Ben Spies Has Double Shoulder Surgery, Return Not Expected In Short Term

Ben Spies has undergone surgery on both his shoulders in Dallas yesterday. The Ignite Pramac rider had surgery to fix the acromioclavicular joint in his left shoulder he dislocated in a practice crash at Indianapolis, and also had a minor procedure already scheduled for his previously injured right shoulder, to clean out scar tissue, according to a report in US publication Cycle News. Spies posted a picture of himself after surgery on his Twitter page, announcing his surgery, but no official word has come from Ducati or Pramac just yet.

The bad news for Spies was that after further examination, Spies' left shoulder was found to have suffered a grade five separation, or 100% dislocation, rather than the grade three previously diagnosed. The surgery was required to fix the clavicle in place to allow the joint to heal faster. Recovery from such surgery is generally between six and twelve weeks, meaning that the earliest Spies could return would be Aragon.

Spies' enforced absence will mean even more missed races. So far, the Texan has competed in just two of the ten races completed so far, and if he makes his return at Aragon, he will have missed a total of eleven of thirteen races. Though Spies is still under contract to Ducati for 2014, such an extended absence could cause Ducati to reevaluate the situation. Spies will be replaced by Pirro at the next three races.

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Last year was bad enough. This is almost unbelievable.
You have to wonder if he and his career can recover from this.
Time will tell, I guess.
Someone other than Pirro might get a 'leg up' at least, somewhere along the line.....

I wonder if this helps the fake "asset management" Ignite? Now they can "manage assets" without having to pay for moto racing.

I don't even really know what to say. It absolutely defies logic how unlucky he has been for 2 years now.

At the MotoGP round in Indy there was a talk with Wilco Zeelandberg I attended where he was asked why Ben Spies had all the trouble with the bike and Lorenzo didn't have any. Wilco's response was Ben rides the bike harder than anyone else out there. He said he brakes later and harder than everyone out there, and also likes to overev the bike harder whereas lorenzo doesn't like the engine harshness at the extreme top end. Those were really the only things he could come up with to explain the engine and suspension failures for Ben with the ultimate theory being he puts more stress on the bike than anyone else in MotoGP and therefore finds the mechanical stress limit of certain parts before anyone else. Thought it was interesting but still not a 100% satisfying answer.

... is interesting. We always knew Ben was a monster on the bike from his Yoshimura and WSBK days, but it's particularly revealing to hear comments like that from someone at the highest level. Maybe that ultimately says Ben's extreme physicality on the bike is best suited to less-sensitive superbikes?

Ben Spies was probably the hardest on the bike. Crutchlow marked Lorenzo as the smoothest. But Ben as the harshest. Ben even talked about the data showing how hard he was braking. But this last crash was not a bike failure, he just was not thinking and jacked himself up. He said it directly. 1st gear no traction control spit himself off his own bike. Good luck to Ben. But if he has one more crash this year or the next, I am going to want to see him retire. It will too painful to watch.

Two shoulders = very serious.

I fear that is Ben's season over - great shame.

Ben will always be fast, but, history shows it's a rare person who can come back to their natural speed after such big crashes. Of those, Pedrosa seems to have gotten a little faster, if not more agressive. Or maybe he would have been more so without his injuries. That however is a very short list.

Hopkins, a major head banger, showed he still had speed but that was against a lesser (no offense) group of riders. At best, in a perfect world, if Spies is able to keep a ride in MotoGP I seriously wonder if we would ever see his full abilities. By that I mean, no.

No. He won't get the chance at a top MGP bike. With his new history. With the talent pool growing and now with his age working against him for a top bike. I have met and really, really, like this guy. But I believe the reality is in MGP it will be a hard place to be for him. maybe another series and enjoy the success he has had.

Not that we needed it but Ben Spies injuries are a reminder of just how tough motorcycle racing is. It seems that the longer a racer is away from racing the more injuries seem to be compounded and reoccurring. Hopkins is another example of this. A rough patch for Ben, bet he will come back though.