy De Puniet will be studied closely of the CRT groups. Ducati will be watched intensely for the Factory groups. Just a couple weeks to go...

Three tier GP season announces its pre race format. Factory vs factory,sat vs sat within factory MK2 kit and CRT catch up. Actually,I've accepted it as such. Three Championships at stake within every race. Biggest loser no doubt will be the racer who with factory/sat kit finishes the season adrift of a CRT racer come seasons end.
To be honest,I am looking most forward to the tests all around the globe.
A pattern will establish itself,just like Moto2 did in its inaugural year.
Carmello is no doubt hoping the scenario will be consolidated as Moto2 was 2011.
Death knell of true prototype,I guess,but I look forward to the tests and the racing within the 3 tier 2012 season nonetheless.

it could just be that most of the CRT's aren't ready yet and need the extra 3 weeks...