Valentino Rossi Has Surgery To Remove Pin From Right Leg

Valentino Rossi underwent surgery today to remove the pin in his right tibia, the final memento of his monster crash at Mugello in June 2010. The surgery, carried out at the Cervesi hospital in Cattolica, not far from Rossi's home in Tavullia, was performed by Dr Giannicola Lucidi and Dr Marco Trono, while Professor Giuseppe Porcellini, the surgeon who fixed the shoulder Rossi injured earlier that year in a motocross crash. The surgery was a success, and after a period of 5 days rest and recovery, the Italian should be able to get back to training ready for the 2012 MotoGP season. In a press release issued this evening, Ducati announced they expected Rossi to be fit enough to take part in the second Sepang test due to take place at the end of February.

The Ducati team have been keeping the doctors busy. On Sunday night, Ducati announced that Nicky Hayden would be undergoing surgery on the shoulder he injured during training over the winter, and on Monday it was the turn of Valentino Rossi to feel the surgeon's knife. The operation for Rossi was far less serious, and merely the final chapter in the history of a difficult 2010 season. The leg he broke at Mugello forced Rossi to miss a race for the first time in his career, bringing to an end his record of 230 successive race starts. Rossi then had further surgery after his first test on the Ducati, in November 2010, to fix the damage to the shoulder joint he suffered in a training crash, and which had hampered him throughout the year. The presence of the surgeon who corrected his shoulder problem at the operation to remove the final souvenir of his 2010 Mugello crash is symbolic; the book is closed on 2010.

Below is the press release from Ducati:

Valentino Rossi undergoes successful operation to remove rod from right leg

Valentino Rossi underwent a small operation this morning at Cattolica’s Cervesi hospital to remove the rod that was inserted in his right tibia following his practice crash at the 2010 Mugello GP. The injury is now completely healed.

The operation went well, and the Ducati Team rider will be ready for the second test in Malaysia, scheduled for February 28 to March 1.

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Whilst I am a 46 fan myself and would love to see him take another title, I wouldn't dare make a prediction as bold as that, given the calibre of the competition and the still unknown quantity of the GP12 in race conditions...we may well mark your words, but in all likelihood, for the wrong reason. (Hope I'm wrong though!)

Hopefully its as simplistic a fix as '80 seconds,cheers'. Ducati are hamstrung with a pair of ageing,recuperating riders. Surely the rod extraction could have been done back over the festive season.GP 2012 is underway,barring the first qualy session.
5 day and 80 second fixes. This current Ducati outfit apparently can't time an egg.
I do wish the team and riders the best. The game needs Ducati up at the sharp end. I fear an HRC/Yamaha slugfest 2012.

Add another that's really hoping Ducati and both of its factory riders can turn things around this year. Rossi, despite his age, has a low mileage body...almost injury free besides a few hand injuries and the usual bumps and bruises until his broken leg and shoulder in 2010. Some of the riders much younger than he have taken a lot of gas out of the body's tank already.

I think the 1000cc formula will be a bigger impact on things than some are presuming. That impact seems to favor the bigger, stronger riders right off the bat...just ask Dani Pedrosa or Jorge Lorenzo after that first test session. We'll see if that holds up.

Good luck with the op Vale. Ducati need you and Nicky on the bike asap lots of work to do still.
It's good to hear Nicky and Hector waxing lyrical about the huge improvements to the bike(could have gone either way going off the last bike) just hope they can get the new parts on before the next test see how they go... Sport needs every competitive bike it can get this year..

Can Hayden still make it to Jerez for the pre-Sepang 2 test? Looks like Rossi will be fitter sooner, and he knows only too well how awkward shoulder injuries can be to recover from...

Being as I grew up around the flat track circuits where Nicky Hayden cut his teeth (there, I have displayed fully my "prejudices" ;) ) I feel it my responsibility to make an excuse for him...because unlike a few other riders he won't do it himself (tongue in cheek a bit here). It's kind of ironic, isn't it, that Hayden's relegation to the middle of the pack coincided precisely with the move to the 800 class and his associated transformation to a stick figure. ...and as for Rossi, an injury-plagued season and a debut with a poor motorcycle, and poor precisely where his strengths lie and he's suddenly not a "competitive rider"? Disagree. Completely.

Time will tell if Hayden, Rossi and Ducati can truly turn things around...but I for one will wait and see instead of simply writing them off as uncompetitive riders.

It's going to be a great season.

Why I am not allowed to express my opinion that Rossi's riding skills have been superceded by the three young guns? My comments are not offensive (even if they get up the nose of one eyed Rossi fans). What is the point of paying money and supporting your site if I am not allowed to express my thoughts in a reasonable manner?

The site had become polluted while I was working on the new server, and I held a Stalinist purge, with massive collateral damage. That is all I have time for, I do not have time (and the comment system does not allow me) to go through posts one-by-one and delete some while leaving others in place.

If you are unhappy with the way I run the site, I will be happy to refund your contribution.

and fair enough David.
It is certainly a shame if some reasoned comments have been deleted as collateral damage, nothing to stop the original poster re-posting them if they were indeed reasonable and inoffensive, (and for the most part I generally agree with Nostro) small price to pay to have a site that doesn't degenerate in to another 'crash'

All the rest deleted by OP ...... :) Happy daze!!

In some topics, it actually got a little hard to find some real insights between all the fanboy clutter. I'm sure people who complain that your site turns into a certain site with the name of a server meltdown, appreciate your style of moderation.

I'll break my better-part-of-a-year silence for THAT comment, David.

Score one for the relentlessly hopeful, the "glass has PLENTY" types, the cheerful, the positive, the flash-waving enthusiasts who refuse to become recalcitrant curmudgeons.

I raise my glass to you guys! Here's to a brighter, better, and (once again) interesting season.

Also, if you hadn't heard, we ARE getting our race in Austin, so as I promised long ago, anyone who is going to make plans to attend can contact me in the next year our so, and I'll set you up in the paradise that is Texas Hill Country. ANY of you. EVEN the curmudgeons who want to punch me.

BTW, since there is no testing limits, why aren't we seeing more? Are they running through their tire allotments that quickly?

By the way (for those who understand it), I happily shout (from any elevated perch, and for the 2nd time in 3 years): "ROLLLLL TIDE!!!"
(for those who don't get it, google "Crimson Tide - LSU" :-)

Thanks David, love the site, keeping the repetitive crash type dross off here, contributes to making it the best motogp site out there ....

Keep deleting, I don't care if the odd one of my comments goes down in the crossfire. Far more important to not let the site slide into pointlessness.
Looking forward to the new speed and look, oh and a mobile version will probably be the tipping point for me to finally update my phone!

It's a shame to see this site, usually a vestige of considered opinion and respectful differences of opinion, degenerate into a juvenile slanging match.
We all have favourite riders/makes/teams and personalities.
And doubtless we all have some riders who do not impress.
Why, oh why cannot someone's favourite rider be praised without sledging someone else?

I may have posted this phrase before, but it is worth repeating.

If you cannot say something nice about someone, then don't say anything at all.

Nostro, I may not always agree with all you say, but generally you say it in a measured way. So if you've lost a post in David's purge, then that is unfortunate, and upsetting.

There is room for differences of opinion, there is room for debate.
Can we please keep it measured, considered, and free of childish vitriol.

Thank you David.

I understand the moderators actions, I'm not so convinced that the way it was done was respectful to Nostrodamus, when one is successful its easy to see one's own actions as justified. If hit rates fall, and advertising revenue shrinks will such a comment be made then?

If you are unhappy with the way I run the site, I will be happy to refund your contribution.

You may delete anything I write happily as generally its pretty sloppy, however some of the contributors are so 'supportive and passionate' that maybe the deletion should be done with tolerance and good humour.

I could be wrong though.

This place is David's home, and when the birds poop on the porch you bring out the broom.
If some fertiliser is swept away along with the manure, that's just the price we pay for the fact that it is necessary to use a wide broom. It gets the porch clean and sends a message to the seagulls to go and crap elsewhere.
I think David displays tolerance and good humour given the demands of running this peerless operation.
Keep up the good work David, we appreciate it.
I also think that if anyone who is not a "site supporter" cares to criticise, then they can always choose seek their free information elsewhere.

I beg to disagree, this website is not David’s home, it’s how he makes his living. Let’s understand the construct of activity happening here.

David provides well researched interesting insights into the sport we love. This then creates a spark of passion in us, this leads to our need to comment, and these comments then invoke further passionate comment. This updating of the website leads to search engines finding motomatters. The higher up the list of these search engines motomatters appears the more likely advertisers are to provide revenue for the site and David.

David will never ban comment from non-subscribers, in fact it’s the very life blood that keeps his wonderful website operating profitably. David’s entrepreneurial spirit should be commended but he also needs to take care of the basic business principle of treating genuine customers, such as Nostradamus carefully (Nostradamus creates a lot of content/discussion for David for free).

I found David’s comment unnecessarily threatening to Nostradamus. Probably a result of David being excessively tired from the server upgrade.

If I was him I’d also improve the ‘edit capability’ of the ‘comments functionality’ he is using.

Offensive material and repeat offenders need to be removed, no question.

The "home" analogy was not a good one, point taken.
I can also see why you viewed David's response to Nostro the way you did, and I agree with your logic as to the possible reason why.
I do not suggest that comment from non-subscribers should be banned, just that they should perhaps be lenient in their judgement of a "free-service" provider, though I also appreciate that David benefits from the input of all (sensible) contributors, paying or not.
I won't waste any more words agreeing with you, other than to say I appreciate your considered and civil comments.

My comment to Nostrodamus was most definitely not meant to be threatening. I believe very strongly in customer service, and was merely pointing out that if he is unhappy with the service I am providing - which he has every right to be, after I deleted several of his comments - I am more than happy to refund his subscription money. That was all. Perhaps my tone was unnecessarily harsh; I shall be a little more careful in future.

Keep editing the crap out! There are far too many sites out there destroyed by "you suck" "NO, YOU SUCK!" comments. Mostly there are interesting arguments and debates here along with all the FREE information we like. Please keep it that way, if anyone really wants their ignorant, obnoxious diatribes to get on the web, supporter or not, they can put up their own damn blog and see if anyone else cares to read them!

Methinks this comment string has gone a little off-topic.....

Methinks this comment string has gone a little off-topic.....