Looking Back At 2013 With Scott Jones, Part 5: Laguna, For The Last Time

Second in flight: Andrea Dovizioso gets airborne through Turn 1

Over the crest for the last time: money problems and safety issues mean no more Laguna Seca

Nicky Hayden had a special helmet for Laguna, and as ever, it was superb

Laguna Seca would be the battle of the collarbones. Jorge Lorenzo hurt his at Assen and the Sachsenring

While Dani Pedrosa had fractured his in Germany

Cal Crutchlow hoists the front

Bautista's Beautiful Backdrop. We'll miss the scenery at Laguna

Bradley Smith was doing OK for a first timer at Laguna, but he would not last the full race

Laguna Seca saw Valentino Rossi get his third podium in a row. That had been a while

If proof were needed of Marquez' remarkable season, winning at Laguna at the first attempt there was surely it

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a terrible decision to leave Laguna Seca,with the age old and timeworn excuses for doing so trotted out while the checks are cashed from yet another venue with little else to offer besides the money.Certainly not for the fans or the actual racing. Personality,quirks and a bit of difficulty make for a good racetrack....big generic slabs laid out for the entertainment of a few of the ruling class,with checks to cover the lack of crowds
around the world cannot replace the heart and soul of a real track....

In the 9 races that have taken place at Laguna Seca we have had:

One absolutely barnstorming duel the likes of which we should consider our selves very lucky to have witnessed.

A handful of extraordinary passes.

Predominately boring processional split field racing with ever increasing gaps between individuals.

Several very serious injuries, Alex Hoffman's career was finished at the corkscrew.

A diabolically bad resurfacing attempt.

No racing in the smaller classes which considering they harbor the future of the sport is bloody criminal, If you can't afford or support the whole circus you have no place in our sport, Hopefully the door will hit you on the way out. It's a parochial back water race track with some amazing corners but it's no place for the modern GP circus.

As an aside how many American riders has it inspired to join the series?
What about Teams?
Or sponsors?
Or manufacturers?

Quite frankly The US is no place for a faltering niche commercial product to be sniffing around for interest and pay cheques, high time we got the fuck out.

No way Laguna Seca will be gone forever. Too many positives. Feel free to name all of the negatives, but I really like that track+++++

You can discuss the negatives and the positives, but one thing that must be considered: Dorna wants to expand its fan base in the US. It wants younger US riders to consider racing. California has the largest number of bike riders in the US, and the largest (I presume) number of venues for young 'uns to try racing. Many companies sell products at a loss or minimal profit, just to build up a following. The numbers in attendance at LS are always high. Perhaps some token safety changes, and let's start it up again.