Ducati Desmosedici GP13 Photos - New Livery Unveiled

Ducati unveiled the 2013 Desmosedici GP13 MotoGP machines this evening. Here are the photos of the new livery, for the factory Ducatis of Nicky Hayden and Andrea Dovizioso, and the Team Pramac junior team of Ben Spies and Andrea Iannone. Photos courtesy of Ducati Corse.

The factory Ducati Team - Andrea Dovizioso and Nicky Hayden

Team Pramac, the factory-supported junior team - Andrea Iannone and Ben Spies

Taking the wraps off

Nicky Hayden, and the General Robert E. Lee

Andrea Dovizioso has his work cut out for him

The biggest visible change to the bikes is the disappearance of sponsors, like Generali, Enel, Diesel and Eni

More white for the 2013 bike


Dovizioso's number is a nice contrast with the red and white


The swingarm of the GP13 is virtually unchanged, so far


Exhaust routing is much the same as well


Placing of the side numbers is distinctive


Front end is also almost identical


Dovi's bike, left-hand side


More white on Hayden's #69


Chassis also remains virtually identical


#69, by the left


The nose of the GP13 is looking much more bare, without Generali and AMG


The devil is in the detail


White and black


Black and white


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Take for instance putting a zero before the four on Dovi's bike. Such great design all around. Way better than last years with the ugly green stripe.

I think I'll go light up a Marlboro to thank them for their charity work in MotoGP.

Like most motogp fans I hope Ducati can be competitive (along with Suzuki, Kawasaki or even Hayate & others??) I'd like to think they'd return to carbon monocoque concept especially as now seems proven to NOT be the key issue. This seems more cutting edge and is 'going there own way' as Ducati have slways done. Copying Japan cannot be the long term solution- they will only be playing catch up. Be innovative. Be Ducati. Good luck!

Hayden was just interviewed this week and said the aluminum frame was a step in the right direction and credited Rossi for pushing for it.