IODA To Miss First Sepang MotoGP Test In February

With the 2014 MotoGP season about to get underway, at least one team is likely to miss the first test of the year at Sepang, from 4-6 February. Speaking to the official website, new signing Leon Camier said that the plan was to skip the first Sepang test and only attend the second test, taking place at the end of the month.

The reason for the delay is simple. The IODA Racing team is yet to sign a contract with Aprilia to supply them with bikes, despite the season being close to starting. According to the Italian magazine Motosprint, IODA are still haggling over the price with Aprilia, though an agreement is likely to be reached. Both Aprilia and IODA have an interest in reaching an agreement: IODA, as they do not really want to spend another season on the Suter BMW, undeveloped almost since its introduction two years ago; and Aprilia, as the IODA team is the only team willing to take the ART machines, with PBM having only signed up to use Aprilia's engines.

At the EICMA last year, Piaggio boss Roberto Colaninno announced Aprilia will be back in MotoGP as a factory team in 2016, and to achieve that, the Noale factory needs a team to assist with development. The IODA team would appear to be a strong candidate, led as it is by Giampiero Sacchi, the man who ran Aprilia's racing program for many years. IODA's problem is money, and Aprilia will have to finance a good deal of the effort themselves.

The bike which IODA would use would be a 'laboratory bike' being used to develop a machine for Aprilia's factory return. Motosprint reports that a new engine could be ready for use this summer. Though no details have been announced, it is expected that this could include the pneumatic valve cylinder head and seamless gearbox which Aspar had discussed with Aprilia at the end of 2013.

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Who has camier actually signed for? Is it ioda or aprillia as I wouldn't have thought ioda wouldnt be able to afford him!

Motorcycle racers may not earn as much as you think they do. Anywhere near as much.

I'm just curious- what would the ball park figure be for a midpack rider in each of the classes?

If IODA is the only team that Aprilia can hope to develop their bike with in 2014, they kind of have them over a barrell, no? Could IODA not say "hey, you guys fund the whole thing, you need us". Sure, Aprilia know that IODA don't want to use the Suter again, but at least they have options. Aprilia do not.

Shaz that is just what my 1st thought was too. IODA just went from rags to riches and Camier too. Imagine how topsy turvy that must be to be clutching to a good but disintegrating WSBK ride then have THIS materialize.
My interest is focused more on this Open Yamaha/Open Ducati/Open Aprilia/Open Honda shootout than it is on the Factory battle. It seems all but clear that the pipeline is being filled with LOTS of development and plenty of possibilities.Up front? Not so much in my view. Is there ANYONE that thinks the Factory Yamaha will catch the HRC bike this season on grunt from an engine down a L of fuel?
If Aprilia can get the valve and gearbox going in short order this may prove a great Open package! EVERY Ducati rider will cringe when they see the slightly out of shape mighty-mite Aprilia tail section come through on lines they can't find.
Sacchi with Ioda makes for a promising fit. Camier would find the bike an easier adaptation than othr bikes on the grid since it behaves more familiarly for a SBK rider. PLEASE don't hesitate w the upgrades Aprilia!
Q: How could it go financially for them w losing all the other teams using their bikes? How might it change the rollout of bike development?
Q: What changes are coming from Bridgestone specifically, and which Open bikes are going to be best fit for them?
Q: What is your hunch on top Open bike at the season opener? Top for the year? How close to the Factory bikes? Does anyone think Ducati as Open bike could make some big and quick gains?
Congrats Camier and IODA. Sorry Tech 3, here comes the hungry horde.