Scott Jones Kicks Off Qatar 2012: Stunning Shots From Friday

Racing at the speed of light

Fastest Italian on the day, yet only one Italian journalist turned up to his debrief

Bring the bling: the Ioda CRT bike has slick chrome wheels, and is pretty damn fast for a slow bike

Caution: contents may be hot

Cal Crutchlow has impressed a lot of people at Qatar, and is starting to worry the favorites

One happy bunny: Casey Stoner should get his title defense off to a strong start in the desert

Jorge Lorenzo is pretty happy too. He will be giving Stoner a run for his money, and maybe more

Thom Luthi has taken a step up this year. Consistently the fastest man in the Moto2 field

Desert Ducati: Rossi is happier with his bike, but still has a long way to go

Romano Fenati. A lot of people hadn't heard of him before Qatar. They have now

From from of the 125s to mid-pack in Moto2. It's a tough transition for Johann Zarco

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...... photos as always Scott.

The floodlights seem to bring out colours that you just dont see in day light.

Wonderful shots, keep them coming !

ever so clear!!! don't get much more HD than that , all brilliant shots.
do i see stoner with an errol flyn mustachio!

one of my least favorite tracks/races, but always such beautiful shots in the desert night.