Ana Carrasco To Stay In Moto3 For 2014 With RW Racing

Ana Carrasco will have a second season in Moto3. The 16-year-old Spaniard has signed a one-year deal with Dutch Moto3 team RW Racing GP to race their Kalex KTM in 2014.

Carrasco had a positive rookie season in Moto3, ending the year with points in two races, as well as scoring the best result for a female rider in 18 years when she finished 8th at Valencia. But her performance was overshadowed by her teammate at Team Calvo, where Maverick Viñales became world champion. Despite being teammates, the two were on very different bikes, Viñales racing on a fully-factory supported KTM, where Carrasco competed on the basic KTM Moto3 bike.

Team Calvo had expressed an interest in retaining the services of Carrasco for 2014, but to do that, she would have to being money to fund the ride. Carrasco had been raising sponsorship through a Spanish website, but it was not enough to get her seat. 

Instead, Carrasco has signed with RW Racing GP, the Dutch Moto3 team which fielded Jakub Kornfeil  and Jasper Iwema last season. Ironically, it is Kornfeil who has been drafted in to Team Calvo to take the place of the departing Viñales. The teammates of both Carrasco and Kornfeil still remain to be named, though Isaac Viñales continues to be linked to the Team Calvo ride, and the second rider at RW Racing will almost certainly be a Dutch rider, with the choice being between Jasper Iwema and former Red Bull Rookie Scott Deroue. 

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Below is the press release from the RW Racing team announcing Carrasco's signing:

Ana Carrasco to ride for RW Racing GP in 2014

RW Racing GP has signed Ana Carrasco for the 2014 Moto3 campaign. The Dutch team and the Spanish rider have agreed on a one year deal. 16 year old Carrasco will ride the Kalex KTM and is determined to carry on the upward trend as she did in her rookie season.

Ana Carrasco, born march 10, 1997 in Murcia in south-eastern Spain, has been racing in competition since 2005. 2009 proved to be successful year for her as she became champion of the Extremeña 125cc class, the Murcia 125cc class and the Copa de España 2T. In 2011 she became the first female to score points in the Spanish CEV 125 Championship and in 2012 she was the first female to make it into the new Moto3 format in the CEV Championship. She made her World Championship debut with Team Calvo at the start of the 2013 season, riding alongside Maverick Viñales, who won the 2013 crown.In her rookie season Carrasco finished in all but one race (Jerez). Her point scoring finish in Malaysia was the first for a woman in Moto3. Her 8th position in Valencia, in which she showed what she is capable of, stunned the world. Prior to Malaysia, Carrasco’s best finishing position had been 17th at the Indianapolis Grand Prix. For the Australian Grand Prix she qualified in 7th: another landmark.

RW Racing GP team manager Jarno Janssen is delighted with his new rider. "Ana has proven to be a special talent. She showed some incredible things in her first year in Moto3 and we strongly believe we can help her to continue improving. She is a strong personality and willing to work to achieve the best. Of course it is special to have a girl in the team, but it will not make any difference. A talented rider is a talented rider and Ana is very talented. We are very happy with her coming to RW Racing GP.’’


2005: Junior championship Bancaja
2006: Runner up championship Madrid 70cc
Runner up championship Andalucia 70cc
2007: 12th world championship 70cc
2008: Runner up championship Murcia 80cc
3rd pre GP championship Murcia 125cc
2009: Winner championship Extremeña 125cc
Winner pre GP championship Murcia 125cc
Winner Spanish 2T Cup
9th pre GP world championship 125cc
2010: 5th Motodes championship 125cc
4th Mediterranean championship 125cc
2011: 13th CEV Spanish and European championship 125cc
2012: 19th CEV Spanish and European championship Moto3
2013: 21st world championship Moto3


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I hope they pick Deroue. Iwema has had plenty of chances and has never delivered. We need some real Dutch talent back in the field.

Why pick Deroue?? On what kind of achiefment can you say this. I think that Iwema is much more capable of then what we have seen over the past years. Also explain to me what real talent is because it depends on so many things what determines what your level of performance is.

on a more competitive KTM then?
I also find it disappointing that Ana would have such trouble coming up with the money. Maybe it's ignorance on my part but Dorna should have foot the bill! They pay for all these other lap bikes to go around, but not for a competitive young woman? Does Team Calvo not think that having the only female rider on a competitive bike would generate some interest? Or at least a bit more exposure! I guess this is just the way racing works, but you would like Dorna, Calvo, MotoGP, and all the sponsors would try a little harder to make sure this rider got a good bike and team.