Scott Jones 2011 Retrospective: Round 10, Laguna Seca

Over the hill and far away

King Kenny rode Laguna on an M1. And hated it.

GP Eleven. Point One.

Loris' Last Laguna

BBoz represents for Jumpman

Yamaha's heroes

There's nothing quite like the view over the Dry Lake

Casey Stoner gets it turned at Laguna with the rear. Just like every other track...

Item: rock catcher. Location: Ducati GP11.1 lower exhaust

Ciao Marco

Hector Barbera kicks back with some tunes


Laguna Seca saw Valentino Rossi reunited with Jerry Burgess, who had missed a couple of races to be with his recuperating wife

Nicky Hayden, looking to the future

Irony, MotoGP-style: all those super-advanced electronics, and HRC fit a cheap-ass analog tacho

He who pays the piper, calls the tune

Home Boy

What happens when you put a fast rider on an electric motorcycle? Steve Rapp lapped at Supersport pace on the Mission Motors Mission R

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Fantastic pictures, as usual.

But what's wrong with an analogue tacho? Never liked the digital ones myself :)

Exactly. It's the digital ones that are are actually cheap-ass. And crap to read too. Well done HRC.

I prefer analogue tachos too, but love the Playstation buttons next to it!

Great shot of the D16's rear wheel getting the hurry up. The analogue tacho is an absolute peach and in my opinion has huge advantage over a digital readout in terms of human eye,hand co-ordination.
Uuuh ? let's see am I shifting at 15755 RPM or 15642 RPM ?. With the analogue you know that you are about on target...15400-15800 is the zone. So quick and easy to know where you're a glance. PS : the numbers mentioned are merely an example.

Does anyone know if it is just Casey with the analog tach? Did Dovi and Dani run it as well? HRC and Honda as a whole love the digi tach (see the S2000 and most of their model lineup).

God I miss racing.