2014 Moto3 Rider Line Up Announced: Rins And Miller Hot Favorites Of 33-Strong Field

The FIM today announced the provisional entry lists for the 2014 season in all three classes. Despite the loss of Maverick Viñales and Luis Salom, who are moving up to Moto2, the Moto3 class looks like being another thrilling and close race to the end of the year. Alex Rins and Jack Miller are currently the hot favorites for the title, with Rins' Estrella Galicia teammate Alex Marquez likely to be a candidate too, after his outstanding rookie year in the series. Miller's Red Bull KTM teammate Danny Kent will also be aiming to battle for the championship, the British youngster having stepped back to the Moto3 class with the express purpose of winning the championship.

Among the riders currently viewed as outsiders, Miguel Oliveira features strongly as a contender after a very strong year on the Mahindra. Jakub Kornfeil moves up to take the bike vacated by 2013 Moto3 champion Maverick Viñales, while much is expected of the new Team Sky VR46 squad of Romano Fenati and Francesco Bagnaia, the team set up by Valentino Rossi and with former Ducati man Vitto Guareschi as team manager. There will also be a lot of attention for Karel Hanika, the Czech youngster making the move up from the Red Bull Rookies. Hanika is rated very highly in the Moto3 paddock, and his testing times have already shown promise.

One of the biggest questions open in Moto3 is just how fast the new Honda will be. Despite there still not having been a formal announcement, Alex Rins and Alex Marquez will be racing Hondas in the Estrella Galicia team run by the Monlau Competicion organization of Emilio Alzamora. The bike they will be running is a completely new machine aimed solely at beating the KTMs, built and designed by HRC out of anger at KTM's approach to the Moto3 class and their breaking of the spirit of the regulations. Rins and Marquez will be riding what are in effect full factory HRC-backed Hondas, with little expense spared. Yet those bikes have yet to make their debut in public, so it remains a gamble on the part of team manager Alzamora.

That also opens up the question of what will happen with the other four riders current  listed as racing a Honda. HRC have no desire to support either the Caretta RTG or the Ongetta teams with factory equipment, especially as under the 2014 rules, factories can no longer favor particular teams with engine parts. Engines for each manufacturer are now distributed at random from a pool, to ensure that all of the teams get the same level of performance. According to German website Speedweek, the other Honda teams will be entered as FTRs, and use the old, underpowered Honda NSF250R engine managed by Geo Tech in an FTR chassis. That way, only Rins and Marquez will get the brand new Honda engines from HRC.

That sleight of hand explains the vacancy at Team Calvo. Although Kornfeil is already signed up, the team has been pushing to sign Efren Vazquez, but Vazquez already has a contract with Caretta RTG, which he signed believing that RTG would have the same factory Hondas that Team Galicia Estrella would have. If Team Calvo are not inclined to buy Vazquez out of his contract, then Ana Carrasco will get the ride. Carrasco is currently engaged in raising sponsorship to help fund her 2014 campaign, and given the strong finish to her 2013 season, and the extremely strong publicity value of being the first truly successful woman racer since Tomoko Igata in the mid-1990s, sponsors will surely step up to help the Spanish youngster.

The official absence of Carrasco and Isaac Viñales (who is believed to be close to signing with Gresini) sees an interesting mix of nationalities in the Moto3 class. The Italians are in the majority at the moment, with 6 riders to Spain's 4, but if Carrasco and Viñales sign, then each of the two Latin nations will have 6 riders eeach. France, Britain, Germany, Australia, and the Czech Republic each have two riders, and although there is currently only one Dutch rider confirmed (Bryan Schouten at CIP), the Dutch-based team RW Racing are yet to announce their line up, with hints that they could have Jasper Iwema and former Red Bull Rookie Scott Deroue on the books, bringing the Dutch contingent to 3 riders. With riders from Brazil, Venezuela, Finland, Belgium, Malaysia, Portugal and South Africa, it is a very international field.

The 2014 Moto3 line up

No Rider Nationality Bike
Estrella Galicia
12 Alex Marquez SPA Honda
42 Alex Rins SPA Honda
Red Bull Ajo
8 Jack Miller AUS KTM
52 Danny Kent GBR KTM
98 Karel Hanika CZE KTM
44 Miguel Oliveira POR Mahindra
61 Arthur Sissis AUS Mahindra
Team Sky VR46
5 Romano Fenati ITA KTM
14 Francesco Bagnaia ITA KTM
Team Calvo
84 Jakub Kornfeil CZE KTM
  To be confirmed   KTM
Ongetta Rivacold
10 Alexis Masbou FRA Honda
Ongetta AirAsia
63 Zulfahmi Khairuddin MAL Honda
Mapfre Aspar
57 Eric Granado BRA Kalex KTM
58 Juanfran Guevara SPA Kalex KTM
Team Italia
3 Matteo Ferrari ITA Mahindra
55 Andrea Locatelli ITA Mahindra
Caretta Technology - RTG
7 Efren Vazquez SPA Honda
17 John McPhee GBR Honda
23 Niccolo Antonelli ITA KTM
  To be confirmed   KTM
15 Bryan Schouten NED Mahindra
19 Alessandro Tonucci ITA Mahindra
Ambrogio Racing
41 Brad Binder RSA Mahindra
95 Jules Danilo FRA Mahindra
Kiefer Racing
4 Gabriel Ramos VEN Kalex KTM
43 Luca Grunwald GER Kalex KTM
Marc VDS Racing
11 Livio Loi BEL Kalex KTM
Avant Tecno
31 Niklas Ajo FIN KTM
80 Hafiq Azmi   KTM
Interwetten Paddock
65 Philipp Oettl GER Kalex KTM
RW Racing GP
  To be confirmed   Kalex KTM
  To be confirmed   Kalex KTM


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Is KTM supporting all its teams equally?
I don't see why Honda can't or won't do the same.

In this sentence...

Alex Marquez and Jack Miller are currently the hot favorites for the title, with Rins' Estrella Galicia teammate Alex Marquez likely to be a candidate too, after his outstanding rookie year in the series.

...I presume the first Alex should be Rins.

In response to your comment, beaufort, my understanding is that Honda think (rightly in my opinion) that KTM have been gaming the system. They have complained about it to no avail, so they are planning to retaliate by gaming the system even more effectively, thereby winning the championship, and then maybe pulling out. But it's all been discussed in previous posts by David.

When the Moto3 class was instigated, it was said to be because Piaggio Group was making too much money out of the 125cc two-stroke singles. By the end of the 125cc era, Honda had stepped away from the class, leaving only Piaggio making new 125 GP race bikes.

In 2003 Honda's then President, Takeo Fukui, announced that it would phase out all two-stroke engines (including weed-eaters and motor mowers) by 2008.

In some weird lemming-like rush only the Japanese can explain, Yamaha, Suzuki and Kawasaki have pretty much followed suit.

In motorcycle sport, Honda stepped up its lobbying efforts on behalf of four-strokes - with the result that the dirt-bike market has declined in total units. However, in that arena, KTM has grabbed increased market share, due to its excellent two-stroke range selling alongside its four-strokes.

So now Honda is bleating that the tiny Austrian operation is not playing by Honda's Moto3 rules!?

Good lord, what a joke.

If Dorna, the FIM and the suits at IRTA were truly interested in developing the sport rather than who has the slickest blazer this week, they would take a leaf from the Karting world and re-establish a 125cc two-stroke class in road-racing. They already have one in European motocross.

For another look at this, check this out:


again should take control of the rules, stating engines should not be considered a part of a complete bike, but seperatly. And that all teams that want to run an engine from manufacturer "X" should get exactly the same engine as any other team running engine "X", no matter what frame it is in. no more Honda or KTM specials at ridiculous prices.

but of course they won't ... :-(

Does anyone else get the feeling the Estrella Galicia team only agreed to race the Honda bikes if they were the only ones getting them?

They have arguably the best rider and definitely the best rider pairing so Honda need them more than they need Honda