Scott Jones At Silverstone 2012: Race Day

You spin me right round, baby

Moto2 - the battle for second. No quarter asked, none given

Jorge Lorenzo is looking fearsome so far this season

The MotoGP race at Silverstone got off to a pretty good start

Lone Star

Winner's wheelie

But coming second wasn't so bad either

Broken ankle or not, Cal Crutchlow is fast on a Yamaha

Cal says "Yes, it does..."

Brothers in arms

How to ruin a perfectly good carbon fiber fairing

Parc Ferme. Lorenzo spends a lot of time there lately

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That appears to be a dry clutch, right?, what happens when it rains.., doesn't the water messes with the coefficient of friction etc?, thanks

I think the centrifugal force keeps the water out of the plates for the most part...
I've only had a problem with the dry clutch on my touring bike once... It was after a long heavy rain that then saw temperatures dip to around freezing... ice doesn't "spin" outta there like water does..

its not that ice does not spin around. At low temperatures the coefficient of friction reduces. Similar to carbon fiber brakes used for the motorcycles. At lower temperatures, it does not get hot enough to have a good friction with the pads.

Thanks.., that makes sense..,but even after throwing the water out, the plates would get still wet due to the continuous water coming to them, I guess either the heat/wind dries them quickly(evaporating it maybe) or the material/construction is such that it doesn't retains water.

I did a little Google search and am surprised with the amount of information available, definitely going to read up all I can.

Also I came to know that the main reason for using an external dry clutch is the advantage of being able to lock it externally while starting the Engine by cranking the wheel(this is to negate the effect of the slipper clutch arrangement, which would otherwise make it almost impossible to start the engine).

and Thanks to Scott Jones for sparking this interest, looking forward to a lot more photographs like this..

The billet M1 cases are pure bike porn. love all the small details like the titanium allen case bolts etc. Great stuff!

You are not the only one that noticed. I always see a baby wearing a diaper when I see this year's design.

i love the straight engine porn shot! simple angle and the thing is running!
love that part!