FIM Press Release: Marquez Penalized, Absolved, But Appeal Pending

The FIM issued the following statement after the incident between Marc Marquez and Pol Espargaro, on the penalty applied and then appealed, as reported here. The statement makes it clear that the ruling is still subject to appeal, so this is not necessarily the final word on the matter.

Below is the FIM press release:

2012 FIM Road Racing World Championship Grand Prix

Gran Premi Aperol de Catalunya: decision of the Race Direction and FIM Stewards

On Sunday 03 June during the Moto2 Race, rider Marc MARQUEZ (SPA) rode in an irresponsible manner causing danger to rider Pol ESPARGARO (SPA) which is an infringement of the article 1.21.2 of the 2012 FIM Road Racing World Championship Grand Prix Regulations.

The Race Direction decided to impose on the rider a time penalty of 1 minute to be added on his race time.

An appeal has been lodged with the FIM Stewards.

The FIM Stewards did not confirm the decision of the Race Direction and cancelled the penalty.

An appeal may now be lodged with the FIM International Disciplinary Court.

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Looks like you missed the part where I mentioned common sense. Staying in pit lane doesn't sound very much like common sense, does it?

Casey summed it up pretty well .Personaly i think the sports direction is going down with Spains economy .How Marques could not hear or know pol was not there is a complete load of rubbish every rider on the grid says they know and can hear that someone is behind them and even tell what bike it is by the sound (motogp only of course) so for Marquez to say that he was unaware the Pol was there is an out right lie.

it's not like the other championships where there is a different exhaust note. i don't think anyone really loves the sound of moto2 in person. to me a pack of bikes sound like an angry swarm of bees.

was too quick with his apology, a case of 'protest too much' I feel.
Absolute rubbish that he didn't hear Pol, it looks like he was trying to block Pol's racing line. We all saw the result.
Marques has a bad habit of moving over other riders lines after a pass, very unsportsmanlike behaviour. My heart sank when I saw Pol land motionless, what's it going to take before he learns some track manners?

I am all for hard racing if it does not un-duly place another rider in danger. as I saw it happen I thought to my self "What is Marques doing???" Espargaro clearly had the inside line and was just slightly a head in the corner. for Marques to say he didn't know he was there is a bone head comment. those 4 riders knew they were the leading group trading places on every lap, with Marques going wide it left the line for the 2 behind him to go through. but instead of looking before he went from the center of the track to the apex he just cut across and the rest is history. Can you imagine if he had done this in the premier class? and on someone like Lorenzo or Stoner??? I don't think he would be well liked at all...

Look at the images again. Espargaro was never ahead of Marquez at any point. They both went for the apex and hit each other. Lorenzo, Pedrosa and Dovizioso all agreed after viewing that in the end both riders were equally at fault. Marquez for not factoring in someone else might be there and Espargaro for going for a gap that wasn't there.

The gap was there, that's why Pol placed his bike there. Marquez went wide and Pol put his bike in the spot any racer(especially in Moto2 would have). Whether Marc saw him is irrelevant. He KNEW Pol was behind him and should've left room instead of trying to get back on line to set up for the next corner. Once you've blown the corner, you can't expect to get back on the KNOWN apex of it and not collect someone when you're fighting with 4 other riders, one of which is behind you. Marquez is a great talent but he needs to be put in his place. Here's hoping that Inonne(spelling?) will have a great last year. He seems to be the only one besides Redding that's willing to say "f$&k it, ifs that's the rules, I'll play by them too". What's sad is I think it going to take a rider getting hurt by Marquez to put a stop to his antics. A great talent doesn't need to make dirty moves. Questionable pushing the limits in corners and running someone wide is different than cutting off the front of another rider or having total disregard for other riders on the track.

Soon after that incident and all the comments that started coming through on Twitter I started thinking back and realised that this is almost the exact opposite to the Simoncelli V Pedrosa incident. Many people seemed to blame Simoncelli, even though he was on the outside and Pedrosa ran wide into him.

But now we have the exact opposite situation - Espagaro on the inside and holding his line tight, Marquez on the outside running into Pol. But now the majority are blaming Pol. I guess you just can't win if you're not the crowd favourite on the right bike with the right team...

Also in general it annoys me how all media and commenters focus on this stupid incident when the race as a whole was amazingly exciting. That last lap battle between Luthi and Iannone was just the cherry on top.

I wonder if Espargaros' team initially protested the incident to race direction?
I hope they did and I hope the FIM decision gets overturned and penalizes MM!

I don't understand why we have the Race Director making decisions if they are not the one who makes the final one. If anything he does can be appealed then why have him make the decision at all????

This isn't a murder trial, the RD should be the one and only and final say in what happens. If he feels incident called for a penalty then it should be upheld. Right or wrong.

Since everyone likes to quote riders to back up there point of view, I thought it would be interesting to mention what Bradley Smith tweeted about the whole situation. The gist of it was - who has ever seen someone given yellow cards, then a red card - and had the ref's decision overturned after video replay?! It's just nonsense!