Casey Stoner To Return At Motegi

Casey Stoner is to rejoin the MotoGP paddock in Motegi. In a posting on his Repsol blog, Stoner confirmed that he will fly to Japan with the intention of trying to race. "I've been resting, having some physio and following doctor's orders to recover. The good news is that I feel I can race in Motegi and will be rejoining my team next week and I can't wait to get back on track," the reigning World Champion wrote in his Repsol blog.

Stoner was forced to take a break from racing after badly damaging his ankle in a huge highside crash at Indianapolis Motor Speedway in August. Though he raced that weekend, he was forced to pull out of the next event at Brno just a few days later, for fear of suffering permanent damage in the event of a crash. 

The Australian has made no secret of his intention to try to win his home MotoGP round at Phillip Island at the end of October. At the press conference in Brno where he told the media he was pulling out of that event, he expressed a desire to return two races earlier, to give himself a chance to be competitive at Phillip Island. With the surgery a success and his recovery proceeding well, it appears that he has achieved his goal. Whether Stoner is actually fit enough to race will only be clear once he tries the bike, but his intention is clearly to do so.

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He's gone 2 months and chomping at the bit to get back on a bike?

I don't think he's really ready to retire from bike racing... he'll be back 2014.

"He's gone 2 months and chomping at the bit to get back on a bike?

I don't think he's really ready to retire from bike racing... he'll be back 2014."

Sam, I was having a beer with Casey last week, watching the race from Aragon, and it's still a secret but he has a contract already signed for Yamaha for 2014. The timing is to be ready to take over from VR who Yamaha thinks will probably retire early! Hahahahaha - April Fools Day joke!!! Ohhhh - it's not April 1st? Doh!!!

OK, OK I admit I made that last bit up - the bit about Valentino!

Quite surprised that he choose Motegi for his return. Last year he made a big fuss about racing there. I really thought he would 'stretch' his recovery till after.

He wanted to get a few races before Phillip Island, and there are two races before PI.

There were 4 Yamahas in the Top-5 at Aragon!!! Honda and Dani needs Casey 'Superman' Stoner's help... badly! The next few rounds needs to be a Repsol 1-2 with Dani taking the win and Jorge taking 3rd or worse! Stoner can win at PI as usual...

if Stoners bike will be tuned to beat the Yamahas but not Dani, just thinking.

Stoner used 2012 chassis with 2013 engine before crash. Dani started with 2013 bike and work on it. Now Dani has helped to develop 2013 bike.

So what will Stoner be riding? His own 2012 bike with new engine or 2013 package from Dani? And that 2013 thing works now, as we can see. Dani did a great job.

So if Stoner wins that would be pure talent.

If Stoner is behind Dani then: It is injury, It is team order, It is inferior bike ....

Here we go again.

Stoner team have no future in HRC once Stoner is gone. Marc have his own team.

So who will tune Stoner`s bike down? Hm?

And if Lorenzo have identical pace than Dani in quali (sort of a rule this year).... then what? Tune down bike from Stoner for 0.0005 sec?

Not that simple.

Four more weekends watching him slide his elbow and shoulder over the corner markings will do.
Team order will suck though, I hope he will not agree.

A few websites state that Dani insists he will 'not' ask Casey to help him fight Jorge, not sure how the idea came up.
I think he(or HRC) won't and I think Casey will not agree anyway.

for MotoGP and WSBK in Phillip Island. Really, good for business and promoting the races, good for him to have fun twice a year with minimum PR dutires and no jet lag away from home, good for racing fans...

With so little time for Stoner left on track, it's hard not to feel robbed. Glad to have him back in the paddock.