Sam Lowes To Race In Moto2 In 2014 And 2015

After wrapping up the 2013 World Supersport title, Sam Lowes is heading for Moto2. In a brief statement on the Yakhnich Motorsport website, posted on Sunday night, Yaknich announced that they would be stepping up to compete in both the World Superbike and World Supersport classes in 2014, and that Lowes would not be joining them. Instead, Lowes has signed a two-year deal to race in Moto2, though the statement did not mention who Lowes had signed with.

The announcement comes after weeks of negotiation between the Yakhnich team and Lowes. Lowes had originally signed a deal with the team to race for another two years, stepping up to World Superbikes for 2014. But the decision by Yakhnich to switch to MV Agusta in both classes left Lowes worried that the bike would not be competitive, and that he would not be able to challenge for a WSBK title to go with this WSS championship. At first, Lowes looked like being stuck with Yakhnich unless he paid a hefty penalty, but an agreement has been reached which will release Lowes from his contract, while retaining a promotional role with the team.

Which team Lowes is headed to is as yet uncertain, but the generally well-informed German-language website Speedweek is suggesting that Lowes could end up at the NGM Forward team. This would make some sense, as NGM are to race FTR Moto2 chassis for next season, and having a proven rider - and one with English as his first language - on the bike should help speed up development. Other rumors, however, suggest that Lowes could end up with the returning Speed Up team.

No doubt Lowes will make his future clear after the final round of the 2013 World Supersport season at Jerez, in two weeks' time. Until then, speculation will be rife on where he is headed.

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Common sense all round, Moto 2 is where he needs to be. Although not mentioned at all, this has got Dorna written all over it. Money spent by Dorna in the right place too (this time)

BSN have reported that the team is Speed Up.

Of course Sam will have to get used to less power and less sophisticated electronics in GP racing, coming from a highly tuned road bike. Funny how things have changed. I mean sad.

During the post-race interview on Sunday, did anybody else notice that Sam crossed the fingers of both hands when he said how much he respected Sofoglu?
Probably just a nervous tic, right? Couldn't mean anything, could it? If it did, I'd sure like to get the inside track on it.

I hadn't noticed, but luckily I recorded the race and I just looked back the post-race interview! He surely did... Very well spotted!

During the time I first watched it I was just surprised that he praised Sofuoglu so much as a rider and opponent, and not just for his obvious sheer speed either.

I wonder if we will hear more about this...

travels with him. I was surprised how sincere Sam sounded when he said what he said (and the hugs etc. on the celebration lap).
I didn't see the hands, but either way he's a PR dream because I suspect that if he let his guard down he would say/do something fairly unfriendly to him.

The avoidance of racing in close-proximity said it all in my view and even the Eurosport commentary (Terry Rymer) made it clear that the man isn't trusted to ride a clean race.

I wish Sam well though - his approach is thoroughly professional and his riding says it all. Both he and his brother have matured this year in much the same way as Redding and its nice to see such nice characters riding and doing well.

If either of them get to MGP I'm not sure if they can take the racing to MM, but they should out-smile him!

Agree with all your conclusions.
Sam's buccaneering style, skill and smile are valuable assets - along with his acting talent. I have the race on tape, and the finger gesture is subtle but very clear. I doubt he's forgotten Sofoglu's behavior at Silverstone, or at Aragon last year - but it looks like the Turk will be Iddon's problem in 2014.
Sofoglu's inside line overtaking strategies are probably good preparation for MM, who probably won't be feeling an itch between his shoulder blades just yet - but in a couple of years . . . who knows?

.... (admittedly uninformed) reports of Caterham Suter. It was regarding Sam and Johann Zarco. I guess if it was 'news' David would've reported but several (French) sources have claimed this.

is Zarco and Josh Herrin, apparently. Sam Lowes to a SpeedUp team.
This could all change.............................. :-)