Happy New Year And A Successful 2013 To All Our Readers

MotoMatters.com wishes all of our readers a very happy New Year and a healthy, happy and successful 2013. May you achieve more than you set out to, and be more successful than you deserve in the coming year!

We would also like to thank all of you for your continuing support over the past year. MotoMatters.com continues to grow steadily, with well over three quarters of a million unique visitors viewing nearly six and a half million pages over the course of 2012. Thanks to all of those readers, every article you read helped to pay to keep us all in work. Thanks above all to those who supported the site financially: the supporters who took out a subscription, everyone who bought a MotoMatters Calendar, and those of you kind of enough to donate the odd sum.

Thanks also to everyone who contributed, to the readers who engage in often fascinating and almost always even-tempered debate, and perhaps most of all, to everyone behind the scenes, who have helped make all of this possible. On a personal note, thanks above all to my wife, for her patience and encouragement, and to the wife of Scott Jones, for her patience and hard work.

As I'm sure you will have noticed, MotoMatters.com has been on  a bit of a hiatus over the holidays. We will be back from January 2nd, 2013, with some of the good stuff we collected over the year, as we get ourselves ready for the on-track action to resume later in the month. May 2013 start well for you, and only get better and better!

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....... back to you David.

May 2013 bring double the spoils of 2012 to you.

All my best wishes,


And a happy and prosperous new year to you all as well David. Looking forward to what this years racing brings.

When I read the last sentence I almost fainted! "May 2013..." Do I have to wait so long for the next article? :)

Happy new year to you David. I am sure you are going to keep up the fantastic work. Wishes extended to the contibutors of the site and all the readers.

I'm sure David and crew will provide us with a lot more prior to 'May 2013'.
All the best to all involved in MGP and those following MGP for 2013.
So much for the doom prophets re 21/12/2012.
One thing I wish for in 2013 is that the weather plays ball on race weekends,unlike the 2012 season just past. Cheers.

Happy New Yr to everyone at Motomatters....the team and the readers.

Nice calendar hanging on the wall to greet 2013 :)

Hi there,
Just a quick note to say thank you for the 2013 motomatters/photo gp calendar which I have just received, its already Friday 4th Jan here in Australia and I want to add my best new year wishes to all moto matters and photo gp participants and I look forward to all the comments and of course the racing.