Scott Jones In Tuscany: Race Day Photos From Mugello

Crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and hear the lamentation of their women.

Jorge Lorenzo apologized afterwards for this move. We still don't understand why.

Mugello, Moto3. There is no escape

Just because you've scraped your chin in the gravel at 280 km/h, doesn't mean you don't race Sunday

The hunt is on

Aleix Espargaro, the unsung hero. Putting a CRT machine in among the satellite pigeons

This would not end well

Pol Espargaro started at the rear of a large group ...

... and ended up leading it

The hills are alive with the sound of motorbikes

Tough race

And a very happy victor

Clean up time


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As all ways. Thanks for the awesome pictures and hard work you put in getting them to us.

Marquez looks kind of like Arnie in T2, with the shades and mangled flesh. Awesome pics, love the Redding pic & quote

"This would not end well"

LOL! Great commentary on that pic. Always enjoy the pics!

"Lorenzo apologized afterwards for this move. We still don't understand why."

Er, because he has moaned a bucket load every time anyone overtakes him with even a hint of aggression, sadly. Interesting he is not calling for sanctions against himself and/or insisting that he is a menace and should be banned.

I jest, of course. His move was fine but so were may of those he bitched about, even when they were his own fault...(vs Simoncelli 2010: wearing his fancy chromium helmet his bashed into Marco then shook his head theatrically. It was this that would re-start the Marco the beast crap that surface six months later!)

Here's why.

Lorenzo is a professional whose job is not to feed the blood lust of those who like watching others get hurt or think that mangled bodywork is the sign of a good race.

His job is to win races. He knew he had the speed to win, and he knows that he didn't have to make the pass right there and then. He could have waited until a better moment.

How much of an idiot would Lorenzo have felt like had the move gone wrong and he damaged the bike or crashed?

I swear, it's like some people here have absolutely no idea what a professional racer's job actually is.

Well, that's one way to look at it, but there are others.

He could've been playing a little mind game with Pedrosa.
"I didn't have to do it at turn one. I can pass him at any time."

He could've been trying to not look like a hypocrite after all the whinging he's done about other riders.

He could be trying to make the sport seem more genteel in the hopes that some day somebody (other than himself, of course) will finally be assessed some penalty points.

And since his job is to win races, and he has realized that to do it his style he only needs to be agressive in the first few laps, then why not just do that, without the talking afterwards? I guess the real question is why apologize publicly about this, since absolutely nobody expected him to do so and he knows that. It comes across as just another way to state that, in his opinion, this is "hard" racing. By the way, the only thing he did was to put his bike where Pedrosa would have put his, if it wasn't for him. Textbook stuff really, isn't it?