Phillip Island To Name Turn 3 After Casey Stoner

The Phillip Island circuit is to name Turn 3 after Casey Stoner. A ceremony is to be held on Thursday at 11:45am local time to name the corner in honor of the 2007 and 2011 World Champion. Stoner joins Mick Doohan and Wayne Gardner, Australia's other two premier class World Champions, in have a part of the iconic Australian circuit named after him. Doohan has the first corner named after him, and the front straight running past the pits and into Doohan corner is named after Gardner.

It is fitting that Stoner should have Turn 3 named after him. The Australian has consistently named that corner as one of his favorite corners on the MotoGP calendar. It has everything which Stoner believes are the ingredients of an exciting turn: it is very fast, long, and the more courage you use in attacking the corner, the faster you go through there. It is a corner where Stoner slides the rear to help turn the bike, a skill at which he excels.

The 2012 Australian round of MotoGP will be Stoner's last visit to the circuit as a professional MotoGP rider. The Australian has announced that he will retire from professional motorcycle racing at the end of this season. Speculation is rife that Stoner will make a switch to racing V8 Supercars in the future, and so Stoner could return to race at the circuit with a corner that bears his name. He will likely ride the track on a motorcycle again too: Stoner has made no secret of his desire to keep riding motorcycles on track days, but has categorically excluded any possibility of a return to Grand Prix racing.

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Would be nice to see Kel Carruthers, Keith Campbell and Tom Phillis honoured in the same way, they all raced at Phillip Island. Then all the great Australian World Champions would share the appreciation of their countrymen.

Stoner out there, with an old discarded bike he could enjoy - a nice, simple 500cc 2-stroke, no electronics to have to fiddle with, something he could potter around on and not scare the other riders..surely they have something in a shed out the back of the factory that's painted up in colours he would find familiar already?

Come on, HRC - Mick Doohan will ride the current Honda motoGp bike at P.I. this weekend, how about finding a 500 for Stoner to ride around with him on? If only Barry Sheene could be there to drop the flag for them both for a couple of demo laps, the weekend would be perfect. And if Dorna had the sense to release a free video clip of Stoner doing business at his corner on the '09 Duc and last year, it would have sparkly sprinkles on top as well!

Mick have at least 4 500cc two strokes in his garage. Maybe he can bring one for Casey? :-)

Casey Stoner should make his post retirement race debut at the 20th International Phillip Island Classic.
He could ride that great Australian built and developed monster of a motorcycle, the Irving-Vincent, that would be fricking awesome!!
Or he could ride the monster Trev Birrel/Dale Gilbert Suzuki Katana, that Steve Martin and Shaun Giles have successfully campaigned in the Period 5 Post Classic racing('73-'82), which does 1m37s around Phillip Island!
AND...Phillip Island is going to resurfaced in November/December...the Island Classic is the end of January!
Go Stoner!!

That is awesome, and a great honour for Casey. Watching Stoner smoking the back tyre trackside on Turn 3 at PI is one of the great joys for me, I'm making the long ride down south there this Sunday to see him do it again.

Watched an interview last year with Daryl Beattie talking to Stoner about turn three, casey's face just lit up like a Christmas tree when talking about it, a huge grin, talking about what a fast, fun, sliding corner it is. Watching Rossi chase Casey around PI in 2009 them both sliding in unison around it, was breathtaking.

If anyone here has never been trackside then you owe it to yourself to go see a MotoGP at the track - because it blows your mind!

Everyone knows what happens when you do those. You get the bug to start racing.

It's hard to imagine a man of his age and talent not racing bikes again. So sad for the sport! Myself, I watch races not just for the competition but just for the sheer display of speed and talent involved, regardless of rider, so Casey retiring is just awful.

I was at PI in 2007 & watched (between head shaking) Casey leave not only rear but front lines through turn 3. But it was to be expected after watching him in 2005 leaving a black line off the rear tyre going over Lukey Heights in qualifying on the 250.
As far as racing cars is concerned the Australian media will have us believing that Casey is buying his own V8 Stupidcar team & will race next year. (Pfffft)
As I see it Casey is looking forward to the 3 F's, family, farm & fishing.
I hope he enjoys it.

Either way, to people who have seen him ride there it would always be "Casey's Corner" but good to see it official.

I'll be sitting at turn 4 watching them come out of turn 3. Last chance to see one of the all time greats.

BTW - how many riders have won at the same track 5 or 6 times in a row?

Rossi won at PI five times in a row before the Stoner Age.

Down Gardner,flick into Doohan and slide it through Stoner.
Stoner has certainly earned a turn named after him down South.

'To be honest I'm a little disappointed, it's not my favourite corner ...'

Joking. It's a fitting tribute to Stoner - I only wish it wasn't happening, because that would mean he wasn't leaving the sport. Next year will be a bit hollow without the man.