Andrew Gosling Shoots The Phillip Island Tire Test, Day 1

To test tires, you must have tires to test

Deeply unhappy at Sepang, on top at Phillip Island. Funny things, tires

Ducati competing in the Open class hasn't stopped Cal Crutchlow from getting some serious lean

Dani Pedrosa has lean angle covered too

Communing with the motorcycling gods. Valentino Rossi's pre-ride ritual

Real improvements at Ducati: fit and finish is improved. Seams now have virtually no gap

And the carbon fiber rear swingarm has been dropped in favor of aluminium

Waiting to be shod

99 problems, but Phillip Island ain't one

Ever the showman

As he matures, Dani Pedrosa is learning to relax. More smiles than five years ago

Moto2 are at PI as well, testing Dunlops. Nico Terol plays to the crowds


No Movistar. Yet.

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What is the technical purpose of the mesh over the ends of the exhaust pipes? I can't imagine the nesting of small animals is much of a problem in the sterile environs of the modern MotoGP garage.

With just 5 engines to last the entire season, they can't afford to lose an engine to mishap. They don't want gravel entering the engine in a crash and causing damage they can't repair.

So David, now that Ducati have gone "open" and thus have more than 5 engines per bike does that mean the ends of the exhausts will be open too….? (muffled giggles from the back of the class)

Is that cables for working an EXUP type valve attached to the pipe under the tail unit of the Ducati that I can see?

Assuming you mean the cables running to the box right near the end of the exhaust, I think it more likely to be an exhaust gas sensor (O2?). An EXUP style valve wouldn't be so near the end of the exhaust adn, for that matter, would not be likely used in racing.

That said, I may be wrong!

Emergency butterfly block off system? Like an EXUP valve but different? I'm sure someone knows exactly what it is and why it's there. :)

Most, if not all, of the bikes in this class will be using a seperate 02 sensor for each cylinder and they usually only have a single lead coming from them.

The Aprilia RSV4 World Superbike machines have something very similar looking attached to their exhaust system, as do the ART bikes. Right where you'd expect to see a EXUP type butterfly valve, with two actuator cables coming out, just like my old K6 GSX-R.

Have a look at a partially built 2014 ART bike here...

It's missing the two cables, but it's clearly visible directly below the footpeg.

Also, check out these pics of the Superbike...

The Aprilia exhaust has all the headers joining up and exiting through a single outlet but the arrangement the Ducati uses, with each side of the vee having its own 2-1 pipe, you'd need a seperate butterfly valve for each bank of cylinders. Ideally situated near to the point where the two pipes have joined up. It's hard to tell exactly from the above image, due to the angle it was taken from, but it looks to me like that's right where it is.

Perhaps the site proprietor can request that Mr Gosling get in nice and close for a more detailed shot? ;)