Shots In The Dark, Day 4: Scott Jones, Race Day

Race face. Marc Marquez' is one of the best

Hey! I think I see Tony up there! Hi Tony!

Ducati owners will tell you it's called "character"

Many feared an Espargaro runaway, but Scott Redding kept him honest almost to the line

At my signal, unleash hell

Lord and master. There was no stopping Jorge Lorenzo

Marc Marquez' riding style. Spectacular doesn't even begin to cover it

Cal Crutchlow knows what he's got to do to get past the Hondas: "Take a leaf out of Valentino's book, and start charging them"

Yup, he's definitely back

Lonely in red


It was hard, but Pol Espargaro enjoyed that

Welcome to the dustbowl

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I stole one to repost to my Facebook page Thanks scott and David awesome work!

Awesome pictures, shame about the dimwitted & dated comment under the Dovizioso Ducati photo. Motomatters member sign up criteria uses the word 'intelligent', does that only apply to us..?

This was clearly intended to be funny, which it was. Very.

I was logging on to post a comment saying that the photo and caption of the Ducati/Dovi/smoke alone was worth Scott's air fare!

It's this type of Ducati mentality that has kept them and will keep them, in the back of the field.

By your name I'm guessing you're a Ducati owner. As the ol' saying goes. "If you can't laugh a yourself, who can you".

... and a superb captions

As a Ducatista didn't find the "character" comment offensive. I'm a consumer, not a cult member.

Great work David and Scott.

The Ducati photo/caption is pure gold, and the thin-skinned response by the paranoid Ducatista just makes it even funnier.

The Dukes poured smoke out a fair bit last year and you never see it from a Honda or a Yam (except when the Yam is exploding in spectacular fashion). Fact of the matter is it's exactly as the caption describes.

Of more interest would be some investigation into WHY it is happening. There seems to be an incredible scarcity of technical writing about MotoGP in the english language. From what little I've gathered they ended up with these oiling problems in 2012 due to the fact they just rotated their existing engine backwards by a large amount and did not make new cases (also screwing up the sprocket position, which seemed to be one of the major problems of the bike). The sump was changed somewhat but this smoke issue has been fairly common since beginning of '12 and obviously the '13 bikes are the same.

'Character' indeed!! :)