Scott Jones Kicks Off Qatar 2012: A Shot in the Dark

How to wheelie a Moto3 bike: stand up, apply throttle, pull back, lift off!

It would be a tough weekend at Qatar for Ben Spies

It wasn't that much better for Alvaro Bautista

A sealed Honda NSF 250 engine. Break this and you're in trouble

Best of the CRTs. The Suter BMW has made massive steps forward since Colin Edwards came aboard.

Maverick's back. If you're a Moto3 rider and you can see this, you're doing well

Some questioned Marc Marquez' fitness ahead of Qatar. That stopped after the race.


New gloves before a race turn out to be a bad idea

Andrea Dovizioso's move to Tech 3 is looking more and more like a stroke of genius

The Moto3 bikes are works of art up close

Thinking of Thermopylae

Thinking of being anywhere but here

Personalized clutch levers. Because you're worth it.

Thom Luthi was was impressive at Qatar, but enraged by Marc Marquez' final lap pass on him

Glowing brake disks? Check. Rear wheel in the air? Check. Fierce determination in the eyes? Check. Welcome to Qatar

Tire test: can you spot the difference between the 250 single and the 600 four?

Working (on a chain gang)

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i would love to see more (should i say MUCH MUCH more) of the detailed photos of those super sexy moto3 bikes..., may I?

one question on the engine seal though,.. it seems like it is easy to be peeled off and the reapply. or is it those stickers that breaks when you peel it off?

Yes ! More tech shot of the Moto3 bikes please, they are very hard to find !

Hey David, curious as to what the little green light on the sleeve of the Alpine Star wearing riders is?
On another note, whilst watching the race on Sunday, I noticed that the Yamahas in particular, have very noticeable glowing discs under braking. Not totally unusual, as this was the case last year, but what was unusual was that when Cal and Dovi (the house elf) where having their battle early on in the race, Cal's brakes were glowing substantially brighter than Dovi's and for longer. Do you know I there is something different in their brake set up?

The little green light (actually, there's two, a little green light and a yellow light) on the sleeve of the Alpinestars leathers are indicator lights showing that the airbag system is armed. It's actually quite distracting when you are talking to riders in their leathers and their arms are blinking!

As for the brake discs, the big difference was not the Yamahas, but Crutchlow himself, who was running the low-mass carbon discs. These light up more, as they have less mass to dissipate the heat. Apparently, he chose them because he prefers the feel of them.

David, shouldn't the topic/subject title read

"Scott Jones kicks ass: Qatar 2012"

...just an idea ;o)

I'd have to use that for every story featuring Scott's amazing photos. And I have already had problems with one photo story entitled "tech porn" getting blocked by corporate internet filters. Otherwise, I'd be all over it! Love the suggestion!