Andrew Gosling Shoots The Phillip Island Tire Test, Day 2

The Honda exhaust remains a work of eye-watering beauty

Brighter later

Tito Rabat, the fastest man in Moto2. So far...

Jorge Lorenzo has been testing a new fairing, to deal with the wind at PI

It has a significantly different nose

With a protruding lower lip

And much narrower profile

Valentino Rossi, new style - body well off the bike, less far forward

Compare and contrast with Jorge Lorenzo

Meet the new boss - Davide Tardozzi perfecting the team boss stare

Testing is all about data

and more data

One of a growing band of women in the paddock. Andrea Canto Pastor was Livio Loi's data engineer in Moto3 last year, has moved up to Moto2 this season

Mika Kallio in one of his more expressive moods

Cal Crutchlow, caught in thought

Silvano Galbusera, Rossi's new crew chief, and one of the palest men in the paddock

Still no match for Tito 'The Ghost' Rabat, though...

Martina - Nico's new ride

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A moot point I know, but does anyone know what logos the Marc VDS crew have covered with tape? Amazing pictures as always!

Keep in mind the very atypical circumstance of thr P.I. track right now. It is making Yamaha look much stronger than they are. VERY abrasive track w fresh WSBK rubber all over it means that the Lorenzo is experiencing edge grip he won't have anywhere near that degree at any other track.
P.I. also doesn't favor the big horsepower bikes so much so Yamaha's power deficit is not being accurately depicted either.
That said, great to see this picture of Rossi changing his form a bit. Can't teach an old dog what now?
It is 2pm there now and they look to be sticking w the Bstone program rather than throwing down a fast lap, and Crutchlow has found some SPEED (right there w an envigorated Rossi!)
Love this off season
(p.s. Lorenz's bodywork looks like a laughing rabbit. Fitting perhaps for just here I suppose)

The nose of Lorenzo's bike, the comparison of Rossi vs Lorenzo, and the priceless look of Davide Tardozzi. Excellent.

The Honda RCV exhaust is almost as beautiful as the the exhaust used on the NSR, YZR, (don't care if it is 250 or 500) still I prefer the NSR/YZR exhausts :-))