Amateur Spy: David Emmett's Out-of-Focus Shots From The Sepang Test, Part 2

The fastest bike in the world around Sepang

This bike racked up the miles in Sepang, as Ducati test rider Michele Pirro had a lot of work to do

Big Data: racing's newest god

Ducati Desmosedici GP13: straight, three-piece radiator

Ducati Desmosedici GP14: curved, one-piece radiator

HRC test rider Kousuke Akiyoshi takes Dani Pedrosa's bike out for a spin

Nicky's ride, naked

This is what 23 liters of fuel looks like on a Honda production racer

The business end of Pol Espargaro's Monster Tech 3 Yamaha M1

The business end of his brother's Yamaha FTR. Swingarm is the same, fittings aren't

New tank, new seat, new handlebar position on the GP14

New exhaust layout, new chassis, and a cleaner, tidier look on the Ducati

Akrapovic exhausts and a less fussy frame

The tank mates nicely with the frame as well

The carbon fiber seat unit has a hole in it for the fuel

That's been a while. Colin Edwards' racing number on a Yamaha

All your base are belong to us. The Repsol Honda dashboard

RCV1000R uncovered. Relatively short front frame mounts, sturdily braced

04, ready for '14

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If you can, could you do a visual comparo between the GP13 and GP14? Does it look like the GP14 has a new engine?

P O R N ! ! !
I like the shot down under the seat where fuel goes now, hadn't seen that yet and helps me "get it."
BTW I would rather say that data is a false god with an achilles called fuel starvation devised to perpetuate ego and anorexia. Are we all here to serve it?!
Why must we ask if Yamaha is going to go Open, or wish for it, when they already have w A.Espargaro and Forward? They have given them what they need to go in with the Aliens in front IF a tire can be developed by Bstone. Bridgestone MUST as it is more beholden to Dorna and the future regulations than one manufacturer. They have made a good tire for the factory bikes that are going to remain much more static for the rest of the year and they can now go to work on the Open tire's construction.
My eye (and heart) is on this comparison of the two Espargaro brothers and their bikes (thanks for the pictures comparing them, looking fwd to any and all details forthcoming). This seems to be where we might have a display more "apples to apples" of what is going on in the Open vs Factory bike development battle since the riders and teams are most comparable. And, I am afraid, necessary solace since it will be a discouraging scourge watching Lorenzo unable to fight due to his bike's fuel limit.

Great shots.

Do we know if the engine mounts on the prototype RCV are as short and sturdy as those shown here on the Open bike?

I have read it is received wisdom these front mounts need to be particulsrly long in order to provide ideal handling and feel. Have Honda 'neutered' the design or is it a similar 'Oh!' moment as there was when their 90ยบ V was revealed?

Honda say that the RCV1000R is very similar indeed to the RC213V, so the frame would also be similar. No long mounts a la Yamaha / Honda. No doubt Honda have found another way of creating and controlling the necessary flex. And as the Honda is more point-and-shoot, it spends less time on the edge of the tire, needing less flex than the Yamaha.

The data capture software may not be available for Windows 7 and I'd bet money on it not being available for Windows 8. Provided that machine is never connected to the internet the upcoming end of support for XP will not be an issue for them.

Across the two parts the Ducati looks great, neat detailing and beautiful finishing.

Running before they can walk?

Surprised you were able to get within lens distance to the Ducati. Guess their secret is out now..