Jorge Lorenzo To Return To Assen - But Will He Be Allowed To Race?

Jorge Lorenzo is to return to Assen. The Yamaha press office issued yet another press release today, announcing that the reigning world champion will fly from Barcelona to Groningen airport, just a few kilometers from Assen, at 3pm, and then return to the Assen circuit.

The press release states solely that he wishes to 'spend the remainder of the Grand Prix weekend with his team,' there is no doubt in anybody's mind that he intends to try to race on Saturday. Before he can do that, he will have to undergo a medical examination to see if his collarbone is strong enough. We will know tomorrow morning.

Lorenzo Returns to Assen Following Successful Surgery

Assen (The Netherlands), 28th June 2013

After completing successful surgery last night Jorge Lorenzo was assessed by the medical team in Barcelona this morning and declared fit to fly. As a result the World Champion has made the decision to return immediately to Assen to spend the remainder of the Grand Prix weekend with his team.

Lorenzo will leave from Barcelona at 3pm and arrive directly at Groningen airport.

Further updates will be issued in due course.

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A few years ago, when JL99 was on the Rossi photocopy program, he irritated me. In the past few years though, he's done more than impress me. As a rider, one has to have massive respect for the guy's talents - breaking a collar bone and racing at the highest level two days later? We should all tip our hat. That's one tough mother right there.

Let's hope he doesn't race......

First, the season is long and risking further injury (on such a fast track) is too great.

And second, we'll never hear the end of it. I can see/hear it now....."the toughest, gutsy rider on the planet has changed MotoGP forever".

As if he'd be the only rider in history to race injured.....uh no.

There's racing injured and racing broken. Back in 2008, Lorenzo got the tag "Man of Steel". After smashing his ankles he was on crutches at Le Mans and started 10th, finished 2nd, behind Rossi. JLO won't let busted bones stop him. If he is cleared to race, he will be on pace immediately.

At this point, Lorenzo attempting to race he can try to salvage as much points as he can, by doing a half-assed race he can still get a top 6 and score good points, rather than give away 25, BUT that can backfire if he gets further injured, say he comes too close to Bautista. They say a championship is won or lost on the bad days and that's exactly what he may be thinking to do, just rack up as much points he can.

There's no way in the world he can get a top 6 on a dry track in MotoGP with a broken collarbone. He was just cut open and had bits of metal stuck inside his body yesterday. That's going to hurt for a while.

And perfectly within the rules. Last season Ferrari cut the inspection seal off of the gearbox (they have gearbox limits in F1) on Massa's car which incurred a grid penalty for 'changing' the gearbox which pushed Alonso onto the clean side of the grid.


He's so far punched 4 engines so starting another would simply be his 5th and final engine. No penalty there. It's only in later races when he starts his 6th engine would Jorge be violating the max. engine rule. I suppose he could start 5th engine in warm-up, then 6th engine for race.

But even that would require shipment (I don't imagine they carry the unsealed engines 5 and 6 with them) and it also requires Lorenzo to pass the medical tests. Sweet talk to the doctors won't work as it didn't work for Edwards in 2011 when he suggested he starts and retires after a lap or two, just to keep on his record of not having missed any race in motogp.

I suspect given the general noises that come out motorcycle racing circles that if JL wants to race he will be deemed fit.

It is a different injury, I guess but it is of interest to me how quickly it can be conceivable to be back racing in a World Championship after serious damage and surgery particularly in the light of just how long it took for Dani Pedrosa to return after Le Mans 2011.
(And, still in a mood about it!)