Silly Season's First Signing: Marc Marquez Signs Two-Year Deal With Repsol Honda

With the contracts of the four riders in Honda's and Yamaha's factory teams expiring at the end of 2014, real fireworks were expected when contract negotiations began for the 2015 season and beyond. But as the season progressed, those fireworks have turned into something of a damp squib, with it looking increasingly likely that the factory line ups will see little or no change for 2015.

The first contract has already been signed. Today, HRC announced that they have reached agreement with Marc Marquez for another two years, meaning that the 2013 world champion will stay with the Repsol Honda team for the 2015 and 2016 seasons. Given Marc Marquez' perfect start to 2014 - four wins from four pole positions in the first four races - this comes as no surprise at all. Clearly, retaining the services of the reigning world champion and the man leading the championship was Honda's highest priority.

With Marquez signed, where does that leave the rest of the top four? At the moment, the signs are that the rider line up of the Repsol Honda and Movistar Yamaha teams will remain completely unchanged for 2015. Valentino Rossi's results have shown the improvement he had himself demanded, a combination of a better Yamaha M1 and renewed motivation from his gamble of swapping crew chiefs, replacing Jeremy Burgess with Silvano Galbusera. Rossi has already spoken of his desire to stay on for another two years, and getting a contract extension with the Movistar Yamaha teams looks to be a given. Rossi is fast enough to be competitive, and his selling power is a powerful marketing tool for Yamaha and their sponsors.

With Marquez under contract, Honda's need for a rider that can win championships is already filled. That means that Dani Pedrosa's seat looks safe in the Repsol Honda team, the Spaniard having proven that he can pick up the baton whenever Marquez falters, and is capable of pushing for a championship himself. Pedrosa is 8th on the list of all-time winners in the premier class, and has shown that he can win races and, more importantly, finish ahead of the Yamahas consistently. Team principal Livio Suppo has repeatedly expressed his support for Pedrosa, which makes his spot at Repsol Honda look secure. Marquez and Pedrosa are clearly a winning combination, so why change?

The biggest question mark at the moment is over Jorge Lorenzo. Lorenzo has, of course, expressed his desire to stay with Yamaha, but he is hotly sought after. Before the 2014 season began, HRC vice president Shuhei Nakamoto expressed a keen interest in Lorenzo, saying that he could be a strong addition to the Repsol Honda team. Since Lorenzo's disastrous start to the season, Nakamoto has gone quiet, the balance shifting in favor of sitting rider Pedrosa. 

That leaves Ducati. There are strong rumors from several sources that Ducati Corse chief Gigi Dall'Igna is keen to sign Lorenzo in the Ducati factory team, having worked with the Spaniard in the 250cc class with Aprilia. Dall'Igna is rumored to be willing to pay Lorenzo a very large fee to make the switch to Ducati. Whether Lorenzo will make the jump remains to be seen, however. The Yamaha is a proven entity, and despite the initial trouble the M1 is having with edge grip on the 2014 Bridgestone tires, and with less acceleration and fueling with the reduced 20 liter fuel allowance, Yamaha is still Lorenzo's best chance of becoming world champion. The choice for Lorenzo will boil down to ambition over financial rewards, unless Ducati can conjour up some significant improvements over the next few races. Lorenzo's decision is not likely to come until after the summer break.

Below is the press release from Honda, announcing Marquez' contract extension:

Honda Racing Corporation renew with Marc Marquez until end of 2016

Honda Racing Corporation is pleased to announce the renewal of the contract with 2013 World Champion, Marc Marquez, for a further two years.

The young Spaniard took the MotoGP World by storm winning the Championship in his rookie season last year. It was a priority for HRC to re-sign the young sensation who has won every race so far this season – all from pole position. Since joining the Factory outfit – the Repsol Honda Team – Marc has finished on the podium in all but two of his twenty-two MotoGP races. He’s taken ten victories, six second’s and four third’s. He’s also accumulated thirteen pole positions in the premier class.

He arrives at this weekend’s French GP leading the Rider’s Championship by 28 points after just four rounds.

Shuhei Nakamoto – HRC Executive Vice President:

“We are very satisfied to have reached an agreement to keep Marc in the team for a further two seasons. Of course as Honda we wanted to keep Marc in our family and he also wanted to stay with us so… it was natural to renew the contract even if it is very early in the season! He is enjoying a fantastic start to 2014 and even though he is still learning, his ability to absorb information and adapt to the machine is remarkable”

Marc Marquez:

“I am very happy to announce my renewal with HRC. I had always dreamt about being part of the Repsol Honda Team, and thanks to Honda the dream came true a year and a half ago. Everything happened very quickly last season, and I would have never imagined that I could achieve what we did. Becoming World Champion during my first season was another dream turned into reality. It is a great honour to be a part of the Honda family and I’m glad to remain with this special group of people for another two seasons”

Marc Marquez World Championship Statistics:

Starts: 22
Podiums: 20 (10 x 1st, 6 x 2nd 4 x 3rd)
Poles: 13
Fastest Race Laps: 13
World Champion: 2013

Starts: 32
Podiums: 25 (16 x 1st, 6 x 2nd, 3 x 3rd)
Poles: 14
Fastest Race Laps: 7
World Champion: 2012

Starts: 46
Podiums: 14 (10 x 1st, 4 x 3rd)
Poles: 14
Fastest Race Laps: 9
World Champion: 2010

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If I were Jorge, I'd go to Ducati... with MM on a Honda for another two years, the chances of Jorge adding to his two MotoGP titles is slim, so he might as well ride for the hell of it, and for the bank balance... and who knows, Gigi might just turn that bike around. I know all this was said of Cal, but let's face it Cal was never going to take the title, and I say that as a highest order fan of him... Jorge at Ducati might be something else altogether, though.

Congratulations to Marc for (further) securing his future fortunes, on both financial and record book levels. He certainly deserves everything that life is throwing at him right now!

Exactly....JL is never gonna win a title again with MM on a Honda because

1) MM will never make a riding error and hurt himself EVER...
2) Honda will never build a bad bike even with a new tyre maker coming on board in 2016....
3) Yamaha can never improve and build a better bike than Honda...

[Sarcasm Off]

There could be 2 bikes he could choose from though I don't know if Suzuki has the money necessary to pull a 2 time world champ from the bike he won on.

If Lorenzo went to Ducati who would get the boot? Cal and Dovi are both valuable in different ways (marketing vs points)

MCN reported that Dovi is in talks w/ Suzuki, and Cal has an escape clause in his contract allowing him to bail after one year if he thinks the bike hasn't progressed enough.

Cal seems quite unhappy so far, but you never know what could happen as they're still developing. I don't see Dovi waiting around another 2 years though if he doesn't think Ducati is close to fixing all the issues.

but where is he going to? Dovi's always had the upper hand over Cal and if Dovi's already talking to Suzuki??
Cal wanted a factory ride so bad, and there are signs of the bike improving, why not sit it out another year? I really don't see which other teams would be so willing to take him in.
IMO, Cal will stay where he is, and so will Dovi. Dovi is scoring podiums and good points. Suzuki still have to prove themselves. Look at WSB for example, first year in a class is never going to give massive results. The other thing is, Dovi is the best guy on a Duc after Stoner. With some more improvements, he may even get more than just a podium. That'll be one for the record books and I'm sure he wants that on his CV.

Because without many factory rides, leaving Ducati, his best option would be possibly riding the 2nd Forward Racing bike, or heading back to WSBK after only a single year of Factory $.

It'll be interesting who Suzuki snares - I know RdP is hoping he gets the ride, but Bautista will be looking for a ride as well. IMHO, they need to put a top rider on the bike, or be satisfied with not really running up front with either Bautista or RdP, which seems to defeat the whole purpose of racing, spending a ton of money, and building a GP bike.

Bautista got off the last Suzuki and on to a Honda. Continued to finish at the top of the second wave. If an alien had got on the Suzuki, it would have been snapping at the heels of the top finishers. Suzuki knows this. There is only so much you can do with a bike before the nut between the handle bars becomes the limiting factor.

If Jorge did better than vale on the iron duc then much of his success could be attributed to the recent improvements in the bike, but I don't think he would fare as well as Rossi did either way. If you take away Jorge's corner speed, he has a hard time coping with it and corner speed is exactly where ducati struggles. Jorge's corner speed has suffered with the new tires and Rossi is now showing him up a bit on the same tires and machine.

Don't get me wrong, I'm a Jorge fan( as of last year), but going to ducati would be terribly frustrating for jorge. That is unless they make massive improvements with the bike.

Unless the red bike starts running up front every race day. Jorge won't go. He's already making bank at Yamaha so money isn't even in the equation for him. He wants a competitive bike.

The 'special' conditions under which the ducati operates also has a huge affect on how well a rider does. So much so that you;d be better making comparisons to wsbk or at the very least be just as valid..

Many contracts will be for the 2015 and 2016 seasons. Yet the big change in tire supplier will come right in the middle of that two-year period. And I believe the big rule changes for MotoGP as well.

So anyone who signs a two-year contract at the end of this year will be taking a bit of a gamble. With Yamaha and Honda factory teams, it's probably not a big gamble. But other teams could find themselves much better off – or much worse off – in 2016.

Who's feeling lucky?

That seems abruptly short for Marquez' talent, records and marketability, IMO.
Are 2 years contracts standard HRC procedure?

Maybe not HRC procedure, but definitely a normal/standard term as far as factory rides go.

I got the same response at the forum, so I guess it's nothing but the norm in MotoGP.

David you forgot to mention the one big change at Repsol for 2015-2016... the size of MM's paycheck :)

Lorenzo would be foolish to go to Ducati. I'm pretty sure money isn't the biggest factor at this point in his career, and why take such a risk... Ducati are just now barely starting to move beyond their status of being the "junk bond" of factory teams.

I notice almost all Motogp journos talking about Rossi's "new found motivation" after JB left....It's as if Rossi had absolutely no will to perform all of last year and he had to fire his long time crew chief to find motivation to perform again...its as if firing the crew chief was the magic pill for fixing everything....

Not trying to be a Rossi Fanboy here, but surely the question to be asked is regarding the crew chief's motivation rather than the rider's, if a crew chief departs and the rider immediately finds his old speed?

I am not trying to put JB in poor light either....He is a class act who handled his sacking with such grace that no one else would...But that does not put him beyond question....

May be JB (who was the one more closer to the end of his career than VR) was the one who lost faith in his rider or lost his motivation or was not willing to go where the rider wanted to go?

Why are these uncomfortable questions never being asked/ignored?

JB seems to have the invincible mystic with the Journos that somehow VR doesn't seem to (as it should be)...

I think Vale saying that he was looking for new motivation might have been a way to remain as respectful as possible to his old friend.
I'm a huge Burgess fan. I think I got more excited when I saw ol' Jerry's sly smile walking around at Laguna seca then when I saw Rossi or Simoncelli in 2010.
Burgess seemed a little less motivated towards the end, but it was hard to tell because he always seemed so lackadaisical in interviews, which was part of his charm.
I miss his interviews. It would be cool to see him crew for some young up and coming kid. I wonder if he has a son or daughter that races motos?

The M1 is a different machine now, the tires are different and tires are the single most important things on a bike when it comes to performance!
Yes, this year JB has left and yes Rossi has seemingly found a better pace, but you can't say the same would've happened if JB had stayed.
Obviously, the swap will have worked a bit psychologically as well for Rossi, but I think that the tires and the way the bike reacts to them has a much bigger role to play.
Rossi beats Lorenzo on a regular basis now, but is that because Lorenzo just has bigger issues with the rubber than Rossi? I believe so. If they had stayed with the same bikes, same rubber, just a different crew chief, I doubt that the difference would've been so big.

True, there are too many variables to pin point rossi's current form. It is likely a combination of things. For all we know he might be just as fast or faster with burgess.

I believe that Rossi fired JB was not because of technical issues but rather political issues. JB may have lost influence in Yamaha to make things happen for Rossi quicker than Lorenzo's crew chief, so that, Rossi was a little bit left behind in bike development and upgrades. By having a new chief, already a familiar face at Yamaha, IMO, he's getting all the goodies quicker and maybe, maybe, a bit quicker than Lorenzo.

The impression Rossi gives when he speaks of his new-found motivation is a little more subtle than you put it. Rossi was always motivated with Burgess as well. However, by firing Burgess and recruiting Galbusera, he took a huge gamble. If it had not paid off, he would have faced a barrage of criticism. It is that sense of fear, doing something dangerous, which I believe Rossi needed to push him just that little bit harder. He needed to take a risk, and getting rid of Burgess was a massive, massive risk. This is the motivation I think he means.

Many now would be thinking that marc will never crash. He would win every world title in his career and blah blah ...... Rossi too has passed this in his career and mick too. Needless to say #46 won 5 titles in a row but he too faced a rough patch in 2006-07. Bad times come in everyone's career.

In a practical world jorge will never join ducati. If he doesn't get a deal with honda he'l stay with yamaha. Last year he just lost coz of bad luck and this year he's visibly disturbed with his m1. Once he's comfortable he'l be giving #93 a tough time. If we were to swap jorge with marc we'l be having reverse situation wit marc struggling and jorge winning..!!

That rough patch in 2006 were Yamaha and Michelin's issues, not Valentino's. He can't be faulted for engines seizing (LeMans) or tires delaminating. He had almost 3 times as many wins as the world champ that year. DNF's cost him the title that year, not the last race. It wouldn't have been close without 3 races being chopped up to something other than his riding. He was gone in Lemans, gone, and then boom! 2007 he never had a chance. Ducati built a bullet, Bridgestone built custom tires to match it, and Casey rode perfectly. Nobody was stopping Stoner on that bike and those tires that year. That discrepancy pushed Yamaha to go to pneumatic valves because they were getting their asses handed to them down the straights. Casey's bike looked like a prototype and the M1 would looked a R1 at the dealers in comparison.

As far as the silly season, Suzuki is going to pluck somebody. Dovi, Cal, somebody. Davide has already stated that they have to have "a top rider" and while they are small compared to Honda and Yamaha, they will be offering up enough $ to grab somebody. Whomever they get will be the #1 at that factory, and that in itself is worth a lot to these riders, even if it's not competitive with HRC.

I'd love to see Jorge and Dani switch seats. I wouldn't put it past Jorge to defect. He isn't happy. Jorge has been with Yamaha forever, same for Dani at Honda. I'd like to see the same riders on new bikes at least, for some kind of change to the series. It will be a bit before Ducati and Suzuki are competitive enough to challenge regularly for the podiums so the series needs some kind of change.

Imagine if Aprilia or BMW come in and can build a competitive machine. Only 2 competitive machines over the past 4-5 years makes me want at least another mfr. dicing at the front. The series needs more competition than Honda this year, Yamaha the next year, Honda the next year. If MotoGP were more like Moto3, oh my goodness, fireworks at every race, tv viewing would go up, attendance. It's the most stale when you can predict the podium, give or take, on Thursday before the race. Let's please try and make the bookies work a little harder.

Sure you can argue the tyres and the bike let him down a lot.


He went into the final round level with Nicky. Vale lost.

'Last year he just lost coz of bad luck'

Yeah, and Stoner lost in 2012 because of bad luck. And Rossi in 2010 because of bad luck and Pedrosa a number of seasons because of bad luck. JL going down in Assen was a rider error. Pedrosa's tire warmers jamming in 2012 while he was the hottest rider on the grid challenging for the title... now THAT is bad luck.

'Once he's comfortable he'l be giving #93 a tough time.'

Heehee. Maybe...

'If we were to swap jorge with marc we'l be having reverse situation wit marc struggling and jorge winning..!!'

Whaa...?? You mean, like - if Jorge was on the Honda and Marc was on the M1? Nah. I don't think the Honda plays to Jorge's strengths as much as the M1 that he has spent his entire GP career developing. Marc seems able to ride anything. Suter, RCV, flat track bike... if it's got 2 wheels he will figure out how to be fast on it. I think Jorge will need to focus on beating his teammate before he addresses the problem of #93.

You need to review the 2010 and 2012 seasons again. Rossi didn't lost coz of bad luck, he was already losing to lorenzo before he crashed and lorenzo was leading the championship. And in 2012 stoner was way far from jorge until assen when bautista messed up then he crashed in germany and in indy too. By the time he returned it was over for him.

By bad luck i meant injury not the crash. Marc crashed 15 times without sustaining any serious injury (God knows how he walked unhurt after that 320+ crash at mugello's straight) compared to jorge's 3 and in 1 of those luck played its part. Still he beated marc till the last race. Your opinion of marc/m1 combination beating jorge while he's on a honda is just illogical and baseless bcoz the m1 is far from the dominant performance of rc213v and marc too would have to adapt to the YAMAHA and as you say marc can adapt to anything..........then JORGE can definitely adapt to the honda. In case of dani ....yes he's been quite unlucky. But he had his chance last year but still marc was better and now it's almost impossible

in 2010 Rossi didn't get injured? Stoner didn't sustain an injury in 2012?

'By bad luck i meant injury not the crash.'

Yeah... that's exactly what I was referring to. Those riders both suffered season affecting injuries in those instances. And let's not forget how dominant the RCV was in the last half of 2012. Pedrosa dominated Jorge in that last half of that season. And you think a healthy Stoner couldn't have done the same? I got love for Jorge. Not as much as you do it's clear, but I was mainly taking issue with your usage of the word 'luck.' Racing is racing. Your find the limits, you crash, you risk injury and attrition contributes to championships. Jorge wasn't 'unlucky' to lose to Marquez in 2013. He got beat. I admit- 2013 was the best season of JL's career BY FAR in terms of his race craft and tactical approach (including his brilliantly persistent media mind games). In the end though Marc won the championship outright. A championship is a championship. We shouldn't dwell on who we think 'should have' won or not. Yeah Marc crashed an obscene amount times last year and escaped serious injury each time. But he got that crashing out of the way (with one exception) BEFORE the race. If you were to watch the entire 2013 season without knowledge of the practice sessions/qualifying you would see a rookie racer riding with a level of consistency and maturity worthy of a champion. Didn't look like luck on Sunday...

I agree, would love to see dani on a Yamaha only because we would then get some idea of how good he really he is, has his success been him or the bike. he always struck me as someone happy to follow at the front and only on a few occasions made an attempt to win the race.

Lorenzo's situation is a tough one. I agree with earlier comments, with mm on Honda, he is unlikely to win the championship and in my opinion, his nerves have been getting the better of him leading to a disastrous start to the season - very unlike him. I really don't think a move to Honda would benefit Jorge because his silky smooth style will not get the maximum potential out of the point and squirt Honda. so seems to me Lorenzo is stuck between a rock and a hard place. I would love him to move to Honda and flourish, but I can't see it happening. ducati and Suzuki seem too risky and Lorenzo wont exactly be poor enough to need the money they might offer him. in reality, its winning that drives these top racers, rossi even took a pay cut to go back to Yamaha. so maybe Lorenzo might view it as at least get on a level playing field with mm by going to Honda, but who honestly knows, I am very excited to see what happens because I don't think you can predict it at this point.

I have always been a Yamaha fan, and would certainly prefer to not see dani ride for them, but my curiosity for Lorenzo on a Honda would be enough to make that sacrifice ;p

the biggest shake up for me would be to see mm on a Yamaha, but looks like another 2.5 seasons before that might be possible if at all.

Whatever the reasons were (yam's problems or michelin's and stoner and his gp7) even not being rossi's fault during 06-07 the thing is that he faced a tough time and that's my point marc will face problems sooner or later coz life's full of ups and downs. If we take 2010 for instance rossi was already losing to jorge before he crashed in italy.

?? over lorenzo's performance on a honda... ..that's a distant future. If it happens.....lorenzo knows better than us what style is required to win on a honda and if rossi has had success on that and then he came and adapted to yamaha's fast cornering style in no time. Lorenzo too can adapt if not suddenly then with a little time. If the question is of changing riding style jorge can change it. We can see that in dovi's case too. So fast he adapted to yamaha from honda in 2012..!!

That was the safest and most boring move Marc could have made. I really think all of the worlds problems would be solved if Marc went to Ducati. I don't really care to see Jorge, or anyone else, go to Ducati. Marc is the only one that could make that thing competetive. The ducati is strong where Marc is strong (braking) and he doesn't mind pushing it to the limit and letting it get loose just like how Casey had to ride it. I don't know why some folks are eager to see Jorge on the ducati. His greatest strength is the biggest weakness of the Ducati (corner speed). He would probably have a harder time than Rossi did.

Here are the ways in which the world might have been saved:

1. A switch to Ducati would be the best way to compare Marc to Casey, which unfortunately will always remain speculative. To put the speculation to rest, Casey would have to come back (which I don't think will happen, unfortunately), or Marc would have to prove that he can do what Casey did.

2. the addition of Marc to ducati would instantly bring a third manufacturer into the hunt for a title, and make the racing more interesting. It might also ease Dorna's load in terms of coming up with complicated rules to bring more riders and manufacturers up to speed with Yammy and Honda.

3. Once the racing is more exciting, then the fan base will grow, and more folks will pay to see the races. There will be more money to pay for all the expenses and perhaps some of the lower level riders can make more money, such as Anthony West, who is practically working for charity.

4. I think Valentino could actually win another title, based on his current form, if Marc was either out of the picture, or slowed down considerably. Yamaha seem to be allowing a little more equality between Rossi and Jorge by introducing a frame that better suits Rossi and letting him go a different direction with development than Jorge. If Vale was challenging for another title, then everybody wins. Every time he is competitive, people go nuts and everybody loves it, especially me.

Marquez had the option to practically achieve world peace by going to Ducati. He could have ended so many arguments, increased the entertainment of the racing, raised more money for the sport, simplified the rules and if he won, he would eventually be unquestioned as the most talented of all time. Instead he choose the safest and most boring route.

I suppose he may have chosen Honda for reasons of loyalty. He has shown that he is loyal in the past. If that is indeed the reason he chose Honda, then I totally respect him for it, but oh how I would love to see him on a Duc.
Maybe 2016 will bring world peace

Bricktop and Bedevere, - YES.
The only "same old same old" snoozy aspect here are two things for me: 1) the foregone assured continuation of MM93 at HRC, we knew this was coming though. 2) would be DP26 staying there too. Tired overplayed tune, that one.

Why is the rest not that way? By considering the bike shakedown and growth spurt MotoGP has in motion w that has zip to do with rider olacement. 1) Shift to Open rules, 2) Change to new tire manu and spec (Michelin likely and Dunlop possible). 3) Addition of TWO manufacturers (yes I realize Aprilia has been here and no I don't count their CRT bike as relevant in the way their next bike will be - addition seems apt).

As such having Jl99 as a force within the championship forcing Yamaha's hand in making an invigorated 21.5L and more engines, along w AE41 doing the same from the other shore - might this bridge do what Honda won't as they sit tight w Marc and Dani and current bike development?

Now toss tures into the mix - this gets weird, our next tire is NOT going to have more edge grip...heck, as much grip PERIOD. One major setback for JL and Yamaha via losing out on a major strength, AND one significant possible benefit for VR46 and Yamaha in minimizing a horsepower deficit impact and allowing braking stability dependence of some riders to be lost and bring room for scrappy loose aggressive riding. AND the step back on electronics doing the same re engine braking/tire management/traction control...

There is room for a "perfect storm" within the possible rider permutations, esp for 2016 w the tires. Agreed that Suzuki will grab up a goodie amongst Crutchlow, Pedrosa, Dovi, or either Espargaro...or perhaps someone just outside the bullseye we are seeing flourishing here soon. A list of great possibles could be half a dozen more. Key here I think would be the RIGHT rider for the package and this would be a scrappy fighter good w a loose bike - NOT Pedrosa, YES on a guy like A.Espargaro.

Last thought, Lorenzo is not happy now and has not been for a while. It was AMAZING what he made possible last season. He needs to experience a BIG performance increase on a re-invented non-Factory rules Yamaha, and the winner in this is EVERYONE. I bet he signs a 1 yr deal w them and then either stays for their invigorated bike as tested on the (Michelin) tires and championship electronics or moves to a Ducati that has won a few races and is gelling well w the new tires.

Doesn't seem "same old same old" from here!

It would be interesting to see Jorge on an open yamaha, but is that even an option next year?

To get the open benefits, you have to sacrafice your factory ecu and use the spec ecu, but everyone will be using the spec ecu next year. Maybe if Yamaha don't win a single race then they can get the same options as Ducati has this year, but other than a winless season, I don't know how yamaha would enter the open category with Jorge.

The open machines aren't allowed to use the hardest tire so that would slow anyone down making the switch where that tire was necessary. Look at Marc, and Vale, both starting to use it where others don't do as well on it.

Silliest thing I've heard this season is Ioda Racing Project having an Art MotoGP bike at LeMans with no one to ride it............

Any volunteers?

Oh well back to next seasons silly's

Rossi at Factory Yamaha
Bradl to Suzuki
Dovi on a Factory Ducati
Lorenzo and Pedrosa switch - because Lorenzo would ride the Honda for free
Crutchlow on a Factory HRC spec RC215V at LCR
Redding on the Gresini RCV with Nissin / Showa
Bautista to Suzuki
Rabat on the Gresini RCV1000R
A Espargaro on a Factory Ducati
P Espargaro 2nd year at Tech 3
Smith keeps his ride
Vinales replacing Hayden who goes to WSBK
RDP doesn't get the Suzuki ride and goes to WSBK Kawasaki to be Tom Sykes team mate
Iannone rips up the top 5 on the Forward M1
Chaz Davis is rewarded by Ducati with a Factory contract in the Pramac team as team mate to the returning Mika Kallio

those are interesting options. I would love to see Nicky in WSBK.

I like those suggestions, you've put some thought into it.

Off topic, I'd hate to see Baz lose his Kawasaki ride in WSB, he is only just starting to show his real potential. But I'm torn on that one because I really like RdP and I think he is also a rider who we've yet to see realise what he can do... even Stoner thinks as much.

Crutchlow on a factory spec Honda, yes please.

Me thinks, MM just became the highest paid rider in GP history...

I'm not yet convinced that Nakamoto's lust for bringing JL99 into HRC has cooled off. First, he could see poaching Jorge as an upgrade to the Repsol Honda team. Second, he could see poaching Jorge as a way to weaken his greatest rival, Movistar Yamaha. Third, we soon will enter a period of great uncertainty regarding competitive balance, with new tires, new control electronics, new fuel limits, etc. Fourth, one never knows when MM92 may suffer an injury (such as earlier this year, but maybe next time not so advantageous timing).

I think the most probable outcome is that JL99 stays where he is, but I do think a move to HRC should not be ruled out.

an after thought since reading this article i have had is that it would actually make sense that everyone will stay where they are unless they are significantly unhappy. my reasoning is that in 2016 new tires enter the mix. nobody knows how any of the bikes will react to the new tires. we may find honda is terrible and mm can't get 63 degree lean, or ducati suddenly becomes the leader or even suzuki. so for someone like lorenzo its worth another two years at yamaha because he knows what he is getting for effectively the last year on bridgestones and then he can watch patiently in the 2nd year of a renewed contract to see which bike is ahead on the new michelins, which bikes is likely going to take the lead. once he know's which bike is most likely to enable him another world title, he can then safely make the move, but he wont know till he gets to the end of 2016. moving now would be pointless because it would be potentially for only 1 year if he makes an unlucky choice and ends up on a bike that struggles with michelin. and moving at the beginning of 2016 is like a stab in the dark because who knows which bikes will benefit...

I believe, it is the most influenceing factor @ VR46´s garage that he finally has a crew chief who is italian speaking. Vale´s english was never the best and I think he´d learned so many technical things from JB that now its his time to try his own theories and has finally the means to express himself precisely to his crew chief.
I believe strongly that this is what is enhancing his results so much.

JLo ...I don´t know what do think of him after the crash at the first, the early start at the second anymore. I think he has the world championship written off already to himself after those silly mistakes.

MM93...hopefully he underestimates VR46 and makes a mistake because of him and loses 25 points.This way giving Vale a chance to keep up. I think Vale is superresistant against any kind of pressure(even though 2006 comes to mind).

DP26 is just not a constant threat.He never was and never will.I like him though, because he never complains.

I'd like to see Bautista or Bradl depart their Honda seats and Dovizioso get one of those rides. I think they've both had a fair chance on what are near-factory spec bikes. Gresini would be keen by now to get an Italian back on board, you would think, and Dovi could make a go of it on either of those machines. It would leave Ducati a bit stuffed though.

yes, but bautista should stick around because he keeps things interesting. At any moment he could dive bomb into the first corner and take out the points leader, blowing the championship wide open.
He is Dorna's ace for spicing up a boring championship.

you forget that Dovi was on the Repsol honda team already. Dovi will end up at Suzuki or stay at Ducati. I wouldn't mind seeing Dovi and RdP as teamates.