Jorge Lorenzo Fractures Collarbone In Assen Practice

Jorge Lorenzo has fractured his left collarbone during practice at Assen. The factory Yamaha man was thrown from his bike at the Hoge Heide left-right flick, the fastest part of the circuit, and landed right on his shoulder. He was taken to the medical center, where examination revealed a fractured collarbone. Lorenzo is to fly back to Barcelona tonight, to have surgery on the collarbone. He will not take part in the race in Assen on Saturday.

The injury came at the worst possible time for Lorenzo. Although a fractured collarbone can be fixed quickly with a plate, that still leaves the injury painful and weak. With the Sachsenring in two weeks' time, followed seven days later by Laguna Seca, Lorenzo faces two tracks consisting mainly of left-hand corners, placing a lot of pressure on the injury. If Lorenzo is capable of racing at Sachsenring, he will face a very difficult challenge securing strong results. One DNF and the possibility of two further weak results would make it very difficult for Lorenzo to defend his championship.

More news on Lorenzo's injury if and when we receive it.


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Well, I have crashed at Assen myself a few times, but if I had to name one point at Assen where I really do not want to go off, Hoge Heide would be it. That is a very scary point to get thrown off your bike.
His body language and what we could see of the expression on his face showed serious pain. Assen definitely is not kind to Jorge Lorenzo lately. I hope he gets well soon.

Unpredictable sport. You can never make any assumptions. Yes, races have been on the boring side, but I've forgotten how quickly things can change. I was hoping for a tight championship run between Jorge & Dani... It will be extremely difficult to get good results for Jorge in Sachsenring & Laguna, but if there's anyone that can do it, it's him. I wish him a speedy recovery!

I'm not happy about this at all. Pedrosa's healthy, Marquez is fast, and I was looking forward to the closest championship battle in recent history. Heal quickly, George.

I'm sure you meant it as a joke but a bit poor in taste if you ask me. It's bad for the championship as was Casey's injury last year and Dani's in LeMans a few years ago. I want full healthy riders battling it out.

This is an example of why there are no certainties in this sport. Jorge is one of the most precise riders in the field. At present the advantage goes to Pedro, not that he doesn't deserve luck, but I'm sure he'd prefer to win it with Jorge in every race.

I hope Crutchlow and Rossi can put on a good challenge to the Hondas on Saturday.

Unbelievable. Seriously prob the last thing anyone expected, especially given dude's riding style. On the flip side, this might be an opportunity for Cal & Rossi to get more development/team time as well as steal some points. Laguna Seca is one long sweeping turn w/no Honda friendly squirt points aside from the last turn. Realistically though it looks like Marquez is just one step closer.

Well the situation is of coarse very bad for Jorge and Yamaha at the moment BUT I believe there are some paths Yamaha can take to lessen the blow the Hondas are gonna give them for these upcoming races.
For starters give Crutchlow a chance with factory aide. He is a proven rider that can hang with the aliens on a lesser motorbike. If the factory setup gives him that extra two tenths a lap, then maybe he can just put that extra pressure on the Honda riders and either force a mistake or actually beat them. This will give Jorge some stalling time for a rejuvenated comeback mid season.
Lastly, I suppose if Vale has truly found something in his setup with the brakes then HOPEFULLY he too can mix it up with the Hondas and surely force an early exit or race win.
But I really think the key is to give Crutchlow more help now that Jorge is injured because we all know Dani is very fast in Germany and for him though more annoyingly, has a teammate capable of subtracting 5 points a race.
It'll be extremely hard but if Jorge can finish at least top 5 these upcoming races and have Marquez and Dani come either 2nd or 3rd I think Jorge is talented enough to make up the gap just in time for Valencia.

I thought the comment was to give Cal a factory ride (it said aide). My bad. They couldnt afford to burn Jorge's engines on Cal. Sorry, I mis-read the commentary.

I know Lorenzo has a title to defend, but rushing back to race can become tragical. Look at Ben Spies' plight with injury and rehabilitation. Imagine Lorenzo suffering even the smallest off and suddenly aggravating his condition entirely. For his sake and MotoGP's sake, I hope he doesn't return too early.

Colin came back 9 days after a bad collarbone break to get 3rd @ Silverstone in 2011. He had a titanium plate and 13 screws in that shoulder. IIRC, the shoulder was in 6 or 7 pieces prior and he also had torn muscles on his ribcage from an off at Catalunya.

These guys are tough as nails and Lorenzo is as tough and determined as any of them. I would think he'd be back for the German round.

But I will say this doesn't bode well for his championship as the point and shoot tracks that favor Honda's grunt out of the corners are all to come. Track advantage for Honda, Lorenzo's injury, and the situation about the engines for the Yamaha boys has turned this into a fight for the championship between Pedrosa and Marquez. IMO, a loss of 16, 20, or 25 points with this engine situation looming is one nail in the coffin for JL's championship aspirations. One could say to go ahead and write HRC on the championship trophy as well as the constructors.

You're right but Silverstone was a very wet race (I was there). Much easier on a tender collarbone / ribs.

The point was he was more banged up than Lorenzo. The collarbone break was worse and he had another painful injury at the same time. Plated shoulders heal pretty quick, as Valentino pointed out. He should be good to go in Germany.

the fat lady sings.
It's too early to hand the title to HRC. Strange things can still happen and no rider is imune to bad luck.

Hope JL is okay and will return to action soon..

David, with all the mishaps and injuries happen to riders throughout the season, can you enlighten us (me) on who is responsible for paying their medical bills? Is it the team, the Rider, Dorna, or somebody else? Thanks.

It would be just like any other employment contract, as the injury came within the scope of his Job whoever his employer is would fit the bill, so the team. But that is a good question and I'd like to know the answer. But also whoever has to foot the bill is probably covered by insurance as well.