Marc Marquez Breaks Leg In Training Crash, To Miss Sepang 2 MotoGP Test

Catalunya Radio is reporting that Marc Marquez has broken his right leg in a training accident. According to well-informed radio journalist Damià Aguilar, Marquez suffered a crash while riding at his dirt track facility not far from his home in Cervera in Catalonia on Wednesday.

The accident – if confirmed, which seems likely – means that Marquez looks set to miss the second Sepang test at the end of this month. The 2013 world champion is reported to have broken his right fibula in the crash. That injury means he will be unable to train for at least 15 days. However, in most cases, a broken fibula can be fixed quickly and relatively well by inserting a titanium plate. With the start of the season still four weeks away, Marquez should be reasonably fit for Qatar.

Marquez has led something of a dirt track revival recently, building his own training track not far from his home. Dirt track is in favor with riders, as it teaches throttle control and allows them to keep race fit with relatively limited risk. Motocross, the other favored form of training, offers other risks due to the number of jumps and uneven terrain. However, Marquez' facility is said to be large enough for the riders to reach relatively high speeds, and crashing at such speeds can still result in serious injury, as Marquez has reportedly just found out.

We have contacted a Repsol Honda spokesperson, but have yet to receive an answer. We are expecting that a press release will be issued very shortly.

~~~ UPDATE ~~~

The press release has now been issued, and the report confirmed. The fracture is not dislocated, so surgery will not be necessary. Marquez will miss the Sepang test, and maybe the Phillip Island Bridgestone test as well, but should be fit for the start of the season at Qatar on 23rd March.

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I was thinking the exact same thing as you after MM had the fastest fall off a motorbike ever, last year in Mugello (you probably remember, huge chin etc.). In the race he was effortlessly faster than Pedrosa and then fell from 2nd place. Also MM broke a toe during Assen FP. 2nd in the race. Not to mention the horrible accident in the end of 2011 which caused him double vision for weeks/months. What followed was two years of him being world champion in Moto2 and Motogp.

So I really don't think he's now at home crying and contemplating death because he broke his fibula off season. He's been through much much worse and has always come on top.

It will be the immortalization of Marquez if he pulls off the championship this year.

He has time. This is very unfortunate and I'm never happy to hear of injuries. I wish Marquez the best in recovery.

I would have liked to see Nakamoto's face when he heard the news. I'm sure his 2nd call was to Pedrosa to tell him "you have the full support of Honda and HRC."

Marquez is a fighter. He's going to be fine. He is an amazing talent and has the will of a champion. He is so good I wouldn't doubt a win at COTA even with a busted leg.

The real downside is the missed practice time. Marc seems to have Sepang figured out but missing PI with new tires to test is too bad. He seems to excel the more he is on the bike and learns at an accelerated rate. Qatar might be a tough outting for him. JL and Yamaha seem to have that track and the lack of traction there figured out in recent years. It will be interesting to see how Marc approaches the first race. Will we see the level-headed, professional rider that safely secured the championship in the last couple races of the season? Can he keep the bigger picture of the long season in mind, or will he be so excited to be back on the bike that he sees red and throws caution to the wind?

Hopefully the injury isn't too bad and his recovery goes well. I really enjoy watching the Maniac Marquez!

@mtiberio: 'mortalization' or an opportunity for him to add to his legend...? I'm hoping for the latter. Not just as a fan but also because none of us really want to see these guys brought down by injury. We want them all fit and RACING!

Well, looking at Marquez past, I do not think this will be enough to take him out of Championship contention. Pretty sure he will have a quick recovery, the man seems to be like stone mentally, so he will probably not be too slow at the first race, easing his way up to speed. Would not even be surprised if he won (long shot, but he has EARNED the right for me to give him that.)

Feel for him with the injury. Watching him race dirt track let me know that every article about to win on Motogp bikes you have to ride like Lorenzo is not true. That man rides more like King Kenny Roberts, Casey Stoner, and even Garry McCoy than Lorenzo. Exciting to watch. Great to see that type riding coming back. Lorenzo is brilliant, but not so fun to watch when he is alone in the lead.

While a broken leg is no fun, it's a straight forward injury that should heal without any further problems for him. The lost seat time while he recovers won't make a blind bit of difference, either.

If I was a betting man, i'd still put a decent wedge of money on him winning in Qatar.

a couple of months from now, Jorge will be saying how lucky MM93 is because he gets hurt in the off-season.

It will definitely add a bit more drama and intrigue to the first race as nobody will know how Marquez will fare being his first time back on the bike.

Rossi (and de Puniet?) broke his fibula and tibia and was back within a matter of weeks, but it was hard to tell how much his dip in performance was down to his leg at the time vs his shoulder.

The other thing it will do is force MM93 to be more careful to not crash and make the injury worse, although I got the feeling from the test that his aim this year will be NOT to crash.

Two broken legs and two broken arms might cost MM a tenth or so. He's just giving the other guys a fighting chance at the title this year.