2013 MotoGP Austin Test Day 2 Test Times Final: Yamaha Finishes Early

The second day of testing ended very similarly to the first, with Hondas leading the way.  Bradl spent much of the day running amongst the factory bikes, although he didn't make the leap into the 2:03's alongside Marquez and Pedrosa.

The Yamaha riders logged over 60 laps each, making the most of their last day of testing. Rossi is now jetting off to Brazil for a prior engagement, while Lorenzo is presumably preparing to be hung tomorrow over after cruising SXSW with X-Games stars and Jesse James.

Grip was less of an issue by the end of the day, although still short of ideal. Pedrosa experimented with the asymmetric Bridgestones, flipping the medium left/soft right to a soft left/medium right configuration (don't try this with your BT-003's) to help solve some of the front-end grip issues he was experiencing. It's hard to say if anything particular about the track is to Pedrosa's liking, but he seemed more comfortable with his results from today.

The Honda riders, including Bradl, will remain on track for one more day of testing. Gearing will likely be an area of focus as the riders try to find the best compromise among the technical combinations of slow corners, flowing chicanes and high speed straights.

Mike Barnes went down hard on the GP Tech bike, and the team will not be returning to test tomorrow. Blake Young exhibited visible frustration in the pits with set up issues, but was able to improve somewhat on the sizeable gap to the front runners. Life is certainly not easy for these CRT teams.


Pos No. Rider Bike Time Diff Prev.
1 93 Marc Marquez Honda 02:03.853 00.000  
2 26 Dani Pedrosa Honda 02:03.976 00.123 00.123
3 99 Jorge Lorenzo Yamaha 02:04.351 00.498 00.375
4 6 Stefan Bradl Honda 02:04.640 00.787 00.289
5 46 Valentino Rossi Yamaha 02:04.960 01.107 00.320
6 79 Blake Young Attack 02:13.641 09.788 08.681
7 xx Michael Barnes GP Tech 02:13.993 10.140 00.352


Based on a pit lane conversation, I got the impression that Alberto Puig might be moving to Austin.

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..Is not showing your hand more favourable than testing? Would Yamaha rather not run a third day to not show the rest of the paddock their rightful pace? I guess I will see how fast the Hondas end up after another day out on track

"...Also, we have a bit too much of a wheelie issue on acceleration from the hairpin, so that is the most important point on which we need to work." - Valentino Rossi

It is so very sad that MotoGP racing has come to the point where a computer programmer has more value in going fast than the racers right wrist.

I hear you, but let's put things into perspective: Vale looking to the electronics for a 1/10th or two means he's fully up to pace on the M1 and just looking for bonus points. That's a far cry from bikes that ride themselves.

Over at HRC at any rate. Of course there exists not much to be read into the test times,given the new circuit etc, but one thing is glaringly obvious. Marquez is a great replacement at HRC for Stoner. On the Yamaha side of the pit wall, its shaping up to be a 2010 repeat. The Jerez test may prove me wrong,but I doubt it.
All that money spent by HRC and Yamaha for Pedrosa/Lorenzo and Rossi to take the 3rd day off ! Gobmeier and Ducati gave it a miss and rightly so. Naught to gain really,testing at this flyaway event. A case of 'keep your heart in your wallet'.
Clearly the battle lines have been drawn between HRC and Yamaha,thus,the expenditure.
Bradl is making a fist of it and all the best to him and LCR.