Shots In The Dark, Day 1: Scott Jones Captures Qatar

Porfuera turns Tron: Jorge Lorenzo has glowing blue rings around his helmet

Marc Marquez' first day of school could be considered a success. Fourth, and fastest Honda

Happy, and it shows

Relaxen und watschen die blinkenlights

Aleix Espargaro was the fastest of the CRT men on Thursday, getting within 1.2 of the fastest man. Few would have thought that possible at Qatar

The track was dusty, and the lack of grip meant a lot of riders took unplanned excursions through the gravel

One of the more eye-catching bikes at Qatar. And there are plenty of eye-catching bikes on display

The NGM Forward team have their toes on the fine line between eye-catching and eye-watering

Night races = clear visors

Not too shabby, General Robert E. Dovizioso

The thousand yard stare

The very pinnacle in motorcycle engineering

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I didn't know that Lorenzo switched to HJC. I still want his NASA helmet.

Great shots Scott. Look forward to seeing the rest of the weekend.

Hi David,
As always, very cool photos from Scott Jones. So glad the season's finally starting.
But I'm only getting the 800x533 images, rather than the 1600x ones?

My bad for following the standard link, and thanks to both you and Scott Jones.