Jorge Lorenzo Undergoes Surgery In Barcelona - Considering Racing On Saturday?

Jorge Lorenzo has already undergone surgery in Barcelona to have a titanium plate fitted to his collarbone. Lorenzo flew back to Barcelona on Thursday night, and was wheeled directly into hospital in Barcelona, where he underwent a two-hour operation to plate and fix his collarbone. 

Yesterday, it looked as if Lorenzo would miss Assen completely. The press release issued yesterday suggested that Lorenzo would have to wait at least 48 hours before undergoing surgery. But after being judged fit for surgery, the reigning world champion decided to have surgery done as quickly as possible. Informed rumor in the paddock is that Lorenzo is to fly back to Schiphol Airport today, where he will be driven to the Assen circuit. He will not take place in qualifying, but as he has already set the fastest time in free practice so far, he is certain to go through to QP2, which means he will start from 12th if he does not ride. These are just rumors at the moment, but the fact they are so widespread lends them some weight.

Below is the official press release issued by Yamaha after Lorenzo's surgery:

Lorenzo Undergoes Successful Operation in Barcelona

Assen (The Netherlands), 28th June 2013

Jorge Lorenzo has successfully undergone surgery at the Hospital General de Catalunya in Barcelona, Spain last night to repair his fractured left collarbone. The injury was sustained when he crashed in Free Practice nr. 2 for the Dutch Grand Prix at Assen yesterday afternoon.

He was operated on by Dr. Joaquin Rodriguez of the Hospital General de Catalunya, assisted by Dr. Ana Carreras, Dr. Marcos Cots and Dr. Michele Zasa of the Clinica Mobile.

Dr. Zasa made the following statement following the two hours operation:

"The duration of the surgery was approximately two hours; the clinical course of post-operative has been regular. Jorge sustained a displaced, complex fracture to the third medial of the left collarbone. It's been a challenging operation, apparently successful. We inserted a titanium plate and eight screws to secure the fragments of the collarbone. Jorge has just woken up from the anesthesia. In the next few hours we will evaluate the progress of the patient and then we will be able to estimate how long the post-surgery rehabilitation will take.”

Wilco Zeelenberg

Team Manager

"Following the medical check at the Circuit’s Medical Centre first and at the Assen Hospital later, yesterday Jorge decided to be operated as soon as possible. Unfortunately no operation room was available in Assen due to some other very urgent life threatening operations that had much higher priority than Jorge's collarbone and therefore we flew to Barcelona, where a surgery room was made available at the Hospital General de Catalunya. The surgery, that started at 2.00am and finished at 4.00am has had good results and now Jorge is sleeping, exhausted from such a long and tough day. We have to wait till he wakes up before making any further evaluation of Jorge’s physical conditions and how long his recovery will take”.

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If he does that my respect for him will be total.

Here's my plan to fix motocycle racing: implement that thing where only your 15 best races count towards the championship. That way these injures don't ruin the season so badly if you happen to fall the wrong way. I think F1 used to do this because of horrible reliability, but rider's health should really be considered.

I liked Lorenzo when he was "boring" and smashing the 250s for 2 years running. I paid cred. to Dani when he was unpopular (most all his MotoGP career ;-). TBH, hearing grown men talk about the personality factor (i.e. Rossi worship) causes me to imagine a bunch of tough guys with tattoos and worn leather jackets at the pub drinking sodas and passing around women's magazines.

Lorenzo is a rider amazing to behold when in his element. And a premier class double world champion mind you. End of story.

Who knows how this will pan out but I am enjoying this as much as I enjoyed watching Casey Stoner get two podiums (3rd place) and two 4ths, and getting off his bike looking like a ghost due to his undiagnosed whatever-it-was (2009). Race or don't race; stupid celebrations or no (btw Jorge - we all hate the Cobra and whatever other dumb shit you have planned). We love that champion attitude. Good on ya Lorenzo!

...why you can't have a racer/champion AND a showman.

I like Rossi's over the top celebrations, I like Jorge's somewhat cringeworthy celebrations... you win, you're happy, you have the right to celebrate and do whatever the hell you want. Don't see how it's a negative.

On with the show!