Casey Stoner Announces Retirement At End of 2012 Season

In a shock announcement, Casey Stoner has told the pre-event press conference at Le Mans that he has decided to retire at the end of 2012. Citing "disappointment with the direction MotoGP is going," according to MCN's Matt Birt, Stoner told a shocked press conference that he will not be racing in MotoGP beyond 2012. The Repsol Honda rider said the decision had nothing to do with the birth of his daughter, and everything to do with losing his passion for racing.

The announcement comes just two weeks after he denied reports in Spanish magazines that he would be retiring at the end of the season. At Estoril, Stoner said that he had not made any decisions about retiring, and was still in talks about a new one-year contract with HRC. He even rubbished the reports, claiming that people "should not read what you [the Spanish journalist in question - DE] publish." However, sources close to Stoner intimated that he had not made up his mind at all, and that what had troubled him most about the publication was that by being forced to deny it, it would make it difficult for him to make a calm decision on his own. In the end, it appears, Stoner decided that the direction racing was going was not one he was prepared to follow. 

More news as it comes in.

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have a lot more free time in the weekends from 2013.............

Another result of having the inmate Ezpeleta, running the asylum.........

and another gift from the Spanish gnome..........

so everyone will now have to get a Sky contract ? Or is this just a " gift " to the Italians ? I was under the impression that in Spain it was a regulation that the GPs were to be shown on terrestial TV.

Whatever, I hope CS departs with a third title and enjoys his well deserved future. He's given us a great many years of excitement, for which we should all be thankful.

The V8 Sedan series organizers must be rubbing their hands with glee............

Marquez gets a seat. Lorenzo runs away with 2013 championship. Maybe Stoner knows something about what's going on with the bikes in 2013 that hasn't come out yet.

As a huge Stoner fan, this really sucks. As a human being, I'm happy that Stoner has made a good decision for his family and himself.


is still in effect, so MM can't ride on the HRC team next season.

It does make the '13 silly season a lot more interesting. I assumed they would sign Pedrosa to a one year contract to hold them over until MM could join the team. IMO, now Pedrosa's seat is a lot safer than it was with Stoner on the way out..

Marquez will go to one of the Satellite Honda teams, the rider from that team will be promoted with a one year contract. Then in 2014 MM will get the seat.

I'm really down about Stoner retiring, he is an incredible rider and a focussed racer who's fought hard for respect. When he's gone, people will realize just how damn good he is.

If this is true, it is a huge loss to the racing community. I hope your source is incorrect but I have found this site to be the best informed of all of them.

Angry! Surprised! and what not?! But my respect for him just doubled.

Honda will surely be pushing hard on getting that rookie rule change now

Is it possible that this would be stoner rising his price? sure hope it is ... because i believe this will be a huge loss for the sport ...

I don't think Stoner plays like that, he's retiring like he always said he would. This isn't a bargaining chip.

It's funny to me that so many people (not you papak69) complain about Stoner not liking the media and not being a showman and then think he's playing games. He's not, what you see is what you get.

He'll be missed in GP, by fans and riders alike.

this is a great loss but racing will go on, he never really seemed cut out for being out in the lime light and doesn't like the media, so a desision like this could be made easier because of it i would think. I wonder if anything has happens in the last 2 weeks that has turned him or it is just what he says, just doesn't like the direction.

Now it will be interesting to see who Honda will replace him with next year, as Marques will ultimately be there in 2014. who of the current crop in MotoGP would sign a one year deal knowing that they will be released after 2013, as long as Dani's regular podium finishes hold up he will be with Repsol for years to come. oh and it wont be Rossi he will sign for Ducati until 2014. Any thoughs?

Maybe its time for De Puniet to be given a shot at a factory ride? get him back on a Honda as he did show promise with the LCR team before injuries.....

Silly season should get really theatrical now.

It seems to me that this was the only way that Rossi could get back on a bike he could ride.

If that comes to pass we will get the opportunity to see if he still has it, or if he gone the way of Freddie Spencer, and the gift has left him.

Stoner will have left an interesting footprint but no one ever really fills anyone's shoes in GP racing.

It also puts an interesting shadow on the remaining races this year.

I wonder if there will be attempts to keep him? Could this be a bit of gamesmanship? I guess Honda would let him drop his PR duties / let him name a price (within reason).

Or have Honda made VR an offer for next year. I wouldn't imagine that CS would fancy that at all.

I hope Casey does go and that he enjoys the rest of his life.

We'll see how he deals with diapers and the regular drudgery of family life (ain't knocking it, just say'n). And I don't think V8 Supercars will sufficiently scratch that itch.

Perhaps the arm pump was also a contributing factor in the decision as he doesn't want any surgery done to fix that.

While sad that he's leaving Motogp, looking forward to see him on four wheels in the near future!

I don't like Stoner but he is an amazing competitor and a joy to watch on the bike. His leaving weakens an already shallow talent pool and probably makes it more difficult to attract sponsors and sell tickets.

Makes silly season more interesting now. I'll be the first numpty to raise the spectre of Rossi moving to Honda next year! Done...not, that's all people will talk about now.

If there's anything which does not please Casey's requirements in MotoGP I belive in it. And I belive that kind of shake if will be clarified by future regulations and redefinition about what MotoGP gonna be will make him back. Maybe he has just closed an important chapter but there's no wall he can back to racing someday. Rised his price very, the category looses somebody very important. Nobody will be able to replace him. I'm looking forward to see this talent in racing world somewhere in future. Yeah, passion is something important. Full of respect...but keeping the margin he will change his minds.

I think that Fatherhood will definitely have made a difference, especially with the death of Marco last year.

The worry about him being seriously hurt or killed would definitely be at the forefront of his wife's mind.

Will Honda try and steal Lorenzo now?

For a split second, I looked at the calender and realized it was NOT April 1!!! Now I'm gutted!!! Stunned...Shocked!!!! That a talent like this is retiring at such an early age is sad. Racing in 2013 will be less excitting w/out him.

But just as he denied las week the retiring rumors(turned out a lie) it's also a lie that his wife/daughter had nothing to do with it. We all know what happens when women & children get in the way, Adriana might as well be MotoGP's own Yoko Ono...

What a racer! I like him, he kicks ass on the track and speaks truth to the press, you get no BS or PR-speak when he talks. MotoGP will be lesser without him. But wow, the musical chairs for seats on bikes just got way more interesting!

Now Rossi has a seat? Before, he had no chair to sit in if he left Ducati. MM will go to a satellite bike with full factory support like Simoncelli had, Rossi takes the top seat at Repsol vacated by Casey? Then next year it's ON, VR46 vs JL99 vs the kid MM! What a grudge match between the aging lion and the 'new guy' 99 (can't think of a better term for Lorenzo here) and the newer still MM.

Pedrosa has proven he's a borderline alien, but has never consistently beated Rossi or Stoner or Lorenzo. Only Rossi can beat Lorenzo and only then on a Repsol Honda. Just sayin ....

I'm glad he is getting out at the top, perhaps with another title to his name. And, more importantly perhaps, getting out before he has any serious injuries, touch wood nothing goes wrong for the rest of the year. Thats how Bayliss went out, WSB champion and with no serious injuries..
I am (hopefully) going to the Silverstone GP next month (my 1st GP), where I'll get to see this once-in-a-generation talent race in the flesh before he goes. Cannot wait!

I don't think one can make much comparison between Bayliss, (who has had his share of injuries) who was close to 40 years old, and Stoner in simalarities upon retirement. Troy didn't start racing at 5 years old with full family backing like most of the top riders nowadays.

What I don't understand is why he's saying "He's not happy with how things are going in GP"

He's on the fastest bike out there, with the prime manufacturer on the prime GP team, consistently the fastest rider out there on even marginally good bikes(the Ducati era) how come you not be happy with how things are going???

What are we missing here?

photos of how it used to be... a bunch of blokes who loved and lived for racing bikes, many of them on shoestring budgets and prepping their machines out of old panel vans.

Contrast that with the paddock now... almost like F1, filled with wealthy posers and wanna-bees and celebrities and marketing hype.

that's what you're missing

This is a very serious and unexpected announcement - as others, I too initially thought this was a (bad) joke.

But then maybe this just shows how much 'down to earth' some of these athletes are, and in particular Casey Stoner.
He's young, at a peak in his career and achieved a LOT with still a lot more to give, but he also has got a wife and a daughter to focus on now.
Maybe he simply found other things he can enjoy more (professionaly or not) than the constant nomad life style of professional racing with related idiossincracies in the job, away from his own family, and perhaps just sorted his own priorities... who really knows?
Perhaps he'll be able to do a "Mike Hailwood epic comeback" sometime later. :-)

I can't help but feel this is a bad omen to the MotoGP series, especially after another big public-open channel refused to resign the contract for TV broadcast (Mediaset, which will be focusing now in WSBK instead).
These are all big indirect 'wake up' call messages to Dorna and FIM to sort the series once and for all, for good.

not trying to be funny or cute, but, I thought we were all being punked.

re: "What are we missing here?"

the announcement that ezpelata wants to pass off an all CRT championship as grandprix. stoner's not buying it, and neither are alot of others.

Allthough I've never had the opportunity to do that, (though I'd love to) but just watching him in races and qualifying on tv, and the dvd's I make, it's hard to explain just how fast he is, that's what I'm going to miss alot.

I think a lot of you are missing the point. Who cares about silly season for a series that doesn't have the best riders on the best bikes?

I think Casey taking quite a stand. He is watching the decay of motogp and has the courage to say "No". He wants to race on the fastest bikes in the world, not superbikes with custom frames. We are watching the end of the greatest racing series on earth. I'm glad hes calling attention to it. Bargaining chip indeed!

and around 20 years of that spend on racing.

2 world championships in the pocket. A new born baby. Yes, I completely understand.

More like the Spanish/Italian media eating one of their golden geese. Stoner goes out and gives his all every race and all a lot of the media have to say is that it is boring, among other subtle and not-so-subtle character slights. It is understandable but I think Stoner is being a bit naive and too sensitive to take it so much to heart. Although I have not walked a mile in his shoes.

I can't imagine the size of the thank you gift basket that Rossi will be sending him. Odds are now on Rossi in the HRC team and taking the title next year. Pedrosa has shown that he is not a title guarantee, especially with Lorenzo on a well sorted Yamaha. Honda's sure bet for a title is Rossi and it would even play into Honda's 'its the bike' philosophy: see, Rossi sucked last year then he changed bikes to a Honda and now he's winning. It would be interesting to see Nakamoto-san having to swallow his words but he has an out in that HRC no longer has 2 fast riders in the team.

Lorenzo should also send a thank you card because even if he has no intent to move to Honda (who knows if his riding style would mesh with a Honda) he will definitely be using the possibility to grab a nice raise. Yamaha know that with Spies results being a big disappointment Lorenzo is their only title hope.

The not-so-likely idea of RDP getting a 1 yr HRC ride is the most exciting possibility.


Chris - VR sending a gift basket - just lovely.

Look at VR's face in the shot of VR, JL, CS, on GPone today - talk about the cat thats got the milk! He's (VR) NOT depressed by Casey's decision.

It's a Faustian pact between Ezpeleta,VR and CS.

Dorna and Rossi pay CS Large Dosh to retire.

To the purest, CS on a MotoGP machine is wonderous, but the series ie Dorna, NEEDS VR fighting up front (on the one line, 'on rails' Duc, he seemingly cann't be either)

This is sad and good. I have to agree, that like Stoner, I do not like how things have changed. Since fans vote with their pocketbooks, me included, I will not be watching with the same focus I have had.
Bye Casey. Thanks for all the fun!

Well that distant future now are only six months, anyway Stoner have his reasons for retire but he was a extraordinary rider and the only one than made Ducati a Winning Machine, He and Hayden Show to pedrosa how to win a championship, based in hard work, concentration, motivation and skill, even being the number 2 of Repsol Honda and Pedrosa like the chinese just watching.

Dorna and it's continues mistakes maybe can have it's part in the retirement of stoner, in tv broadcast the idea to put PPV the rest of the races is like shooting in the foot, only 8 will be free great idea mr. Ezpeleta in matter of bikes and the CRT's inst a bad idea, but why dorna didn't try to gave more pressure to the manufacturers to allow private teams to get access to the M1, Desmodecidi, RC213V at a more reasonable price, MotoGP is now too distant and different when the 990 roded on the tracks or the 500.

MotoGP without Stoner will be different and the people should be prepare than rossi will follow stoner soon, or maybe more sooner than later.

Stoner is amazing to watch. Got to respect his decision, but to me, with the CRTs and all I think motoGP may well be going uphill for a change.

"rossi will follow stoner soon, or maybe more sooner than later."

I was thinking the same thing... I wouldn't be surprised if Rossi announced he was retiring before the last race... just to say he was first :)

It will depend on how much fun he has dicing with Jorge and Marc.
Jorge's recent barge on Dovi, and Marc's treatment of Luthi indicates these guys don't mind swapping paint, so that should keep Vale interested.

In any case, he'll probably want to stick around at least long enough to prove he still has his chops.

"Jorge's recent barge on Dovi"? you mean the one where he snapped at Dovi for trying to pass him too early on the race? Jorge's will to "swap paint" decreases by the race.

I hope not, I think Rossi would like the idea of Moto GP races to be like really fast Moto2 races

re: "Dorna and it's continues mistakes maybe can have it's part in the retirement of stoner, in tv broadcast the idea to put PPV the rest of the races is like shooting in the foot"

now don't try to put this all at the feet of dorna. if you read his comments, he implicates the masses as well. ie. the "fan-sumer". that's you, me, us guys. we have failed to support motorcycling and inevitably the chickens would come home to roost. what did we think would happen...?

I really hate seeing my favourite rider go, but I wish him all the best and thank him for all the great races I've had the pleasure of watching. I really hope he wins the WC this year.

MotoGP won't be the same, but I'll keep watching. I'm here for the racing, not for a particular racer.

I've loved watching Casey ride since he first came to GP's. Since he's been on the big bikes for me he's been a standout to watch - nobody thrashes a MotGP bike like Casey can! He's amazing to watch. As an Aussie I completely 'get' his persona too, and have found his straight shooting to be a breath of fresh air in comparison to the Italian/Spanish contingent of recent times.

I'll miss his sliding, the way a bike under him bucks like a brumby, the huge stand up wheelies....

I really hope they change turn 3 at Phillip Island to be Casey Corner or Stoner Curve or something fitting - as that corner has never seen anything like him come through it!

Had he left because of an illness, that would be tragic. Had he been crippled, it would have been disasterous. What I see is a young man quitting because he isnt going to get things he wants. He is a truly great motorcycle rider. He doesn't get the recognition of Rossi not because "he doesn't have good PR", but because his personality lacks the charm of the Italian. But stoner, he exudes bitterness. His interviews on who some praise as "telling it like it is", come off to many of the rest of us as the feeling he acts like he is entitled.

So what will he do in motorcycling? He sufficiently slagged off Ducati after he left that he won't be doing anything for them. And honda? Announcing he is quitting a year after he signs with them hardly endears him. His personality makes press a natural NO, and he certainly isnt a natural at Sales. All he knows is racing motocycles, and he is quitting that. I think he will be very unhappy--he even looks very unhappy announcing his leaving. Most people who are quitting things they are tired of look relieved.

I am curious what era he thinks he should have raced in? The entire world is in economic turmoil, and spain and italy are in depression. Things had to change. Should they return to the jet setting of the previous 12 years? Could he have hacked it in the Phil Read and Surtess times when they rode to races in vans? I realize he did it as a kid, but as an adult? What did he expect motogp to become, a 4 bike series but all factory prototypes? He's certainly a genius on a bike, but has that translated to the design of a machine anyone else can ride fast? His time on the Ducati resulted in a machine that worked for no one but him. (but is that his fault?)

Where to start...
'...isn't going to get things he wants.'
?? He has two (maybe three) WCs and if he wanted, more would be in the books.
'...come off to many of the rest of us as...'
Many of the rest might be less than you think. Stats please.
'...sufficiently slagged off Ducati...'
Feels to me he's always kept it fair and clean. Quotes please.
'...even looks unhappy announcing his leaving.'
You don't think this is a very emotional step for him? You'd find it more logical would he be laughing about his retirement?
'...his time on the Ducati resulted in a machine that worked for no one but him...'
I am not even going to comment on this 'insight'.


the first time in 4 or 5 years that I don't check David's site 5 times a day and I see some mention of this bombshell in a random news source? Whoa is me.

I wish I hadn't been such a Rossi partisan early on, hating Casey for his audacity of challenging VR!

I have grown to love watching him tame these things. Coolest memory of CS is the super slow motion of him in practice/testing with elbow on the ground thrashing it.


It's sad news for race fans, but Stoner is leaving on his own terms: at the top, young, and still healthy (for a motorcycle racer). He really has nothing left to prove, and if the politics overshadow his joy of racing, why stay?