The Termas De Rio Hondo Circuit in Argentina: Facts and Figures

The Argentinian round of MotoGP will be the first time a major racing series has visited the Termas de Rio Hondo, the brand new circuit in northern Argentina. As the track is still so new, the circuit designers - Dromo Racetrack Design from Italy - have produced some background material containing key facts about the circuit.

Alongside the list of facts, there are also a couple of interesting infographics giving a better idea of what the track is like. There is a track map showing the elevation change on the circuit. But most interesting of all, is the map created using simulation software to estimate which corner will be taken in which gear, and what speeds will be reached. 

As a primer to getting an idea of what to expect this weekend, these infographics, along with the press release from Marc VDS Racing and video lap, are great place to start. Action starts in Argentina on Thursday.

Termas de Rio Hondo MotoGP Lap Time - Simulated with DroCAS™ [Infographic]

Using DroCAS™ simulators, Dromo designed the racetrack as per vehicle dynamics and to enhance rider's skills capabilities.

The result is a fast flowing racetrack as provided in the infographics.

Name: Autodromo Termas de Rio Hondo
Length: 4806m
Width: 16m
Right corners: 9
Left corners: 5
Twist index: 0.952
Simulated MotoGP Ideal LapTime (3D): 1'34.302

Tire cornering data:  
Laptime on left edge: 32.35%
Laptime on right edge: 45.96%
Distance on left edge: 32.28%
Distance on right edge: 38.42%
Average speed on left edge: 198.66 Kph
Average speed on right edge: 169.81 Kph
Racetrack Designer: Jarno Zaffelli (Dromo)

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Twist Index is a measure of torque forces transmitted to the Earth by Marc Marquez through his tires, including acceleration, braking, and cornering. The theoretical maximum is 1.000 at which point the Earth is predicted to spin off its axis and crash into the Sun. I don't know about you, but I'm going to increase my homeowners insurance coverage before free practice session 1 starts.

looking at the long climb at the back straight, it definitly won't be an RCV1000 track !

Man o' man am I excited. Really looking forward to seeing this race live. Though I think I picked the wrong seats....I chose comfort over location. I might regret that. We'll see.

Now it's time to go find where they're all hanging out in Buenos Aires tonight.

David, where could a non-dangerous fan find these guys for an autograph tonight?

I see the image showing a representation of the elevation changes, but I haven't been able to find anywhere an actual figure for it. Would be interested to hear how it compares to the other big hill tracks. Is it close to CoTA and Imola at 40-45m? Brno at 74m(?!)...

(All of those are total track elevation change, but they generally seem to go from near the low end of their elevation when they start their climbs to the top of the hills.)

I like it. Long haul uphill rather than downhill into the braking zone.
The flow from turn 7 into the start finish is going to be crucial. Turn 7 is in my mind a make or brake turn in terms of lap time. A few desperate moves through the flip flop 12 through flag should throw up an enthralling finale should it go down to the wire in any class.
I hope they have plenty run off through the kink (14) in terms of the safety angle.