WSBK News: Superbikes Return To Laguna Seca

In what will be a popular announcement, InFront announced the return of the crowd-pleasing track Laguna Seca to the World Superbike calendar in 2013. After an eight-year absence, the Californian track, famed for its brutal last corner and the roller-coaster Corkscrew chicane, will once again give the fans unforgettable action. 

Whether it replaces Miller is yet to be seen, but the calendar is shaping up to be a good one.

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I only wish there was enough time and space to have motogp and worldsbk on the same weekend for the ultimate in motorcycle racing orgasmia.

Now if we can talk Laguna into dropping AMA and bringing in Moto2/3 instead.

While in Laguna for MGP this year I got to talk to a few Dorna folks and they said moto2&3 don't come because of the cost of shipping everything over, not because of the enviro-geeks that spend their time ruining track days by pointing their bureaucratic sound guns at hobbyists.

The sound restrictions are measured in days. The track gets XXX number of sound-unlimited days each year. It would make absolutely no difference on this issue whether Moto2 and Moto3 bikes ran on MotoGP weekend or AMA Superbikes or pedal cars.

P.S. Just for the record, the people who live near the track and complain loudest about the sound are typically quite wealthy and are anything but enviro-geeks. They just don't like motor sounds spoiling their brie tastings ... ;)

Was wondering how the sound restrictions worked. As for the Brie crowd, let's check the date of the construction on their houses vs that of the track. I'm betting the track was there first.

Laguna has 5 events a year with no noise restrictions. There is a permanent noise monitor just past turn 5 that is used for the other events.

The brie comment isn't even close to accurate as SCRAMP (Sports Car Racing Association of the Monterey Peninsula) is a non-profit organization. Just about everyone who lives there knows this and if they aren't supportive they are indifferent. The hospitality industry is a large cornerstone in the foundation of Monterey's economy.

The key now is that that there are up to 3 US rounds which makes economic sense to bring them all over since its likely they will be at the other two rounds, they just need to schedule everything correctly.

re: "The key now is that that there are up to 3 US rounds"

emphasis on the phrase "up to", currently we still have only 2. in fact, i contend there will NEVER be 3 rounds in the states for anything more than a year or so, and this mostly due to overlapping contracts not demand. the US barely supports the niche business of motorcycling, nevermind it's roadracing sub-niche. i can go to a local track day tommorrow (that's right i said TRACK DAY) with 100 motorcyclists in attendance and 99 will say they don't follow motogp (nor wsbk) with any regularity, let alone have ever bothered to muster up the coin to attend any one of the 13 grandprixs that have been held in america the past 7 years. FACT not fiction.

re: "I only wish there was enough time and space to have motogp and worldsbk on the same weekend for the ultimate in motorcycle racing orgasmia."

no worries, the time is quickly approaching where the rights holder will wake up one morning, take a sip, and realize the futility of continuing to have the 2 franchises compete against one another (like grand-am and ALMS). the market's simply too small with too many redundancies. in no other sector has economic forces been tolerant of this... it invariably won't tolerate it here either.

This couldn't have happened.. I dont know, 3, maybe 4 years ago? Would have loved to see the Samurai of Slide tearing around that track.


'Now if we can talk Laguna into dropping AMA and bringing in Moto2/3 instead.'

This news is the best chance of that happening, as the AMA could now support the WSB instead (and could in effect be offered wildcards to fill out the wsb grid too, though 3 or 4 long races in a weekend may be a bit much for most)

AMA supporting WSBK and Moto 2 & 3 supporting Moto GP makes the absolute most sense on all levels.

Now if only SCRAMP sees this as a must have win/win/win.

There is still an issue with noise, and, with space. Someone is going to have to throw down some money to build garages. Space is pretty limited at LS.

As I recall the AMA used to have a race in that time frame that saw rain at times. But aside from that this is a welcome addition. I hope Josh Hayes can wildcard. Although it hasn't happened much at Miller.

Don't be surprised to see that the next bit of news is that Miller Motorsports Park is dropped from the calendar... the local scuttle is they've been losing money on this event for a few years running....

Of course they have. It's the Mormon capital of the world and bike racing in the states is absolutely nothing compared to helmets and pigskin. Can't stand American football but this is the way it is here.

re: "the local scuttle is they've been losing money on this event for a few years running."

that's okay, better to have built and have RACED, than to have NOT built and we never raced at all.

great facility btw, i'm thankful to have tracked copious amounts of "alkali" back home on my boots. i'm sure PF chili feels the same (ie. he was managing smrz and the guandalini team the year spies steamrolled everybody).

Late September is the best time to be on the Northern California coast. Very little fog, and mild temperatures.
It's also some of the busiest times for events around the Bay Area to this moto event will somewhat compete for the attention of people.
Although most moto enthusiasts won't care.
I hope I can go. I'd love to see WSBK at Laguna Again.

The time comparisons with GP bikes will be interesting.... ;)

If MotoGP had WSBK's schedule it'd be perfect.

Too cool for words; some of my favorite weekends ever in my life have been to see WSBK at Laguna, and I don't think I've ever missed a round. Loved every moment of it. No matter how big a lead P.F. Chili has, every corner is still a heart-stopper (you geezers out there know what I mean ...)

Having been a regular at Laguna since the late 80's ( both GP/MotoGP and WSBK ) this is great news to me. I know it's sacrilege, but I always preferred WSBK there. It's a more suitable venue for those machines as compared to MotoGP bikes and the atmosphere was less stiff. Having said that, I loved having been able to watch Casey, Vale, Nicky, Marco, Colin, Eddie, Kevin, Wayne and the rest.
I'll be rooting for Marco Melandri next fall. Awesome.

2nd only to Hayden's first win. 2001? Ben Bostrom just eclipse Hodgson for Super pole. The rour of the crowd stands the hair up on my neck. The next day it happens again as both Ben & Eric (in AMA) take wins.

I don't know how it is now but the atmosphere at WSB is just more laid back. The riders & teams are willing to have a coversation for one thing. Unlike MGP where it's more like a shuttle launch.

If I can $$ will still do both. Monterey is an easy place to like. Beautiful.

re: "If I can (spare the) $$ (i) will still do both"

maybe not today... maybe not tommorrow... maybe not even a year from now...? but one day in the not too distant future (if you're patient), you won't even have to ask this question. while maybe not at laguna, you WILL do both regardless.

I anticipated that this news would be popular and the comments seem to bear that theory out. My personal television memories are of Gobert and Bostrom on V&H Ducatis taking wins and Yanagawa's terrifying crash. Oh, and Frankie Chili bashing his man-parts in a nasty crash at the same place. 

I look forward to reporting on the races next year. I am a bit of a fan of the track.

I've been going to races at Laguna Seca since 1961, Went to the Moto GP races through the 90's, and I have been to dozens of WSBK and AMA races from the 80's through the early 2000's.......I always liked the AMA and the WSBK races better. The names were bigger in Moto GP, but I really came for the pits and the atmosphere. In Moto GP there was no pit access, and unless the AMA was running support races, the schedule was very thin. Not enough racing and not enough access. I hope the AMA is included. That would make for a busy it is always cool to compare lap times.

Hope to see some of you guys there!!!