Motegi MotoGP Time Schedule - Races As Normal, Warm Up Extended To 50 minutes

The weather at Motegi over the past two days has had the organizers working frantically to draw up a new schedule fitting as much practice as possible into the available time. After all of Friday was lost to fog, and then Saturday morning to torrential rain, Race Direction was left with just Saturday afternoon and all of Sunday to fit practice, qualifying and the races into.

Their solution was to run an extended period of qualifying on Saturday, followed by an extend practice session on Sunday morning, with the races taking place at the time originally planned. Despite the race times being unchanged, the revised schedule has left many fans uncertain of exactly what time the races are on. This has been complicated even further by the summer time ending in Europe and the UK, putting the clocks back an hour in those countries, while time in Japan remains unchanged.

To help with the confusion, we have drawn up the schedule shown below, as it is planned on Saturday evening. The schedule is still subject to change if the weather does not cooperate, a realistic possibility given the fact that the Motegi circuit is currently enveloped in mist. This should disappear once the sun comes up, however.

All times shown below are local times, and clicking on the times will take you to the excellent website, showing the relevant time in several timezones. You can alter these to convert race time to your local time. The website also has a page showing the schedule for the Japanese MotoGP round, with a link underneath which you can use to convert time at Motegi to time where you are. 

08:00-08:40 Moto3 Free Practice (40 minutes)
08:50-09:30 Moto2 Free Practice (40 minutes)
09:40-10:30 MotoGP Free Practice (50 minutes)
11:00 Moto3 Race (20 laps)
12:20 Moto2 Race (23 laps)
14:00 MotoGP Race (24 laps)


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Thank you. The race isn't being broadcast live in the U.S., it'll be shown at 1600 (4pm) EDT on Fox Sports 1. The Moto2 race will be shown at 1500 (3pm).