Casey Stoner Rules Out A Return Again: "I'm Done With It"

Casey Stoner has quashed rumors that he could make a return to MotoGP. In an interview with the British magazine Autosport, he says he will not come back to Grand Prix racing while it continues in the direction it is heading in. "I'm closed. I'm done with it," Stoner told Autosport.

There have been persistent rumors that Stoner could come back for a couple of wildcards at the end of the season, though the Australian has denied he would be interested in coming in as a wildcard. More outlandish rumors surfaced a month ago, claiming that Stoner was close to making a shock return to Ducati, and that the Italian company's new German ownership had offered him a large sum to race again. But Stoner told Autosport that there was no truth in either of those rumors, and he had absolutely no interest in a return to MotoGP at the moment.

Stoner's difficult relationship with Dorna bosses, and especially the CEO of Dorna Carmelo Ezpeleta, had left the Australian disillusioned with the politics of the sport. Only a radical change in technical direction might tempt him back, Stoner previously having joked that he might return "if they start racing 750cc two strokes". While the technical rules remain in the hands of the MSMA, that will not happen. He missed riding a bike, Stoner said, but he could do that without going racing. The politics were what kept him away, he told Autosport: "Honestly the rest of it was too far out for me to want to, or think about, going back."

He still followed the sport, Stoner told Autosport, but only as a casual fan. His loyalty lay with the team, he said, and the mechanics he had worked so closely with during his years at Ducati and Honda. 

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Imagine towards the end of the season coming into PI and we have a tight race for the championship. You could put Casey on a push bike and still you'd be hard pressed to find someone to bet against him. Either he would get a bike to ride that could put him on the top step and he would disrupt someone's title challenge, or a bike that could get him in the top 10 and we would have a media circus broadcasting his complaints and ignoring riders who could do with the attention and spotlight

Just keep on changing the date on this article and no one will notice. He said he'd stop, how man confirmations do we need to believe him?

I don't think.... coz he knows he can not win with that Duckati no more... but of course, its not him, that Duc will end up destroy his reputation.

Ironic that with these rumours, Casey gets much of the media circus which he disliked so much but none of the bike racing.

Really miss stoner - he's got the god's talent - but I didn't really enjoy his attitude and negative mind set.... So at least he's happier now (and so am I)

The 2-stroke 750cc World Championship! No electrics, no carbon brakes just rider skill.

Who will win the inaugural Stoner Cup?

I like it :D

I wonder if anybody told him that since he left, nobody cares anymore.

He's a hell of a rider no doubt but his PR leaves something to be desired.

Does anyone know if hes been in anymore V8 races since he put his car into the wall at Bathurst?

"I wonder if anybody told him that since he left, nobody cares anymore."

I don't know who voted you spokesman for the entire MotoGP viewing public, but I'd like to go on record that I do care about the absence of one of the championship's most exciting and skilled riders. Since Stoner's been gone, I find that I care less and less about MotoGP itself. With only 4 riders out of 24 having a serious chance of victory, the races have become lame, processional spectacles on most occasions, and I no longer bother to rise early to watch them live.
On the other hand I invariably make certain that I'm sitting in front of my laptop, coffee in hand, at 6.00 AM on a Sunday morning to watch low quality, jerky live-streaming of the highly competitive, multi-national, multi-factory WorldSBK machines and riders, who circulate at close to the same speeds as the MotoGP prototypes.

Nothing new here On the opinions page. Rossi's people don't miss Stoner and the rest of us don't watch MOTOGP to see Lorenzos mid field at best rider, finish mid field. On one of the best four bikes in the field. Give the bike to someone who isn't slow as molasses. Or let him show his real talent and put him on Espargaros bike for a race or two and see where he ends up waaaaay down the time sheet.

You're absolutely right. People should always have in mind that Casey Stoner never had the best bike. It was his contribution in winning the race. Even mister Nakamoto said that last year Yamaha was the better bike. I could bet that if this year Casey took part in the championship, he would destroy the competititon. Though, Marc Marquez is in my my opinion better than anyone else who competes right now. But as it turns out, Honda is better than last year. No one mention chattering issues, what was the big problem in last two years.
In my opinion Rossi never had the great competitor in the past, so it was easy for him to take all those championships. He mention Biaggi as his greatest rival, but that man barely win the championship in SBK. Look at the championship this year, Lorenzo makes fun of Rossi, every time. Rossi right now is 34 years old, but in my opinion that's not the reason he loses battles, because when Troy Bayliss win on Ducati in 2006. in Valencia, he was 37 years old and Duc wasn't the best bike in the field!
They often mention the race in Laguna Seca when Casey lost against Rossi, but they forget that it was Yamaha which had the best bike the whole year. Because, one thing is to put in the best lap through the practices and the other thing is to repeat it through the race.
Great regards!

Valentino goes fastest in Friday practice at Catalunya, almost a tenth of a second under Dani Pedrosa's 2008 lap record. Will he also blow away Stoner's 2008 pole time? a trifling thing really for the great one. He only has to circulate below 1m 41.186s. Easy meat for the greatest of all time. Rossi's in it to win it!

I don't know why this thing about Casey Stoner goes on and on. Why don't you realise that there is no way to prove that someone is an all time great and better than others. In the past Rossi did beat Stoner fair and square as did Lorenzo. I don't care why Stoner retired and I don't want to know either. What is true is that he has chosen to quit the championship. I don't care if he will come back or not. If he does, great. If he doesn't, no problem. He is an extremely talented rider doubtless, but he is not bigger than the sport.

If Rossi quits, it will be the same. He will be replaced by someone who may seem ordinary or great, depending on various factors. I personally think Marc Marquez has proved himself to be a more than adequate replacement for Stoner. And when Rossi goes I am sure that somebody will take his place and show that he is pretty good. I don't know why people do not realise that the sport is always bigger than individuals. I also abhor those who say the sport is not the same since X or Y left it. After Ayrton Senna, Alain Prost, Nigel Mansell, Michael Schumacher were out F1, the sport has continued.

Similarly MotoGP itself continued without any abatement in excitement even after Kenny Roberts Sr, Eddie Lawson, Freddie Spencer, Wayne Gardner, Wayne Rainey, Kevin Schwantz and Mick Doohan quit the sport. What ails the sport today is the lack of money and not lack of great and potentially great riders. There are only eight machines on which one can show talent. Bring tobacco sponsorship back and you will see that there will be a substantial increase in revenues for MotoGP, and then more riders will get more competitive rides. But it cannot be done as the European and other countries' governments have clamped down heavily on tobacco money. If at all the glory days of motor racing are over it is because of the lack of money and not talented riders.

So I don't understand what it is that Stoner goes on and on about when he says the series is going in the wrong direction. If I was Carmelo Ezpeleta I would give the reigns of Dorna to Casey Stoner and ask him to run the championship differently and take it in the right direction and prove his allegations as being right. It is one thing to ride a bike and another to run a racing series. So please stop this thing about Casey Stoner and how the series would have been different with him. I don't think it would be very different without him and I say that with all the respect that is due to his abilities as a rider which is almost like a genius.

However I do think that the factory teams have to much sway and the riders to little in terms of the technical direction the series goes in.

Most of the riders would prefer bikes which are "raw", without electronics, fuel limits, etc. neither the riders nor the viewing public want them.

A 750 TZ which would generate SO MUCH POWER that it is feasible a back marker could run at the front would be terrific.

So yes, you're right the sport will move on, but I think put to the vote, Carmelo would be moved on not Casey.