IODA Announce Single Rider For 2014 - Petrucci Stays, Camier Left Without A Ride

IODA Racing will field just Danilo Petrucci in MotoGP in 2014, leaving Leon Camier without a ride. Rumors of financial problems for the teams had been circulating for several days, but now IODA has confirmed officially that they are down to just a single rider. 

The team will still be racing Aprilia ART machines entered under the Open regulations, but with just a single rider, progress will be slower. Danilo Petrucci has soldiered on with the team for the past two years, riding first the underpowered IODA machine using a stock Aprilia RSV4 engine, and then the Suter BMW which was quickly ditched by the teams which had been using it. Petrucci's patience has been rewarded with a much better machine in 2014, though the level of support Aprilia will be providing remains unclear.

Though the press release says that the team are working to find sponsorship to keep Camier on board, the Englishman will only be able to compete if he is effectively able to pay for his ride. If Camier cannot raise the funds, he will be forced to look for other options, but in a difficult market, those options are severely limited, and he could be forced to take a year out of racing.

The withdrawal of Camier leaves just 23 riders on the MotoGP grid for 2014. And with the switch by Ducati from Factory Option status to Open, there are now just 8 Factory Option entries, Honda versus Yamaha. For the full, updated entry list, see our entry list page. Below is the press release from IODA:


Terni, February 28, 2014 - Iodaracing Project srl will begin the 2014 season with a only rider in MotoGP.

Will be the Italian Danilo Petrucci to be deployed with the Iodaracing Team's ART in MotoGP class starting in the next IRTA test in Qatar scheduled 6 to 9 March. The swiss rider Randy Krummenacher remains confirmed in Moto2.

Iodaracing Project continues to work to be able to have even his second rider, the Britain's Leon Camier.

GIAMPIERO SACCHI - IODARACING PROJECT TEAM OWNER - "Our priority is to start working with Aprilia for the development of the bike according to the steps that we have set. We are still working to be able to line up a second MotoGP during the season".

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Happy for Petrucci. Sorry for Camier. Is the choice of which rider to retain based on Petrucci being a respected known commodity or something other?

I suspect this signals the death knell for ART, which is a shame. After all Aprilia will probably not be able to afford investment in the bike to sell just one machine and, maybe, a couple of engines to PBM.

Where, I wonder, do this leave their 'Official' return mooted for 2016?

Only one ART in the grid. I truly, truly hope, and I say this full of bitterness and without an ounce of reasoning or maturity, that Aspar finishes this year dead last.

I don't think there was any malice in Aspar's decision to move away from the ART. It was just a business decision which is already turning out to be bad...But shit happens...

Aprilia are also partly to blame with their indecisiveness all of last summer when a professional team like Aspar likes to make a decision. They should have moved fast and quelled the fears by announcing the program continues in full force with or without Gigi....

It's also not Aspar's fault that other teams on the grid cannot afford an ART or put together a competent business and sporting plan for the season.

With all that said, if this year continues like the way it is right now for Aspar, I predict he will return next year back to Aprilia with his tail firmly between his legs....

Perhaps though Leon will find something else for 2014 that will be better for him in the long run...he seems to have good luck and is the sort that lands on his feet, I think.

Very important for Camier to believe in good things happening to him, you know?

Maybe he should try to get a gig riding suzuki's motogp prototype? Testing at the least, if nothing else is avaliable to him. Seems like a very good rider, unlucky with injury and crashes tho.

I might only be a short time before a ride becomes available in know?

With so many riders on the grid and some more likely to end their season early... Horrid to think about and leaving the current 'spare' riders looking like vultures, but that is the way it is, I believe.