Scott Jones At Valencia: Monday's Moto2 Test

Pol Espargaro, king of all he surveys

One Frenchman leaves, another arrives: Mike Di Meglio trying out Johann Zarco's old bike

He's behind you!

Nico Terol is slowly starting to find his feet in Moto2, especially at his home track

Ricky Cardus, about to roll out on the Forward FTR

Banned from racing, but Ant West is still allowed to test

Tech 3 goes Multi-Brit: Danny Kent joins the French team for 2013

Wilco Zeelenberg's eagle eye: the man behind Lorenzo's success spies out the Moto2 talent

A great name to have in Moto2. Now, the Bimotas just need to start going fast

Kyle Smith demonstrates 'Body English'

Louis Rossi, sole Frenchman in a French team

Jordi Torres, Spanish speed

Sundown. Time to pack up

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........ I'll get sick of looking at Scot's photos.

Today is not that day !

I love the sunset pic. Very nice.

I do not think I will ever get sick of the pictures as long as I'm always riding my bike on & off the tracks!

Thanks Scott!

I'd like to know why Randy Mamola used that phrase for a year or two, have never got to the bottom of it...

believe he was referring to this sort of definition: Noun 1. body English - a motion of the body by a player as if to make an object already propelled go in the desired direction
I think it's usually used in reference to stick and ball sports like baseball.