Yamaha Launch M1 Color Scheme in Jakarta, Indonesia, Lorenzo Denies Ducati Rumors

Yamaha today launched their 2014 MotoGP livery in Jakarta Indonesia. Both Jorge Lorenzo and Valentino Rossi were present at the launch, along with Yamaha racing boss Lin Jarvis and the MotoGP group leader Kouichi Tsuji.

The new livery resembles both the 2013 and 2012 color schemes very closely, with this year's color scheme featuring a lot more white. Conspicuous by their absence were any new sponsor names, though Lin Jarvis assured Indonesian motorcycling blog TMCBlog that more sponsors would be announced before the season started. Earlier reports that a deal with Adidas was close appear not to have had much truth in them.

The reports yesterday that Jorge Lorenzo had reached a pre-agreement with Ducati for 2015 were also denied, by both Lin Jarvis to TMCBlog and in the press release itself, by Jorge Lorenzo. Jarvis told TMCBlog 'I don't think Jorge has signed any deal with Ducati. Will ducati make him a proposal? Maybe, but right now there is no truth of this rumour and hopely Jorge will be stay with us in the future.' In the press release, Lorenzo is quoted as saying 'I have to clarify that there is no truth in the rumours that there is a contract with another manufacturer and I would like to start negotiating as soon as possible for my future with Yamaha. My dream is to retire after my career as a Yamaha rider.'

The choice of Jakarta for Yamaha's launch underlines the importance of the region for Yamaha. The launch took place at a large dealer meeting in Indonesia, and with the Indonesian distributor being one of the main sponsors behind Yamaha's MotoGP project, the Japanese factory is keen to expand in the region. Lin Jarvis has spoken repeatedly and publicly of the need to go back to racing in Indonesia, or at least expanding the number of races in the region. The problem for Indonesia at the moment is the lack of a suitable facility, with the Sentul track not up to current safety standards. However, it seems inevitable that more races are likely to be added in South East Asia in the next few years.

Below are photos released by Yamaha of the new livery, and below that, the official press release:


Jakarta (Indonesia), 17th January 2014

Yamaha Factory Racing stars Jorge Lorenzo and Valentino Rossi kicked off the new MotoGP season today by unveiling the 2014 Yamaha YZR-M1 live in front of nearly 4000 members of the Yamaha family at the 3S Dealer meeting in Indonesia.

The two-day visit saw both riders engage in a number of activities for their first official outing of 2014. Yesterday Jorge met with a number of local media before heading off to take part in a soccer game with a team of Lorenzo fans and members of the Yamaha community.

This morning Jorge and Vale went together to meet Mr. Joko Widodo, the current Governor of Jakarta. The threesome spent some time cycling and chatting together before the riders moved on to join the thousands of Yamaha dealers gathered to witness the unveiling of the 2014 YZR-M1 that marked the start of the 3S Dealer Meeting.

Jorge and Vale wrapped up the day by recording a local TV show and shooting a Yamaha TV commercial before heading to the airport and saying goodbye to Indonesia once again.

Jorge Lorenzo - Yamaha Factory Racing Rider

“It’s always nice to come into a sunny country with happy people, especially Indonesia, a country that gets crazy about MotoGP. Both Vale and myself have a lot of fans. Everyone recognises us in the street and gives us a lot of love so it's a good place to promote Yamaha.

Every year this Asian market gets more and more important so our visits here increase. This time we decided to do the launch here, in front of thousands of Yamaha people.

I like the new bike a lot, it's very smart and elegant with more white. It’s not just the colour though; I’m excited to see what’s inside the bike in Sepang!

My expectations for this season are very high. This winter I had an operation to take out the metal plates in my shoulder so I’m a bit lighter but I’m also a bit fatter after Christmas! I am training hard to lose some kilos and I will try to start the season well like last year and be straight onto the podium. This will be important to get points and gain confidence to keep going through the season. Our rivals will be tough but I think if we’ve improved in some areas then we have a good chance to win the title again.

When you are fast and winning races all the big factories want you, this is normal. I have to clarify that there is no truth in the rumours that there is a contract with another manufacturer and I would like to start negotiating as soon as possible for my future with Yamaha. My dream is to retire after my career as a Yamaha rider. If our bike is even better this year then it will be easier!”

Valentino Rossi - Yamaha Factory Racing Rider

"It’s always great to come to Indonesia. The Indonesians are the best fans in the world, with a lot of passion for MotoGP and the Yamaha Factory Team, even though they have no races in their country. Yamaha Indonesia plays a big role in Yamaha’s global business and I truly hope that Jorge’s and my presence here gives a further boost to their local business. This morning I had the pleasure and the honour to spend some time with Mr. Joko Widodo, Governor of Jakarta, and I could not have expected any better welcome to my arrival in Indonesia.

This season is very important for me and the fact that we officially start the season here in Jakarta makes it even more special. I can’t remember any previous unveiling by Yamaha made outside Europe, so today’s event was special for several reasons. Yamaha deliberately decided to offer the Indonesian dealers the chance to host the unveiling of the 2014 M1 during their big annual meeting here in Jakarta and this is another sign of the increasing importance of the SE Asian market for the global business. I truly hope to be able to race here again, very soon, before it’s too late!!

We unveiled the new livery for 2014 today; it’s very nice, very elegant and has more white than last year. It’s still very much in the Yamaha Factory style and I like it a lot.

The expectations for the coming season are very high. My target is to try and do better than last year, be more competitive and fight for the podium every weekend. I am sure our bike will be very competitive again. It was already very good last year and Yamaha engineers were able to develop it further through the season therefore I expect a lot from my new M1 and I am sure it will get even better during the season."

Lin Jarvis

“I am very happy that I was able to attend the Yamaha Motor Indonesia Dealer Convention here today with our President Mr. Yanagi, Jorge, Vale, and Tsuji-san to give the Indonesian dealers an exclusive preview of our new colours for the 2014 season. The Indonesian market is the biggest in the world and MotoGP is enormously popular here so I really hope we can come here to race in the future.

I would like to thank our hosts for making us so welcome and for their invaluable support to our MotoGP project. We now look forward with impatience to the first Sepang test in just over two weeks from now to start our 2014 title campaign.”

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I think this at least looks fresher and more racy than all that dark blue of last year, but why oh why don't they use that gorgeous classic red-and-white livery they have used on a few occasions in the past seasons..? I think just about everybody loved that.

Jorge's final words say it...stay, if the bike is better.
Livery? For sure dislike it, both the prominence of white and the big thick single line through it. Particularly the thick blue block stripe low on the tank, it looks dated. Upside I guess is it will make the lean angle changes look more distinct on the tele since there are strong contrasting lines down the side and coming down the front.
Why oh why must they stick with JUST the blue/white? Honda is a good indicator that you don't have to adhere to your manufacturer's colors (in their case red) to create recognition and generate interest. Their strategy of focusing on a major sponsor's colors seems good for them and Repsol, there is no question it is a Honda, surely helped adhere Repsol to the project, and have you seen all those replica bikes out on the road? Choosing not to use the words I have for Kawasaki green. Loved the Suzuki move to light blue w Rizla. Heck, even A.Espargaro's efforts for a Playtex sponsorship are welcome for their interest value.
Time for a major sponsor, Yamaha!

To say the least. I can't fault Yamaha for using their corporate colours and the extra white is nice but it does look dated already as their are no fresh ideas.. Lazy approach IMO.

what horrible horrible shots to be releasing to the public as official photos.

In none of these can you really make out the entire front number plate, which to me, and realistically, is one of the most prominent places for rider customization and its a real angle to judge the new livery by, and I can't even see it. GG Yamaha.

I guess that seamless gearbox really stretched the budget to breaking point. The two-color paint job and backstreet photo studio must be cost-cutting measures. Hope there's enough left over for the really crucial items like pasta, paella and duct tape.
Honda must be smelling blood.

That's weird... any amateur with minimal equipment would have done a lot better.

The frame looks quite different to recent Yamahas', notably the scoop but also the overall sweep. Trick of the mind or alteration?

Too much white on every bike on the grid. I hope i will not see a white tech 3 bike. >:(

Of course.....Asia is the new world.. Everywhere else is : " Old Poor World "

Like many in here I'm disappointed with the new livery. Is this the best Yamaha can come up with. Just boring why not the Red/White?. Now then, My question is what did they do to the bike will it keep up with the Hondas?

The best livery was the yellow and black US livery from Laguna in 2005.

If they insist on going corporate at least do something more lively!

I love this livery scheme and for good reason...it remind me of the awesome 2012 livery. To further add the design for this years race suits is much better than that the 2013...if anything I see/predict good times ahead for Yamaha.

Looks like Yamaha really broke the the bank for this photo session.
And talking of banks - which one is going to be the main sponsor of this race program? The design looks like it was tailor-made for an especially dull, conservative financial institution.

Yamaha re-signing Rossi for 2013/14 says everything. George to Ducati ? Not a chance. He saw the thanks Stoner got from Philip Morris for bringing the red bike home. Ducati are pulling back some important markers mind you. Was it not Tardozzi that was unofficially required to vacate the factory(prior to Rossi's impending arrival) along with Suppo to accommodate Rossi's grand entrance.The bloke could not digest Tardozzi's comments about Stoner. Suppo...no love lost there either. Heh, heh. Silly season within Yamaha may be done and dusted sooner rather than later.
Oh yeah ! The bikes livery sucks. Anyway,it is all about the bank for Yamaha and George is painfully aware of it. I wonder how many perimeter frames and engines will do a Ben Spies on him 2014. HRC...Stricktly business.

The Livery looks fine to me. It looks like they were finding a way to display their sponsors better, and this setup looks like it does that much better. The contrasts for the letters and different sponsor logos seem to work to me. More trying to please them than the fans, which in my opinion is far more important business wise. Maybe next year they will be able to put it together in a whole new different way with the setup where sponsors feel displayed and color scheme that fans will love.

Kind of went out of their way to be bland, which they have been since Fiat left. I thought I read something about Adidas signing onto a sponsorship deal with Yamaha a couple months back, but it must not have happened.

Hopefully they can find some more speed than last year's bike so they can hang with the Hondas a little easier.

Looks craps and uninspiring. All Yamaha have done is reversed the main colour from blue to white! Surely a brand such as Yamaha can find/attract a title sponsor to enable changing of the bland livery.
As other fellow posters have commented, why not use the red/white or the awesome looking yellow/black?
Makes you wonder in the japanese thinking

well, they could always go with the livery that YART(Yamaha Austria Racing Team) and YSP also use e.g. black, white and red.

As for the yellow/black idea, I don't think that would clash well with Lorenzo's red/white


can't denie the M1 did changed.

Also some people said: the yamaha acted very bad with 1 litre fuel less. but this was what rossi said about the new bike after testing. I know Silvano already from Superbike as I did some testing in 2010 with the R1 together with him and I liked the way we worked. It’s just the first day but anyway it was a good day for me, I was faster and we worked well on the bike. The condition of the track and the weather were perfect so I enjoyed it a lot. We worked with both bikes, I liked the new one a lot, it has good power exit from the corners and the chassis gives a good feeling on the front so the first impression is very positive.”