Second Shooter: Tim White Captures Laguna Seca, Part 1

It took him a few laps, but Marc Marquez would eventually catch Valentino Rossi...

... and get past him ...

... then be pushed wide by him ...

... and off into the dirt...

... even further than Rossi in 2008 ...

... but he rejoined well ahead of Rossi, who had been struggling to get his bike stopped

Don't tell me... you're a Taurus, right?

Lean angle. Despite having titanium inserted in hs shoulder for the second time in two weeks

Gas it up, Cal

Setting son

In the hunt

Blake Young was doing well on the Attack Performance bike, before getting caught out by cold tires.

In a world of ...

The Dry Lagoon

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I'll start with, I am a Marquez fan. He is a talent.
The corkscrew pass seemed a bit.... Planned, BS, showboating. I'm all for them putting the gravel right up to the track edge and making it deep
Go off, go down.
Rossi!s pass on Stoner was a ballsy move, into the dirt and he risked going down and in truth he risked taking Casey with him. Marquez risked nothing. He knew there was rock solid asphalt on the inside of 8b and in truth you can now cut that turn every lap if you wanted.
I think Marc knows that if you want to be a legend you need to have magic moments to point at, like Rossi taking Sete around the outside of Lukey Hights to win a race he didn't need to win, winning the first race at Welcom against Biaggi on his M1 or beating Stoner at Lagune Seca when he was a second a lap slower.
The race Marquez won last year after starting from the back of the grid, that was amazing. His talent is amazing. His need to do something cool....not so much. It's not as bad as Jorge!s buckets of foam or him nearly drowning himself after jumping in the the lake and finding out how hard it is to swim in full leathers, but it!s headed that way.
Although it's fairly understandable since the only thing the main protagonist are allowed to do is race and show off their sponsor drink cans. Yes I miss the days of tobacco and booze running the race game.

I see your point - but deep gravel in that location could easily result in a downed bike and rider tumbling across the downhill exit, into the path of following riders.
Maybe time penalties for cutting corners - I don't know.

isn't wearing the "cutaway" helmet in the first photo of this an earlier pic ??