Marc Marquez Accused Of Doing Something ... Legal?

The Moto2 paddock in Phillip Island was awash with rumors of cheating, and not for the first time. There have been accusations of cheating by Marc Marquez' Monlau Competicion team running around the paddock for most of the two years the young Spaniard has been racing in Moto2, accusations which has been reporting on since early this year.

The rumors in Australia centered round illegal manipulation of the spec HRC ECU fitted to all Moto2 machines. The German magazine Speedweek suggested that Marquez' team had been able to load an illegal map on to the ECU, capable of overriding the quickshifter function and preventing fuel from being cut when the quickshifter was used. This, Speedweek claimed citing an unnamed technician, is what the Monlau team had been doing, and this explained his superior acceleration. The advantage offered was that by not cutting the fuel injection, the air/fuel mixture was much better directly after a gear change, improving throttle pickup and helping to explain some of Marquez' advantage in acceleration. The fuel map, Speedweek alleged, would be loaded onto the ECU before the start of a race, and would then automatically erase itself when the engine was switched off. contacted MotoGP Race Director Mike Webb for a response to these allegations. Webb prefaced his remarks saying that he had not read the allegations made in Speedweek, as he was not a German speaker, but was aware of the contents of the Speedweek report after being approached by the magazine's editor, Günther Wiesinger. The allegations, Webb told, were in part incorrect and in part irrelevant. The accusations that the software of the ECU was being overwritten and then wiped when the engine was switched off were wrong, Webb said. "I am confident in the information from my technical experts (including the ECU suppliers) that the alleged rewriting of the ECU software, and then magically wiping it again is not occurring," he told

As to the quickshifter strategy Marquez' team is accused of employing, Webb said that it was not necessary to hack the ECU to achieve this. "Quick-shifters are 'free' [not defined as a spec part in the regulations - MM], they are deliberately not included in the official definition of the Moto2 engine, so the team is free to choose their own solution. Whether they choose to use the quick-shift strategies included in the ECU is up to them," Webb said. "In fact no manipulation of ECU software is necessary in order to use a non-Honda quick-shifter, which may or may not use the fuel cut strategies available in the ECU." The quickshifter used by Marquez' team had been submitted for approval to the Technical Director, HRC and engine supplier Geo Tech for inspection at the beginning of the season, as had the systems used by all the other teams. No irregularities had been found in any of the systems.

The accusations being leveled against Marquez and his team appear to consist of doing something that is completely legal. The Monlau team maintain that they prepare Marquez' bike completely within the Moto2 rulebook. When asked about the allegations, a spokesperson for the team told "the best they can do is to open the bike". No doubt Marquez' Catalunya CX Suter machine will be subject to a full inspection at the last race of the year this weekend at Valencia.

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That WOULD be a feat if the team was able to get the ECU to reprogram it's own eprom without an external programmer attached to it.

In that case the technicians are really wasting their time in the wrong field. They would be more useful and make a lot more money coding stuxnet II for whatever government pays them the most.

I'm not Marquez's biggest fan, but this story was most enjoyable. Seems Speedweek needs to do their research better! Marquez definitely seemed blindingly fast when he started in neutral ...

Part of me wishes they had found a sneaky way to sidestep the rules but it looks like the other teams were just too dimwitted to see the opening.

And aren't teams allowed the choose their fuel maps anyway?

Cutting the fuel injection is the whole point of quick shifter.

That's not only pretty much incorrect (and actually confusing... not entirely sure what you mean), it's an extremely basic analysis of quick-shifters.

I think you are thinking of downshifting for starters, where engines are not only 'blipped' to match the revs of the lower gear, but maps are created for optimal engine braking. Some of this may involve fuel cutting at certain points. Up shifting is far less complicated. You want as many revs as you can safely get for the next gear.

My explanation is also far more basic than the reality, but I'm no super tech.

By cutting the fuel injection when you shift up you unload transmision. Forget about downshifts at this moment; they were talking about Marc acceleration advantage and that means upshifts. Moto2 bikes are using modified CBR 600 transmission. Only thing you can do for upshifts is to set maps for cut intervals.

Or just the ignition... which is how quick shifters work on carbureted bikes.

Why would you dump unburned fuel each shift up? What would that get you?

I quit my paid subscription of "Speedweek"after it was at the market the first year.
I bought the subscription because of Wiesinger and his good work at "Motorsport aktuell", which he left in anger(if I remember correctly), but I realized that he tried to establish his own magazine in a very controversial manner.
No caption was big enough and no scandal is left out.

He is always very keen on telling the "inside"-story and I believe he has left the right path already a couple of times .

I´m only waiting for the next hoax story that say´s:Moonlandings were staged.
His credibility is down the river in my eyes, which is a shame for somebody who was there from the beginning.

I remember a story where he was picked up on a 500cc GP-bike rear end back to the pit lane by Barry Sheene in the 70´s,because he was the only journalist at that GP and on a little hill at the other end of the circuit.

it never fails, and I can't understand why we always have to try and diminished someones accomplishments. whether it is Marc or any other ride or sports men that has success in their carriers. i guess this is just another reason Stoner is leaving, best bike, best tires, well its clear of course. its just a joke, Marc is a killer on track and clearly will be a top rider in the show.... I wonder how Marc will cheat next year to get his first win in MotoGP. such a joke.

they are obviously cheating, nothing could be clearer

"A shark among little fish" ... biggest insult i have ever heard it actually made me want to throw up



eurosport commentry= the toby&julian marc marquez (or any spanish rider) worship club


please (we know ur here)

Feel free to post your proof that Marquez is cheating. The stuff that the MotoGP technical inspectors have failed to catch. If you can't post any proof, we shall have to draw our own conclusions.

To say he's cheating is ridiculous. First of all, he has, at very least, one of the best & well financed team infrastructures around him. Second, they have a great baseline setup that enables him to get to the pointy end very quickly at almost any track. Thirdly, if the quickshifter solution they found is indeed giving him a better drive than his opponents (at the expense of transmission reliability, BTW),this is in no way cheating. Fourthly, the obvious speed & acceleration benefits Marc enjoys because of his weight & aerodynamic advantages are greatly enhanced by my third point. Less weight + a neat "trick" that enhances drive through the lower gears = blasting by people on the straights.

ever listened to your own commentry ?

1 week .. "read a report that weight makes little difference.. bla bla bla"

next week as marc marquez flies past redding on the straight (and everyone else) at silverstone like he has a jet engine... "that's pure weight difference!!" ...ooh, we have all forgotten what you said last week!!

"marc marquez, he's so wonderous, super fantastic, only marc marquez could do that, most talented rider in history of mankind, he must be a god,... " .. go on try listening to your selves... thank god at least the main motogp race is on the bbc too.

I am not related to the commentator Gavin Emmett, who works for Any criticisms you may have of the TV or online commentary should be addressed to him. It is a common mistake to make.

I don't have enough technical expertise to comment on technical aspect of these bikes but I will say this: Marqued is extremely talented, carries a lot of corner speed, and probably opems the throtle earlier than most competitors, but sometimes his bike seems to have a little more energy than others. Past champions were able to display the same type of superiority, but bikes were clearly not at the same levels. Now that he's moving up against the big guns time will tell...

I'm a 'race fan', not a 'fan boy', but this Marc thing is _______ (fill in your own word). This came up last year, and was put to rest by the FIM tech guys. Now it comes up again! As someone posted....if the team techno guys can make a program 'disappear' after the race, they can make more $$$$$ elsewhere. I guess the parrallel is: Stoner must be cheating at PI---he's won the last 6, lead all but 2 laps, and smoked the best of Moto GP. The logical conclusion is that he MUST be cheating. Can't be because he's FASTER then anyone else.

Hasn't Iannone also been accused of cheating simply because he was faster than everyone else?

To quote Mr Emmett;

"Back in 2010, Iannone’s superlative first victory on the Speed UP at Mugello even cast the shadow of cheating over his Speed Up bike, but telemetry data clearly showed then that Iannone was in fact impressively faster in corner speed than the rest."

Just comes across as sour grapes from teams that aren't as competitive.