Jorge Lorenzo Damages Plated Collarbone In Crash At Sachsenring, Won't Race Sunday

Jorge Lorenzo's title hopes have suffered a major setback. The Spaniard crashed heavily during the second session of free practice at the Sachsenring, being thrown from his bike at Turn 10, the final left hander before the fast right hander at the top of the hill. Lorenzo fell on his left shoulder once again, getting up clearly in pain.

The reigning world champion was taken to the medical center, where scans suggested that his collarbone had sustained further damage. He was then transported to hospital, where further tests revealed the plate on his collarbone had become bent, and would have to be replaced. Unofficial but reliable reports say that Lorenzo will undergo further surgery to replace the plate in his collarbone. Unlike Assen, however, Lorenzo will not make a dramatic return to the circuit, and is almost certain to skip both the Sachsenring race and the Laguna Seca round next weekend. That would give the Spaniard over a month to recover, in time for the following round of MotoGP at Indianapolis, in mid-August.

Bending the plate holding a collarbone together is a common occurrence among racers, even months or years after the original accident which required the plate to be fitted. A heavy crash on a plated collarbone will sometimes cause it to bend, requiring the plate to be replaced. 

Reports so far are unofficial and unconfirmed, but all come from reliable sources. An official update will be posted as soon as it is available.

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What a downer! I thought he was crazy in the first place and I think this just proves it. He got lucky at Assen and brought home some great points, he should've quit right there! But of course thats just hindsight I guess. Still, just so disappointing.

That was almost painful just to watch. Exactly the type of tumble he did not wish to make...
I guess that even without his previous fracture, that collarbone would have been damaged in this fall. In hindsight, one can't help to wonder if he shouldn't have taken it just a little bit easier during these practice runs, given his physical condition. But of course he did not become multple world champion by taking it easy.

I thought the same initially, why not take it a bit easier? But since this kind of accident could happen even months after the surgery, avoiding it would require him to be taking it easy for the rest of the year. And as you suggest, and Jorge clearly showed in Assen, this is not his plan.

Unfortunately it came to this, Lorenzo high-siding again in FP2. Regardless of the injuries, it shows he's been really pushing himself this year. I just hope that somehow he can come back at Indy and be in with a shout.

The bravery is to be applauded, but nevertheless, if you ride with an injury like this, you are playing a numbers game.

Oh dear, this could finally hand Pedro a big opprtunity to pull a WC lead. Jorge better keep his fingers crossed that Rossi and Crutchlow can step it up a notch.

Brilliant as Cal is, yet another off in practice, possibly the average is a bit too high for someone of his class. That tells me he is pushing over the limit more than the other four.

Brilliant by Bradl but I'd be surprised if he gets near a podium on race day.

Real shame for Jorge, not good to see.

Whilst I completely admire Jorge for his efforts at Assen. And again this weekend. I simply cannot understand why he's taking the risk. He's what now 23? 24? There's plenty of time to get lots more world titles. Is he going after the back to back titles? That would seem to be the only reason for this.

It's all very well saying "why not take it a bit easier", but guys like Lorenzo simply don't know the meaning of that. Hence why he's a World Champion. Not saying that any racer doesn't ride at 100% all the time, because they clearly do. It's just the 100% is relative. Jorge's 100% is quicker than say Hernandez..

I hope he, and Cal get well soon.

Marquez maybe but that's a very long shot. Rossi is too far back now. It's disappointing when titles get decided by injuries this early in the season but that's racing. Dani has been taken out of titles with injuries before too so maybe it's finally his time.

qualified and raced in Le Mans with a cracked shinbone following his FP2 crash I posted about the series organisers, managers, medical officials and teams duty of care to protect the riders from themselves. Many times the riders get away with it, but the odd time it catches up with them it seems to result in a much worse injury and more time off the bike than would have originally been required. But would missing Assen have made the slightest difference this weekend? I don't think so.

racing in assen didn't make a difference today either. according to the medical checks he underwent after the assen race, him racing there didn't end up further hurting or damaging his broken collarbone or the plate. everything was just the same as it was before the race. except for the immense pain he had for maybe a few hours after the race. but again, as per post-race medical checks, the pain was just pain and there was no further damage owing to racing a motogp bike to 5th.

that being so, his assen craziness/stupidity/feat/heroism/whatever has had no influence on today's crash. even if he'd sat down the assen race, today's crash would still have happened the way it happened and it still would have bent his titanium plate.

...I have SO much more respect and admiration for the guy, and this is really sad. I definitely pull for Yamaha, and others besides Honda. It's not that I hate Honda or anything like that, but I find myself rooting for every factory team other than the one factory (hello, HRC) which I perceive to be the driving force behind all these STUPID engineering restrictions such as 5 engines per year and 20 liters of fuel.

Back to Jorge, when I met him in Austin and asked him for a photo, it didn't occur to me until later that I was wearing a yellow Rossi shirt and yellow Rossi hat, and he didn't even blink when I asked him to stop a moment for me. Big, BIG respect to him for that little act of kindness.

I have a huge amount of appreciation for his toughness, and I'll be praying for his speedy recovery.

That said, it'd be awesome to see a Sachsenring race like the one in 2006. I have a poster commemorating that one...

That's a great story! I think Jorge has matured a lot over the last couple of years, as has Pedro. Top marks to Jorge for being a sport for your photo!

JL I could feel the pain when you went down. I wish you a fast recovery and hope your back on the bike soon... Cal. get well soon...

Racers are brave and Jorge has proven to be one of the bravest but racing injured really ups the risk factor and like F1 's Dennis Hulme said, "Some times you bite the bear, and sometimes the bear bites you." Technically interesting is the apparent inability of the highly-toted electronics to eliminate this continuing series of high-sides which Lorenzo is suffering this season. The factories go on and on about how safe the rider"aids" are. Looking at how high Jorge has been flying this season gives one pause to wonder about the electronic nannies.

These bikes have immense power, they are the most volatile things ever on two wheels. They absolutely NEED those 'electronic nannies' to even be rideable. And even with those, they are still extremely dangerous. As shown by Jorge two weeks in a row.

This has nothing to do with electronics. This has everything to do with these monsters of machines and the heroes that ride them.

They are a different breed! Their minds are different....their hearts are different! I'm very sorry he's out, as this was turning into a dogfight for the WC. Now, can Rossi step up and push Dani, allowing #93 to make things interesting?

I actually think Jorge was lucky as he landed more on his back than straight on the shoulder. Had he landed directly on the shoulder in the typical cycling over the bars crash his collar bone would have probably shattered...

...But after this incident, I really wanted to see him get back on and ride in the race. He was on his way to possibly another pole position, I think.

I already had much respect for the man, more so after last week.

Now I think I actually might cheer for him on occasion...

Let's face it that JL has a lot of confidence. So, he may have a little pressure having VR back, but not much anymore. Today he showed big cockiness though and it bit him. He wanted to show everyone up (which is what any racer would do) with his broken collarbone. It would be a dent to everyone, most so to Dani, to get beaten by JL at this round for a couple of reasons. JL wanted to lead every practice and crashed.

Now, on the electronics and the high-sides, I'm not sure. Was the Assen crash on the gas, or pitching it in and then back end just coming around from cold tire, maybe on the paint, etc? Most on-boards seem to show these guys going full throttle at pretty severe lean angles, I think the TC is working well. Not sure about the tires. Just ask the Duc riders or Crutchlow today besides JL.

"That said, it'd be awesome to see a Sachsenring race like the one in 2006. I have a poster commemorating that one..."

I just finished watching it 30 minutes ago. Still one of my favourite MotoGP races of all time. Rossi, Melandri, Hayden and Pedrosa all crossing the finishing line within 0.3 seconds. 2 corners before the end any one of them could have won. One of the classics! Look it up on the interweb if you haven't seen it! Or message someone who has for a link!

Re: Lorenzo. That looked a horrific crash, especially when he landed on his left shoulder (how many of you who saw it live instinctively grabbed your left collarbone and sucked air? I did!). Gutted for the guy. He has such passion, but I wish his manager would have said "Jorge, don't push so hard!" But he's among the best of the best, of course he will push, it's in his blood!

These lads doing this stuff... I remember reading an interview with Mick Doohan a couple of years ago (just after his 45th birthday) that took place at a hotel, where the interviewer mentioned that after their interview, Doohan got up and headed for the elevator. He remarked it looked like an 80 year old man hobbling away. These injuries will haunt them later in life.

They are gladiators, all of them. Hope #99 gets well soon and is advised properly...

I feel bad for Jorge, the man has fight and clearly this is a huge blow on a lot of levels. I was really looking forward to seeing him at Laguna next week. Sitting at turn 4 presents a nice opportunity to see the contrast in styles between the guys that stand it up and shoot out, and the guys like Jorge(mainly) who blow through like butter.

I was just talking to the GF about this last night, her first trip to a race next weekend and I was finally going to be able to talk about riding styles so she can visually see.

All the best to him, I honestly wasn't a big fan in years past but as he's matured I've developed a great amount of admiration towards him. The guy is tough as nails - you all do remember this is the guy that broke both ankles in the famous Shanghai highside of 08, and then proceeded to push start his bike on race day when he stalled it on the warm up lap. That's balls!!!

A fair amount of wheat got cut out with some chaff. I have no appetite for any Rossi/Stoner/Lorenzo fanboi arguments, and so just deleted everything. On a race weekend, I do not have time to be selective. My apologies to anyone whose post did not deserve to be removed.