FIM Confirms Doping Ban For West, Results Scrapped

The FIM today issued a press release confirming the 18-month ban imposed retrospectively on Ant West for using banned substances. The Australian has had all of his results scrapped, between 20th May 2012 and 19th October 2013. That includes the two podiums he scored at Sepang and Phillip Island at the end of 2012, meaning that Gino Rea moves up to 2nd at Sepang, and Hafizh Syahrin will be awarded 3rd place (and his first podium), while Marc Marquez takes 2nd at Phillip Island, and Scott Redding adds another podium to his tally to take 3rd.

The official FIM Press release is shown below:

Doping - Decision of the Court of Arbitration for Sport in the case of rider Anthony West

The FIM has taken note of the Award handed down on 22 November 2013 by the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) in the case of rider Anthony West, participant in the 2012 FIM Road Racing World Championship Grand Prix in the Moto2 Class.

On 20 May 2012, Anthony West underwent an anti-doping test conducted by the FIM at the 2012 French Grand Prix. The urine sample obtained from Mr West revealed the presence of a stimulant (Methylhexaneamine) prohibited in competition under the FIM Anti-doping Code in force.

Following a decision of 29 October 2012 handed down by the FIM International Disciplinary Court (CDI) to suspend Mr West for one month, the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) appealed to the CAS and called for a 24 month period of ineligibility to be imposed on Mr West.

The case was referred to a three-man CAS Panel. A hearing was held on 21 August 2013 in Lausanne and the parties were heard. The FIM was represented by the Head of its Legal Department, Mr Richard Perret.

The appeal by WADA against the CDI’s decision was only partially upheld. The Panel suspended Anthony West for 18 months from which the one month’s suspension already served was deducted.

Taking into account the considerable delay in the conduct of the case before the Court of Arbitration for Sport, the CAS Panel decided to set the start of the suspension retroactively at 20 May 2012.

Subject to the lodging of any appeal by one of the parties within 30 days with the Swiss Federal Tribunal and as provided for in the CAS Award, all the sporting results obtained by Anthony West from 20 May 2012 up to the expiry of the period of ineligibility (i.e. 19 October 2013) will be invalidated. The FIM will therefore modify the rankings of the 2012 and 2013 FIM Road Racing World Championships Grand Prix, Moto2 Class, accordingly. The FIM will also modify the rankings of the 2012 FIM Endurance Road Racing World Cup.

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just drink Monster or Red Bull. I hate to say this but I think this is the end for Ant's career.

Spinhawk is correct, this will destroy Ant West's chances of ever getting a pro ride ever again. This is a fatal blow to one of the few riders who really represent true love of the sport. West probably rides for free, maybe is even paying to be there. Can't help but feel that he was thought of as expendable and was targeted to be made an example of. Could you imagine what would happen to Marquez if he was in the same situation? You think they'd strip that historic title? Exactly.

To even accuse a rider of "doping" for an infraction that ridiculous just show's how out of their depth the WADA really is. This is a classic example of an organization trying to justify it's existence.

To strip almost two years of results is blasphemy! Like it was a stupid energy drink making the difference? What about Monster and Redbull?!?! Could one not argue that those drinks DO give an energy advantage? Hell, it's their selling point! Isn't caffine a stimulant? Why not ban that too!!?? The poor boys at Ducati need all the help they can get as it is. I say, let them keep their expressos...

ASADA have been warning about that substance being found in all sorts of "supplements" for years. (ASADA is the Australian drug testing authority. If you are an Australian subject to drug testing and you don't regularly check their website, you are an idiot). The substance in question is a stimulant, like speed, with questions about its safety. The fact that he took it unintentionally is irrelevant - ignorance on his part is no excuse. Athletes in sports that are drug tested are given plenty of information to avoid situations like this. Ignorance about banned substances and the anti doping rules just makes you look stupid.

I have some sympathy for Westy but he should have known better.

The problem with anti doping is it has to be seen as black and white, been though we all know shades of grey will always happen.

Did AW get caught with a banned substance in his urine?


Is he a cheats cheat?

I don't believe so.

It makes as much sense to me as Alan Baxter having to hand back his Bronze medal - all because he used a European Vick's inhaler and not a British one. He had no idea the formula in the Euro version was different.

He also broke the rules and wasn't a drugs cheat but still paid a high price for the mistake.

EDIT> If there is two sports were you don't want enhanced performance that gives you an impression of invincibility then its throwing yourself of a mountain on two planks or defying the laws of gravity at speed on a small rubber contact patch..........

This is disappointing for Ant West. As an Aussie I've always looked out for his results and watched for his typical charges through the pack after a crap qualifying.
But the rules are the rules, and the banning of substances is not without a considerable amount of discussion and evaluation of medical reports and so on.
Methylhexaneamine has some serious possible contraindications (side-effects), not the least of which is heart attack, stroke and even death. Sports have a responsibility to protect the participants where they can, and this is just part of that.

Those of us who have seen Any interviewed after a rare win or podium know that he's not the most self-aware bloke going around, and his carelessness has extracted a serious penalty.
But all the participants in sport are advised of their obligations going into it, and they have a choice not to participate if they don't want to follow the rules. Ant didn't conduct a suitable check on the product, and he's been caught out.

Very disappointed for him and the Qatari team he rode for, but rules are rules.

Interesting comment considering it was the satellite team he was destined for (LCR) that asked for the rules to be changed so he could go straight to the factory team.

This has nothing to do with the quixotic interpretations of their internal rules by the MotoGP officials, the rookie rule being case in point. This is a rule that all legitimate organisations involved in international sport sign up to, when they agree to be bound by the WADA code.

And I think the point has been lost on many posters that his penalty is restrospective (retroactive for the American speakers). As such his ban applies from 20 May 2012, which unless I have missed something means that whilst his results have been wiped, he has effectively served his ban and can continue competing, should the opportunity arise.

Given the penalties that some sports apply, this seems on the lenient side, and perhaps shows some sensitivity to the level of the actual offence.

This "Satellite" rule in 2010, which meant rookies could only join a non-factory team in their first year. Whilst I agree it was changed for Marquez, some say the only casualty was Ben Spies joining Tech 3 in 2010. Rubbish! In 2009 Yamaha had Rossi and Lorenzo, both riding very strongly and finishing 1st and 2nd in the championship. Even without that rule, Ben would not have replaced either Rossi or Lorenzo on the Yamaha factory team!

Has that "Rookie" rule actually had an effect on any rider until it was scrapped in 2012???

This is interesting, I know Ant West wasn't a front runner but can you imagine the possible implications of this ruling had it been from a front runner ? in which case it could have shifted an entire championship ?
I say this as it appears people ARE being shifted up the order with West being removed.

Four legged animal and manure come to mind.
What a completely overblown penalty.