Casey Stoner To Return To Australia For Surgery: Out For Brno At Least

Casey Stoner is to return to Australia to have surgery on the ankle he damaged in the qualifying crash at Indianapolis. After studying the MRI scans made in Indianapolis, Stoner's Australia doctors have advised him he needs surgery to correct the damaged ligaments he tore at Indy.

The move means that Stoner will definitely miss this weekend's Czech Grand Prix at Brno. How quickly the reigning World Champion will return is uncertain, though the surgery will require several weeks to recover. Already 39 points behind Jorge Lorenzo in the title race, missing Brno will put Stoner at an almost insurmountable disadvantage in the defense of his championship.

The Repsol Honda team issued the following brief press release, and a press conference with further information is to be held at Brno at 3:30pm local time:

Stoner to go back to Australia to receive surgery

Casey Stoner will leave Brno this evening for Australia after his doctors advised him to have surgery on his damaged ankle.

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I wonder if Stoner will just take his time getting back seeing as how the odds are stacked against him defending his title, his career is nearly done as by his choice and he's got a wife and little one he's ready to be at home with in Oz as daddy and nothing else. With Brno being a clockwise circuit I don't expect the Honda's to be as strong as they were at the US tracks. One Spaniard can make the chase closer and one can cement his place as the man to beat. Brno will be interesting.

injuries affected WCs. I guess we (and they) were lucky in the years before. Let's pray for a better and safer 2013. In the meantime best of luck to Casey.

"Since 2010 injuries affected WCs"

yes but this time, assuming and hoping jorge and dani dont get injured in any of the next 7 races (i also hope no DNFs for both of them, Jorge is already at a possible crisis of one engine due to that DNF in assen), this present injury situation (of casey) has hardly any effect on the championship coz he is already 39 points behind jorge. would require a further DNF or two from jorge or some bike failure or his form and consistency loss or something for casey to beat him to the title.

the only way, assuming (and hoping, again) none of those unfortunate things happens to jorge and dani, casey's injury could significantly influence the course of the championship is if towards the end of the season, casey, having realised he's no chance at the title anymore, decides to play team and helps dani go for the wins in the last few races by tackling, battling and thus engaging jorge to the 2nd or 3rd place while dani goes for wins.

anyway, i was kinda expecting this impending surgery or something ever since casey showed us some of the pics of his ankles a couple of days ago. even if he'd not gone for surgery, the pics gave the impression it'd have been damned way too difficult for him to race with any pace. injuries of this kind (sprains and torn ligaments) manifest themselves more after a few days of getting them. hope he recovers soon and is competitive again at misano.

How his season ended and how schwantz became champion in '93.
I hope that each rider on GP grid never has enough "quiet time" to really consider what they are doing for a living... My sundAys would suffer should they become sane.

An impressive fourth under those conditions. Damn shame. I thought he would win the world championship in a walk, but Yamaha/Jorge stepped it up and the new Stone front gives the Hondas fits.

I would have liked to have seen him go down fighting for the championship to the end, but this injury really just cements it, the dream died at Sachsenring in the "penultimate" corner as the Brits are fond of saying. It would have made a great story, but such is motorcycle racing at the sharp end.

Stoner is one of a rare breed, and MotoGP will be lesser with his loss next year.

These things happen in racing, especially motorcycle racing and you just have to cope with it as best you can. Sadly, it puts an end to what might have been a sensational end to the season. Casey won Bridgestone's 1st MotoGP championship which led to Bridgestone's present role as tire provider to the series. I hope that Bridgestone feels really proud of the way they screwed Stoner and Honda over this year.
More importantly I wish Casey Stoner a full and rapid recovery from his injuries.

Casey will come back with nothing to lose and he will be a major pain in Jorge's neck. I think Casey would be upset to have Jorge on the same number of world championships as he. He'll come back and probably win four races at least. Plus with dani in such excellent form, I see casey being able to run cover for him if need be.

Best believe stoner will come back wanting the season to be remembered for him and not J Lo's second.

Stoner will be remembered as a race winner, not as Mr Consistent. His record of premier wins is astonishing considering that more than half came on a piece of junk that he smashed into submission.

It's true his title bid ended on that corner. But he was really unlucky. It had started raining and he was pushing hard to set up a pass. That's how championships are won and lost.

It really shows how remarkable Rossi's seven titles is. 7!

...preamble since often comments are perceived as "against" someone.

You need also luck to win and that is what I also vented in my previous post on staying injury free. Rossi had an astonishing lucky break for not running into any serious injury. Then unfortunately in the last three years it all came back to him (is Ducati an injury ;). He fully deserved his 9 WCs (like any WC deserve its ones) but luckly nothing ever happened to him. Till 2010 of course.

Pedrosa on the other side never had a clear run and I hope that soon fate will be nice to him.

That is an often over-looked point, Rossi has had a lucky career, injury-wise. It is no coincidence that he has the most modern-day championships and the longest consecutive-GP races-started record.

As for titles decided by injuries, you could say since 2007, there hasn't been an injury-free season for at least one of the top 4.

(Almost by default, Pedrosa is injured every year, so I didn't specify him below),

>2008 Rossi rode an impeccable championship (his best ever, IMO), Stoner damaged his Scaphoid (spelling) in the Brno crash (I think), Lorenzo broke his ankles (In China/Le Mans?)
>2009 Rossi rode great again, Stoner missed 3 races due to lactose intolerance problems.
>2010 Lorenzo dominates, Rossi breaks leg (Mugello) and hurts shoulder (After Qatar).
>2011 Stoner dominates, Lorenzo injures finger (Although more so than all the recent championships, this one was well sewn up by that stage).
>2012 Lorenzo/Pedrosa fighting for the championship, Stoner now has ankle injuries.

All of the titles from 08-11 went to the deserved winner though, the fans were just robbed of end-of-year tension by the unfortunate injuries of the 2nd/3rd place men.

That is why 2006 is still my favorite season. Whoever won that last day, took it all home.

I just hope the two Spaniards stay fully fit for the rest of the season.

As it looks pretty much over for his championship (or Lorenzo and Pedrosa will decide - a bravest decision anyway - to not to participate in this one race for the sake of tribute to retiring Aussie;) I'm curious where Casey's crew will end up? The best he could do after finishing his racing career would be to pass heritage to other young talented Aussie rider. Is there anybody? It would be good to see another Australian in MotoGP. Stoner may have no desire to keep an eye on racing but he now may have some doors open and influence on somebody's future. It's sad recently in MotoGP and World Superbikes we see less and less fast Australians. And Japaneses? Americans next to fade? Hope it'll change with Spies.

The silver lining could perhaps be Casey feeling he may still have unfinished business. After a year of fishing & changing diapers, living under the MotoGP microscope might not look so bad. We can only hope.

Re: Injuries effecting legitimacy of championships.

ALL championships are to some degree determined by injuries. From FP1 till the bike is parked Sunday evening a rider runs the risk of injury. The fact that one rider gets injured during the season & another one doesn't, doesn't diminish the latter's he "skillfully" avoided getting injured; he has EARNED the victory/championship.

Injuries & their avoidance, are as much a part of the sport as tire choice.

Genuine LOL moment. Good comment.

In an 18 race cbampionship riders should be alllowed to discount 3 results..
I havent run the numbers but im sure it wouldnt modify the winner
In recent years (except perhaps 06) but it would alleviate the pressure to ride
injured or the cost of being knocked out by another rider.